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Cell Phone Found and Returned In Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a referral call from Jim Wren, TRF Member North Myrtle Beach. He told me he had received a phone call from a young man that lost his cell phone on the beach the night before. Getting the phone number from Jim, I called Nick back on his buddies cell. I met Nick and his friend at the beach an hour later. Nick had a watch that was coupled with his cell phone. We walked to the beach where the watch was telling us the phone should be. At night after all the people are off the beach the city has a beach sweeper that rakes the sand. This sweeper has buried Nick phone. Most of the area was clear of beach goers so I started to work. After 30 minute in the dry sand I was unsuccessful. I politely asked a family who were camped out in the area if I could help them move their stuff so I could search the area where they were sitting. They were happy to oblige me. I started to work again with my trusted Excalibur II. Just a few sweeps in the area they were sitting gave me a scratchy tone. Digging with my hand revealed Nick’s phone. It was unfortunate that the phone had a broken screen. I’m sure the sweep truck had run it over. The phone was still functioning though, so I was relieved Nick could retrieve his stored data. I called him on his buddies phone to let him know I had his phone. He joined me on the beach to get his found phone.

Nick thanks the generous reward, and thanks to Jim Wren for the referral.

Engagement Ring Lost in the sand, Found and Returned. Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach, around 8:00 Friday night. He received a call from Jeremiah about his wife’s lost engagement ring in Myrtle Beach. Jim and I respect each other turf when it comes to ring searches, and often we work together on many of them, or cover for each other. I told Jim that it would be a couple hours before I could get there and asked if he wanted to take the call. Jim was equally out of the area, so I told him I’d take the call. Getting the particulars from Jim, I called Jeremiah back and told him it would be 10:00 before I could get there. We made arrangements to meet.

Arriving at the beach with my equipment, I met Jeremiah, Brittany and John. They explained the loss to me. Brittany had not moved from the spot that she lost the ring 2 hours before. She lost the ring in shallow water while playing football. Catching the ball sent her ring into the water’s edge. She saw it lying in the sand just before a wave took it away. For 2 hours she stared at this 20 foot by 20 foot area, while Jeremiah found The Ring Finders on his phone.  I had them rub their left earlobe for luck as I started what was going to be a 30 by 30 foot grid. About 10 feet into the grid, and 31 cents, I got the beautiful golden tone on my Minelab 30-30 CTX. Carefully sending the scoop into the wet sand, I dumped the sand next to the hole. Spreading the sand with my foot revealed a beautiful white gold, diamond engagement ring. The ring that Jeremiah had placed on her finger 3 years before. As it shown in the light from my headlamp, Brittany snatched it up. Cheers from the four of us broke the tense silence. Then “The Ring Dance” started. High fives, hugs and laughter ensued. We don’t find them all, but it sure feels good when we do.

Jeremiah, Thank You for your service to our country. Brittany, Jeremiah and John, Thank You for the hansom reward. Good luck in your futures.

Wild Ride for an Engagement Ring, Lost and Found

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone call from Amy last Wednesday. She explained to me that, while getting her son ready for summer camp with a last minute dousing of sun block, she took her engagement ring off and set it on top of her car. This happened Monday. A friend had told her about seeing something about a group of “Ring Finders” and to look us up. I told Amy that I would meet her on Thursday after work and I would see what we might be able to do. I had forgotten that my wife’s birthday was Thursday, so I called Amy that afternoon to explain that my wife did not want to be a Ring Finder Widow on her birthday, lest I be in trouble. (Not Really) I begged off with Amy until Saturday Morning and cooler weather.

