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Lost Rose & White Gold Wedding Band at Sherwood’s Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text Tuesday from Kendra whose husband Nick lost his White & Rose Gold Wedding Band at Sherwood Beach along the shore break on Monday. Nick and Kendra live on Hickam AFB and while spending the day at Sherwood’s, Nick’s Wedding Ring flew off when he was throwing a football. When I checked the surf report besides uncooperating surface and a jellyfish invasion kept me away until this Friday morning. Kendra and I agreed to meet Friday morning low tide 6:45 at the gate to the beach park. Her husband Nick was meeting with his Commander so he couldn’t attend. Kendra brought two friends that were there the day of the loss to help show me the location. We walked down to the beach and they showed me the area. The tide was very low so I decided to quickly search parallel to the shoreline in hopes of getting lucky. Nope! That didn’t happen only two dimes. I started on the left side of the grid and on about the sixth leg I got a blaring #16 on the Nox and on the second scoop there was Nick’s ring glistening in the morning sunlight. I walked back to the car where Kendra & friends were waiting. I yelled over, Got it! Just let me wash off and I’ll bring it over. Everyone who detects the East Shore knows how lucky after 5 days of surf that I was able to find Nick’s ring. Kendra is planning a special reunion with Nick and his ring. Can’t wait to see a pic of that! Aloha to Kendra & Nick!

Lost Gold & Diamond Wedding & Engagement Rings at Lanikai Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Kate who was on vacation from Los Angeles, California with her husband Ryan. The text said after hours of desperation she found my profile on the Ring Finders and decided to text me. She wasn’t sure I could help so I gave here a call. Kate told me that she had put her rings in her short pocket then wrapped them in a towel before entering the water at Lanikai Beach. It wasn’t until later that day at Waimanalo Beach that she reached in the short pocket to retrieve them and the rings were gone. She figured they had to of fallen out back at Lanikai and when they returned they were nowhere to be found. Lanikai is heavily detected so I asked if they could meet at my house in a few hours and take one car to the beach as parking is nonexistent. I didn’t want another detectorist to find the rings. They agreed and we met and headed to Lanikai. Ryan dropped Kate & I at the beach access and went to find parking. Kate took me to the location on the beach after a little hesitation on the location she was sure we were in the correct spot. Thankfully no one was in the grid she drew in the sand for me. As I started the search I found a piece of foil and then a corona bottle cap. I got my hopes up as another detectorist would have pulled those. Then a moment later I got a double beep and looked down at the sand. There peeking up from the sand was a sparkling diamond. I looked over at Kate as I grabbed the ring she came over and was so elated and full of joy. She said I got the best one. I said no there is another target and I handed her the bottle cap. She yelled that’s not my ring…I said, No there is another target in the sand. However, it took two scoops to recover the Yellow Gold Cartier Love Ring Wedding Band. Now Kate was over the moon with joy. We walked along the beach to get back to wherever Ryan might have found parking discussing how lucky no one spotted the diamond. As we turned down the beach access path Ryan was at the other end and I gave him a thumbs up. I think he was astonished how quickly we recovered Kate’s rings. They both agreed they could now enjoy the rest of their vacation without the lost rings hanging over their heads. I meet the most wonderful people during these recoveries. Aloha to Kate & Ryan!

Lost Rose Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Kuhio Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a call from Scott who was on vacation from Melbourne, Australia with his lovely wife Monali. While enjoying the cool waters of Kuhio Beach Waikiki Monali put her rings in a towel and then a chair pocket for safekeeping while they went swimming. When she returned Scott handed her the towel and her Engagement and Wedding Rings fell into the sand. They instantly saw the Engagement Ring but the Wedding Ring dreadfully disappeared. They searched for awhile but it became hopeless. Scott found The Ring Finders during a lost ring search on Google and that’s where I come in. I told Scott I could meet him in Waikiki in about 20 minutes so he could walk me down to where the ring was lost. Thankfully, although the beach was crowded the search area was clear. I fired up the Nox and immediately started getting targets. There were bottle caps everywhere. I removed several and moved to cover another part of the grid away from them. I instantly got a surface 10-11 screamer and in one scoop there was Monali’s beautiful Rose Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring in the scoop. Scott was so relieved and knew his vacation could now continue normally. He met up with Monali later and they sent me the happy selfie. Aloha to Monali & Scott.

Lost Bible Verse Inscribed Wedding Band at Nai’a Lagoon Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began as I was wrapping up a ring hunt for a child’s ring when I was approached by a gentleman who was acting as an interpreter for a Ukrainian lady as both were standing in the shallow part of the lagoon. As the story goes she was wondering if I could hunt for her son-in-law’s Bible Verse Inscribed Wedding Ring that was lost while he was playing volleyball in the water several days ago. She wasn’t sure of the type of metal. But as she described the ring through the interpreter I realized I had found the ring the past weekend and it was at home. I told the interpreter to have her son-in-law Nick come see me on the beach and recite the verse so I would be sure. About 10 minutes later Nick arrived and was in shock he immediately recited the exact verse and I told him I’d come back the next morning to return it to him. Nick currently lives in Sacramento California and was on vacation with family. As you can see he has his ring back and I’m so happy his mother-in-law reached out to me. It helps to carry your detector proudly when walking the beach. Aloha to Nick and his Family!

