Lost Mens Platinum Wedding Band Found On Lewes Beach In Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/08/16, I was contacted by a gentleman regarding the loss of his Platinum “Jeff Cooper” wedding band with a Diamond that was lost on Lewes Beach in Delaware. I was told that he was in about two to three foot of water when his daughter reached up to grab his hand at which time she accidentally pulled his wedding band off of his finger and it fell into the water. The gentleman stated that he was no more then ten feet in the water from the shore. The gentleman told me that on the day and time that his ring was lost that he believed that it was mid high tide. Trying to make the best of the lowest tide possible I responded to Lewes Beach on the morning of 07/12/16 at about 8:10 am. I found that the low tide water line was about ten to twelve feet from the high tide water line. I began my grid search after marking an area that was about ten feet wide from the low tide water mark up to the high tide water mark by about twenty feet long. About half way through my grid search just inches above the low tide water line I received a good tone in my headset. I took one scoop out of the wet sand and dumped it on the beach. About half way through the mound of the scooped sand I located the lost ring. The rings owner was from out of town, I made contact with him to let him know that his wedding band had been found and also to find out what arraignments he wanted to make with me regarding the return of his ring. The rings owner was very happy that his ring had been found and he requested that I keep it safe until it could be returned to his wife nine days later. The ring was returned safe and sound on 07/21/16.