I met Amy and her husband Joe at their house Saturday morning and we talked about her movements before the loss of her ring. Amy told me that she did not notice her ring missing for almost 3 miles. Amy also explained that she and Joe, and a few neighbors had looked in the neighborhood on the street and in a couple yards with a borrowed metal detector. They had also turned a piece of costume jewelry into a “crash dummy”as they tried to simulate the loss. Everybody was surprised at how long the ring actually stayed with the car. Amy was determined to be part of the search, so I gave Amy a few pointers with her borrowed metal detector and explained our game plan. We would walk each side of the road and detect the road apron while also doing a visual search on the road. When we got to where she remembered her ring we would switch sides and return toward the house. No offense to Amy, but this was to make sure I worked both sides of the road on the search. I tried to stay positive as my detector was picking up every piece of can slaw that had been left by the mowers on the county road. Two turns, two bottles of water and two hours later we reached our turn around spot at almost two miles. We switched sides of the road and started back. We were both hot and bothered at this point in the 90 degree heat. As we neared the front of Amy’s subdivision I told myself to slow down as this would be the area that she would have been accelerating onto the county road. For the next 80 yards I would let the detector talk to my ears while I did a visual more toward the ditch. At 60 yards from her street I saw the glint of something in the grass. “That’s not a pull tab”. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief as I stared at a white gold princess cut engagement ring in the grass beside the ditch about 8 feet away. No Way! I picked up the ring and looked toward Amy. She had not noticed. I walked across the county road to where she was standing. Hot, flushed and sweaty, she looked at me. I asked her if she thought we gave it a good try. Sad, but ready to be out of the sun as much as I was, she said she was happy that we gave it a try. I then asked her if she believed in miracles as I held up her engagement ring. She stared at it for a few seconds in disbelief. Then a “woop”, a scream (maybe an expletive, I wasn’t sure) and then a few tears. Yep! “The Ring Dance”. Amy’s hands trembled as she returned the ring to its rightful spot on her finger. When we got to the house and she showed her husband Joe the ring, it was “The Ring Dance” all over again. Joe hugged Amy in tearful disbelief. He the came my direction and place a couple tears on my shoulder as well.

Amy, you’re a trooper with a metal detector. You can be on my team anytime.

Amy and Joe, may you have another 16 years together with this ring. Thank you so much for the generous reward! Remember not to listen to all the neigh sayers. Miracles Happen!

14K Gold Mother’s Ring Lost in the Surf, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Two hours from home after a week long vacation I get a phone call from Don H. asking if I could help find his wife Diane’s Mothers ring that she lost around 8pm the night before. The connection wasn’t very good so I told him I’d call him back around 2pm and would be there between 4 and 5pm. During our broken conversation I thought he gave me the name of a resort that it was in North Myrtle Beach, however when we talked at 2 he said the resort was in Myrtle Beach. I got all the details from Don and called Matt Fry (TRF Myrtle Beach) not sure whether he was still out of town or not. During Don’s and my conversation he told me that his wife lost her ring between 9 and 9:20pm not at 8 like he originally said so I needed to leave home within about 20 minutes to catch the tide. When I called Matt he didn’t answer so I assumed he was still out of town and left. I was within 15 minutes of arriving at the resort when Matt called back, saying he was in town but to go ahead and take it.

I arrived in the parking lot and Don showed up shortly afterwards to show me the exact area. Don also explained that they were down from Minnesota for the Myrtle Beach annual cheerleading competition with one of their daughters and they all needed to be at the convention center. I worked it out with Don that I’d surprise Diane and that when I found her ring, I’d text him with a picture and then deliver it the convention center.  When I walked out on the beach it was packed with tourist and needless to say I had an audience watching me search. About 4 gridlines and calf deep in the water I got a strong 46-47 on my AT Pro along with a few other junk tones. Luckily I got the ring in the first scoop, dumped it out on the sand and immediately saw the gold. I texted Don with a picture and he immediately replied with a 100% it’s hers!! I’m not sure what Don told Diane to get her out front away from her cheerleaders but she didn’t look happy when I introduced myself. I think he told her I bumped their car in the parking lot. But I told Diane that Don had told me that she had lost her Mothers ring and if she could describe it that it would help me know what I was looking for. As she finished with her description, I held up her ring and said “Does it look something like this?” Her expression was priceless, there were a few tears of joy and the hugs were strong and sincere. She had to make a quick exit to get back to the girls but she was one happy lady!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Don and Diane, thank you for trusting in me to help find your lost treasure and thank you for the very generous reward. Have a safe trip home!!!