Lost Palladium Wedding Band at Kualoa Regional Park…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text last night that read, “my husband lost his wedding ring at china man’s hat yesterday…any chance you could search for it?” I called and Jason who serves in the Air Force told me he was playing with his two sons in the shallow water behind the breakwater at Kualoa Regional Park and his Palladium Wedding Band went missing. We agreed to meet the next morning at the Park so he could show me the area. I’ve never been to the back of the park so him being there helped quite a bit. After about a 20 minute grid search with no luck other than coins and pull tabs, Jason expanded out the grid search South & West. I started again and more coins and trash. Just as I was about to complete the last leg of the new grid I got a screaming #9 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Jason’s shining ring in the scoop. Jason was right at the end of the grid so all I had to do was look up and say, “Got it”. A sigh of relief came over Jason’s face as he knew we were nearly done with the grid and it wasn’t looking good until that moment. We shook hands and laughed a bit in relief. Nice way to celebrate Memorial Day! Aloha to Jason and his family!

Lost Silver High School Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began last Saturday while hunting in Ulua Lagoon. I found a Silver High School ring at the low tide mark of the lagoon. It was a screaming high tone on the Nox and I was able to recover it on the first scoop. I could see it was engraved but had to use my loop to see the full name. Fortunately, I was able to find Syann on Facebook so I left her a message. After a few hours with no response my daughter Jodi found her on Instagram. She IG’d Syann and she responded immediately. She told us she had lost the ring back in March while enjoying the day at the lagoon but wasn’t exactly sure where on the beach and wrote it off as gone. I got her address and mailed the ring to her in Kapolei. She now has the ring back on her finger. Precious ring returned and Syann was so thankful. Aloha to Syann!

Platinum Diamond Earring

A very precious earing, but even more valuable for sentimental reasons, fell off the owners ear while she was carrying her toddler over her shoulder. Thanks to advances in metal detecting technology, small targets are not a problem. Getting over the target is another story. In this case we had a perseptive couple that were able to point me in the right direction. It was where they had searched on their own, but it took The Ring Finders to methodically retrace and eliminate search areas until we ended up exactly on top of the target.

Impossible to eyeball.

To say they were overjoyed was an understatement.

  • Tiny Beuty

Lost Gold and Diamonds Engagement Ring at Aulani Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an evening call from Kim who was on vacation from Chicago, Illinois. While relaxing on a floatie in the lagoon with her husband Ted and daughter Mila, Kim’s White Gold and Diamonds Engagement Ring slipped off her finger and disappeared into the sand in chest deep water. She initially called fellow ring finder Don and he told her to contact me as the resort’s detectorist. I checked traffic and it looked good to getting there in 35 minutes but it would be dark. Kim and her family were flying home tomorrow so I said would grab my gear and come out for a night hunt. I surely brought my headlamp as the lagoon gets pitch dark and there is little ambient light. When I arrived Ted & Kim were returning from getting their daughter some food and by then the public parking gate was locked. Ted parked outside and walked in to show me where to hunt. He was quite accurate in setting up the grid and I immediately started my search. My first target was a piece of foil. Then I went a few grid lines in silence when I suddenly got a loud “10-11” on the Nox. It was dark so I put my foot on the back of the coil where I had a tone and scooped from there forward. The target was in my scoop so I turned on my headlamp and there in the scoop was Kim’s stunning ring. I yelled shoreward to Ted that I got it and he was in disbelief. Ted told me he had low expectations but was obviously pleasantly surprised. We hurried back to the car where Kim was waiting. Ted showed her the ring and she was ecstatic. Kim asked, “Can I hug you?” and I said, “Of course!” Kim will now go home with her ring back on her finger. Aloha to Kim, Ted and Mila!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Nai’a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Elaine who was on vacation from Los Angeles, California and staying at the Marriot Beach Resort at Ko Olina. She asked, “How much to find a lost ring at Na’ia Lagoon?” I responded, “Its reward based and that is up to you.” She then said her husband Marlon had lost his white gold basket weave design two days ago in waist deep water. She included some pics of the area. I agreed to hunt the next morning at low tide. When I arrived, I matched up the pics and began the hunt. As I was getting near what I thought would be the last leg I noticed a gentleman approaching me at a fast pace. I assumed it was Marlon but this guy said he lost his ring on the other side of the lagoon and was sure of the location. Not Marlon! I decided to give his ring a quick hunt and then let Marlon know I didn’t find his. The other guy then wasn’t so sure of his location and was going to check with some friends who were with him when he lost it. That hunt will be tomorrow. I called Marlon and told him the bad news but asked if he could come down so I could be sure of the location. When we walked down to the beach Marlon figured a bit more to the South would be more accurate then the pic. Sure enough on the second leg I got a banging “13” on the Nox right at the waters edge. In one scoop there was no doubt the basket weave design was very apparent. I texted Elaine & Marlon a pic and Marlon met me at Longboards for the return. Vacation saved! Aloha to Marlon & Elaine!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Honu Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a call from Gurkan who lives in Seattle, Washington and was on vacation with his family staying at the Ko Olina Beach Villas near Honu Lagoon. While tossing a ball and wrestling with his son Gurkan’s Gold Wedding Band slipped off in waist deep water and disappeared. Gurkan texted me an estimated location pic and I told him I’d hunt first light the next morning. When I arrived it was still dark but the water was warm enough to start the search. Only a few Lincoln cents and a pull tab then about 30 minutes into the hunt I got a banging “13” on the Nox and in one scoop there was Gurkan’s Gold Band shining in the dawn’s early light. I texted him a pic and he confirmed it was his ring. We met at the beach shower area for the return. Vacation saved! Aloha to Gurkan!