Silver Wedding and Engagement Ring set Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Jodi, who was here on vacation with her family from South Dakota asking if I could help find a Wedding and Engagement ring set that was lost in waist deep water in Myrtle Beach. I told her Myrtle Beach was in Matt Fry’s area and I’d call him and one of us would call her back within 10 minutes. I called Matt who was busy with a work project he has to complete and he told me to go ahead and take the call. I called Jodi back, got the location and was on my way.

I arrived within 20 minutes and met Jodi, her brother, mother, father, and Sister Jenna and her husband Clayton on the beach. I found out that Jenna was the one who had lost her ring set and I could tell she was very upset as today was hers and Clayton’s 3 week anniversary. I got some additional details on the time, area and the depth they were when the rings came off. I started a grid search in knee deep water with my White’s PI, which I’ve been having problems with and had just gotten back from being repaired. About 10 minutes in the water and the PI started acting up again with a very low volume and just one steady tone – not good when I’m looking for someone’s treasure!!! Luckily I had brought my AT Pro just in case and it was a good thing I did. Thinking I’d have to work the water and not having a machine that could I called Jim Brouwer asking if he could help, as always he was on his way. Meantime I told Jenna what was going on and that I’d start at the tide line and work my way out while waiting for Jim to show up. As I got to the water line I moved farther south than the area they told me trying to figure out my starting point for the grid. As I start my grid I take 2 steps and get a good 46-47 on the AT Pro, I’m thinking no way. Took a scoop and dumped it on the ground and could see Jenna’s beautiful ring looking up at me. I’m chuckling as I pick it up and walk out to the surf to wash the sand off. I slipped her ring in my pocket, knowing it’s hers from the original description I got. I called Jim real quick and told him I had found it and then I walked back up the beach to Jenna and I asked her to tell me one more time what her rings look like. She’s getting her phone and trying to find a picture when I jokingly tell her she’s taking too long and does it look like this as I hold her ring up. Clayton was standing beside me and saw it in my hand but didn’t spoil the surprise for Jenna. Jenna looked up and she instantly covered her face with her hands trying to hold back her emotions. The excitement of everybody was unbelievable. There’s just nothing better than returning someone’s treasure!!

Jenna and Clayton thank you so much for the very generous reward and for trusting in me to help you find your beautiful rings. Happy 3 week anniversary and I hope all your future dreams come true.


Jenna and Clayton Jennas Ring

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  1. Jenna Long says:

    What began as our first family vacation in years quickly turned the corner when I lost my wedding ring in the Atlantic Ocean 15 minutes into our trip while surfing 😱😪💔💍… I thought tonight while in Myrtle Beach we would be celebrating completing the first year of Nurse Practitioner school, surviving a day of surfing, or just being together as a family…. After hours and hours of walking the beach and several tears being shed, we gave a desperate plea of googling and coming across a local “ring finder.” Turns out Jim from The Ring Finders of North Myrtle Beach SC was my saving grace!! 🙏🏼 He came immediately following our phone call and swept the water up and down and back and forth with his metal detector. Not only did he give me reassurance and confidence that he would find it, even if it meant searching for weeks, he gave me evidence…MY RING!!!!! Most people do not know people like Jim are out there ready to help out of the pure goodness of their hearts and with very little recognition! So if your ever in my position… First, take your ring off before you get in the water 😜 or know people like Jim are out there just waiting to help!!! Thank you Jim!!!!

  2. Jolene Sutton says:

    Jim was amazing!! I wouldn’t have believed it but I saw it with my own eyes!! My daughter lost her wedding ring while surfing. ( she has only been married three weeks) Jim was prompt in his arrival to the beach, very friendly and determined to recover the ring!!! He found the ring in less than one hour!!!! Thank you Jim!!!

  3. Jim Brouwer says:

    Outstanding Return!!! Nice Write-up!

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