Diane Howard Diane's Mother's ring

14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail shortly before 10pm on Thursday, July 21st from Zanita W. requesting help finding an Engagement Ring that had slipped off her finger in the water about 4 hours earlier. Zanita was here with her family on vacation from Indiana and was leaving on Saturday. I noticed in the e-mail that she also included Matt Fry (TRF Myrtle Beach). I contacted Zanita and got a few more details that included the name and location of the resort they were staying at. This resort was in Matt’s area so I called him to make sure he saw the e-mail. When he answered his phone I told him the situation but unfortunately he was stuck in Atlanta on his 3rd delayed flight out west and wasn’t available. I’m still on vacation and 800 miles away so I tried contacting Jim Brouwer, a friend who was filling in for me while I was gone. He didn’t answer so I sent him both a text and an e-mail with all the details knowing that he was probably asleep and was going to wake up very early to catch the low tide somewhere. I’m asleep and hear my text alert go off at 1:45am from Jim saying he’s on it. At 3:39am I get another text alert from Jim saying “I found it”. I called Jim and asked him to send me a picture so I could forward it to Zanita saying it was found. That morning I called Zanita around 8:30am, waking her up, with the good news. She couldn’t have been happier. I gave her Jim’s number and they arranged to meet later that morning.

Zanita, Thank you for trusting in The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure!!!

Again, thanks Jim for backing me up. Zanita couldn’t have been happier!!!!


Zanita's engagement ring Zanita Whitley

Lost Wedding Ring Found In Myrtle Beach!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone message from Victoria on Tuesday morning, May 3rd. I returned her phone call and introduced myself as The Ring Finder representative she had phoned. Immediately I could hear her voice crack with emotion as she described losing her yellow gold wedding band with several diamonds mounted throughout the band and a four diamond square post mount, top center. Victoria and husband Twuan were enjoying the beach Monday afternoon around high tide when Victoria went to the surf’s edge to wash off her hands. She felt the ring slip from here finger in shin deep water. She and Twuan dug and search for awhile and gave in to the realization that the ring was lost forever. The one year married couple were very upset, so much so, that they went home early and left the area.

I assured Victoria that I could find that ring and that she was only allowed to cry when I gave it back to her. My wife Sunny joined me that afternoon with her detector. We grid searched the described area for nearly 3 hours. I was sure the ring would be found on the upper slope of the beach. We were not successful as the tide continued to rise. I went back that night after the tide change for a couple more hours to no avail. I noticed that the tide had brought in a large amount of sand. This had me worried. I returned to the area, at low tide, again on Wednesday. I worked a low tide grid and a southward grid for two more hours. I left empty handed again as I notice even more sand on the beach. I called Jim Brouwer (Gold Beneath The Waves) that night to ask if anybody in the Grand Strand Treasure Hunters was bragging about a great find on the south end of Myrtle Beach. Jim put out a few feelers to check and his answer was no! Jim hunts the beach just about everyday, so he was very cognizant of the building sand and asked if I needed some help. I told Jim that I was going to search low tide the next day (Thurs.). I told Jim that I exhausted the grid area in front of the Hotel and that the only way to go with a new grid was North. I explained to Jim that I had searched north to a drainage pipe in the sand, and that we should start there.

I was on my way to the beach Thursday, about five minutes away, when I got a phone call from Jim exclaiming that he found the ring. He had gotten there early and had started north and was only about 15 feet north of the pipe and got the signal he was looking for on his CTX 30-30. Jim gave me the ring and I was excited to call Victoria as she had been checking in with me every time I searched. With each passing conversation I could tell she was losing hope. She was in such disbelief that we actually found the ring that she asked me to send her a picture of it. I sent it with the tag “Miracles Happen”. I drove the two hours to Sumter, SC. on Friday to return Victoria’s ring. The big beautiful smile tells the rest.

Victoria and Twuan, thank you so much for the very generous reward. Jim expresses great thanks as well. 15% will be donated to “The Road Runners” of The Shrine Children’s Hospital.  If you get to the beach anytime soon, look us up.

Matts Ring20160506_113648_001

Smiles From Above! Found White Gold Wedding Band, Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

My last few ring searches have been duds. In two calls the people found the ring before I got to their location, or just got there.(Great for them it was found). On my last call I did not find the ring we were looking for in the resort sand volley ball court. In this case he was not sure that he had the ring on when he was playing, nor was it in the shrubbery surrounding the court. We eliminated that area as a possibility for this man’s ring search.

I received an email from Josh late Monday night about his lost white gold wedding band. I did not see the email until late Tuesday afternoon and gave him a return phone call, hoping that I wasn’t too late to help him. We set a time to meet at the beach during low tide on Wednesday. Josh lost a family heirloom, white gold wedding band while playing ball in the surf near high tide two days ago. This wedding band belonged to his father and was passed on to him by his step mother for his wedding day in 2012. Josh’s father could no longer wear this band as he was being cared for in an assistance care since 1998, as a probable result of agent orange after his time in Viet Nam. Josh’s father proudly served our country in the U.S. Army. Josh’s father had retired to the celestial heavens this past February. I knew that this ring had great sentimental value attached to it. Josh walked me to the area on the beach. I met Josh’s in-laws as I had all of them rub their left earlobe for luck. Josh and I set up four PVC stakes for a 40 x 60 yard grid area. I then handed Josh the “Hot stick” and asked him to place it in the most likely area for the ring. Josh placed the hot stick right at the waterline at the bottom of the grid. I started my North / South grid until I hit the hot stick. I did a spiral grid around the hot stick a few revolutions, then continued the north / south line. On about line 8 I got the magical Mine Lab low tone for gold, coming in at a 12:08, 11 inches. I sent the scoop to the target and missed on the first attempt. I sent it into the sand again. After sweeping the hole I knew that the target was in the scoop. I dumped the scoop and kicked it into three piles, as I scanned each. scooping back up the signal pile I gently shook the wet sand from the scoop to reveal a beautiful white gold wedding band with three diamonds set diagonally across the top. I looked back at Josh and his family sitting under the umbrellas about 80 yards away. Josh was looking my direction with intent. Josh then rubbed his left earlobe and I returned the signal. Josh ran the 80 yards to where I was standing and I handed him his father’s ring. Big boys don’t cry, but I think both of us had a tearful laugh as he put this ring back onto his finger. High fives and then a big hug that nearly squashed me, and I’m not small. Josh’s mother in law joined us with Josh’s little girl as she had tears in her eyes as well. I love doing “The ring dance”. I felt smiles from heaven being sent our way on this beautiful day on the beach. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!                      IMG_5998IMG_5985

Josh, Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I pray for traveling mercies for your return to Arizona. Thank you so much for the generous reward. I will take my wife out to a nice dinner to celebrate your ring recovery and our son’s election to The House of Representatives of South Carolina yesterday. I will also send a donation to the Shriner Children’s Hospital. Thanks again!

Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band in Cherry Grove Beach, FOUND!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Actual E-mail conversation:

How much do you charge to search for a lost wedding ring? I lost it yesterday. It’s not an expensive ring but it’s important to me.
Thanks, Aaron

I ask for a $30 call out fee if the ring is not located. If I find the ring then I work on a reward donation basis. What it is worth to you and what you can afford. That is up to you. If you lost it on the beach time will be important. Every ring is important regardless of its melt value… This is your ring and it has a story. Let me help you keep that story. Call me 843-215-9170 shop 

I’m going to borrow a detector and see if I have any luck, it’s a titanium men’s wedding ring, hopefully the Good Lord will lead me to it. How deep do you think it will be 6-8″? I know exactly where it came off but I’m going have to wait for low tide this evening to check the location.

Only after one day, if there hasn’t been significant sand shift, 3-5”. If your detector is a good one and you can ground balance it you should be OK. Most people are not experienced enough to deal with wet salt sand because it is highly mineralized. It drives most metal detectors crazy and has you chasing your tail. Good luck and let me know how it turns out. I have booked the rest of my day but if I can help in the morning or tomorrow afternoon let me know. If you want me to help in the morning call my cell 843-333-4114 and leave a message tonight. I have a meeting that will last until 9:30ish. I will return your phone call when I get out of the meeting. I will meet you where ever we need to. Low tide 7:09 am. Good hunting!

Phone Message that night: Matt I did not find the ring. Are you still willing to help me in the morning? I lost the ring at 58th Ave. North on Cherry Grove Beach.

I will meet you at the public entrance to the beach at 6:45 in the morning. Good night.

I met Aaron and his brother in law Bradly at the beach the next morning at Cherry Grove Beach, about 25 miles north of Myrtle Beach, SC., and we discussed the search and search area. Aaron was certain that his ring would be found in an area about 150′ x 150′.  I told Aaron and Bradly to rub their left earlobe for luck. Aaron lost the ring, while catching a football, in about knee deep water at mid tide. After searching the area for about an hour, I expanded the grid four times in the directions Aaron felt most likely to find the ring. A dollar in change and a half dozen pull tabs, I was running out of time.  After 2 hours of searching I got the signal I wanted to see on the CTX.-30-30. The Carbide ring came in looking almost like a penny. I sent the scoop into the sand as Aaron had the look of “Oh great he’s digging another pull tab”, but I knew what was on the screen. I pulled a handful of sand from the scoop not knowing myself. I felt the shape of a ring in the sand as I looked at Aaron and rubbed my left earlobe through the head phones and then Aaron did the same. After cleaning it up a bit I handed Aaron his lost wedding band. High fives and big smiles all around. Aaron, thank you for the gift.  I was happy to get you out of the “Dog House”.


In 3 out of the last 4  of my ring searches the people bought, rented, or borrowed a metal detector. On inland searches this would be OK to try to do it yourself. I truly wish you all the luck in the world. But, in salt sand if you are not using a machine that can deal with this highly mineralized environment you will be wasting valuable time in recovering your cherished jewelry. Allow the metal detecting expert hobbyists of The Ring Finders help you. We have state of the art equipment and we know how to use it. Save your time and money, call a member of The Ring Finders today.

Lost Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Found in Myrtle Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email from Bryon early Wed. morning seeking help in recovering his wife Ellie’s wedding band and engagement ring set that was soldered together as one ring. They arrived in town Tues. afternoon and headed straight to the beach. On the beach we have several drainage swashes that take rain runoff to the ocean. Bryon and their little girl crossed the swash on the beach pretty easily, but when Ellie crossed the cut in the beach with it’s running water she stumbled and caught herself in the soft sand with her hands. When she righted herself she realized that the sand had sucked the ring set from her finger. It was close to the high tide mark as the ocean currents were beating against the runoff waters. Bryon bought a metal detector at one of the local big box stores and returned later that night to hunt for the rings. Bryon noticed that the swash cut was now filled in and the beach was now flat where a few hours before there was a two foot deep cut in the sand. Bryon was not successful in his search. It was surely not a way to start their vacation.

I phoned Byron in response to his email Wed. morning and we made plans to meet on the beach. Bryon explained how the sand had shifted over night and that he really felt the ring was going to be about two feet under the sand. I really did not feel that the sand could shift that much in two high tide cycles, but Bryon was convinced that the swash cut had move about thirty yards south on the beach. I searched the area he was most certain the ring would be. I then expanded the grid. After nearly three hours of searching I was unsuccessful. I noticed a couple holes in the beach during the search and felt like another detectorist may have found the ring already. Thursday there was a lunch meeting of The Grand Strand Treasure Hunters, and I went to see if anybody may have found the rings. Nobody was bragging about finding these rings, as we all share our finds over the last couple weeks. I asked my friend, Jim Brouwer (Gold Beneath The Waves) if he cared to join me after lunch in a second attempt for these rings, and he said he would be thirty minutes behind me. Arriving at the beach I was shocked to see that the swash was totally different from the day before as it had moved thirty yards back to the north. Bryon was right. I was excited as I jumped into the cut that was twice as wide as my swing. I worked a pass up the swash from mid beach and then turned around and worked back. Right in the area that Bryon told me the ring was going to be I got a solid 12:08 on the Minelab. I sent the scoop to the target and rinsed the sand out in the moving water. BINGO! After only ten minutes of searching I was on the phone to Bryon with the good news. Bryon helped me in the surprise as we did not tell Ellie that I had found the ring. He, Ellie and daughter Alex met me at the beach thirty minutes later, just after Jim arrived to help. It was fun to personally give Ellie back her rings as this was the first time I got to hand somebody their own ring as opposed to mailing it, or in the previous blog where the lady found her own ring with one of my detectors. It was a tearful and joyous reunion.

SwashEllie Smiles 2Bryon and Ellie Ring 2   Alex provided the shells for the photo. Thank you Bryon and Ellie for the generous gift.