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Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Aulani Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Thursday when I got an email from Makenna at Ko Olina Operations. Her email asked if I could reach out to a Aulani guest named Joseph from San Dimas, California who just lost his Platinum Wedding Band in five feet of water while floating. I called the number she left me and Joseph gave me more details to the search area and he was sure it was in five feet of water near to the paddle board buoys. Five feet depth is difficult to detect walking so I told Joseph I would hunt Friday morning at low tide in scuba gear with my Excalibur. The lagoon was calm when I started the scuba grid search and after about an hour and a fully expanded grid I didn’t find the ring. When I surfaced and was standing in chest deep water a young lady in the water asked if I was looking for “The Ring”? I said “Yes” but I’ve searched the entire area with no luck. Then she says the guy Joe that lost the ring yesterday was only in waist deep water. She was sure of it as they were helping them look for the ring. Okay, I’ll go get my Nox and hunt the shallow waters. Sure enough on the second leg of my grid search in waist deep water I got a booming “13” on the Nox and in one scoop there was Joe’s Platinum Band in my scoop. The young lady was gone so I wasn’t able to thank her but I immediately called Joe to tell him the good news. Joe had already changed hotels to Waikiki so as you can see he just swung by my house this afternoon with his lovely wife and I returned his ring. Aloha to Joe!

Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Labor Day weekend when I was approached by Aloha Security asking if I had found a White Gold Wedding Band with no markings that morning? I hadn’t and said I’d come back the next morning and cover the other side of the lagoon. It belonged to a friend of theirs and was lost at some point while he was walking in the shallow water the day before. The next morning I found the ring in waist deep water at the exact middle of the lagoon. I flagged down Aloha Security and they got me in touch with Willie from Waianae. We live on opposite sides of Oahu so we agreed to meet this morning for the return. That smile surely means he’s out of the dog house! Aloha to Willie!

Lost Gold with Stunning Solitaire Diamond Ring at The Kahala Hotel Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Wendy at the Concierge Desk of The Kahala hotel. She asked, “Are you the guy who can find rings?” “That would be me!” I said. She asked if I could come down to the hotel and find a lost ring for two of their guests. I got a few details and headed down to the hotel which is only 7 minutes from my home. When I arrived the valet was waiting and got Wendy and she soon introduced me to Debbie & Albert from Fort Collins, Colorado. They were on their 40th Wedding Anniversary and while in the water swimming Debbie’s gorgeous 1.4 Carat Solitaire Diamond Gold ring slipped off and disappeared into the sand. One of the beach attendants searched for a few hours but the ring was well hidden. The ring was lost at low tide at Debbie’s chest height. A high tide was peaking so I was only able to hunt out to neck depth with the Nox. I originally heard waist deep but I thought I better give it a go. After covering the entire grid with no ring I told Debbie and Albert I’d return the next day at the 11:30 low tide. I decided to use scuba so I could have unlimited range no matter where the ring came off. I arrived at 11:30 and informed Albert I’d start the hunt as they were checking out of the hotel. I set my grid rope from shallow to deep and commenced the search. On the deep side the sand was so thin it puffed like smoke when I waved the Excalibur through it. I was hoping the ring would not be there as it would have been extremely difficult to see. Very sterile beach, which is nice, so after a small piece of can slaw and a swimsuit drain tab I got a sweet loud low tone on the Excalibur. Two waves of my hand and there popped out Debbie’s wonderful ring. I put it in my jar and stood up. I waved to Albert on the beach and yelled to him that I found the ring…”Hopefully Debbie’s!” They met me on the shore line and I handed the ring to Debbie who assured me it was the one. Albert & Debbie were so thankful and relieved they would be returning home this evening with “All” their belongings. Hugs, handshakes and pictures followed. Another fine day in Hawaii Nei! Aloha to Debbie & Albert!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Sheraton Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Victor who was on his Honeymoon from San Francisco, CA. His text said, “Hello saw your website. Need services.” I immediately called and found out while relaxing with his lovely bride Yuliana, on a float, while adjusting his grip his brand new Yellow Gold Wedding Band came off in chest deep water and disappeared. He attempted to find the ring with goggles but the water was too murky. The tide was already coming in and there was some medium surf so we decided to wait until the next day’s low tide at 11AM. When I arrived Victor met me at the Valet parking area and we parked and went down to the beach. Yuliana was waiting on the beach and the two of them explained the circumstances and the location of the drop. I attempted to cover both their areas but Yuliana insisted the ring was more to the West. After about an hour and a thorough search in Victor’s area I moved West quite a ways and worked back to the East. I’d only found four Corona Bottle caps and a pull tab. I heard several targets in the reef area but couldn’t dig or see them through my mask. Suddenly, a booming 13/14 on the Nox near the reef and on the second dig I saw a Gold Ring in the scoop. Victor had gone ashore but Yuliana was right next to me. I told her I had a Gold Ring in my scoop and asked if she could verify if it was Victor’s. Thanking God it was. Victor rushed out into the water when Yuliana yelled to him I found it. He immediately put the ring back on his finger and I told him to get out of the water as the surf was starting to pound us again. I told them both that 9 times out of 10 the lady is correct on the location and us guys just can’t get it right. I’m listening to you ladies from now on. A few hugs and fist bumps and of course a pic and Victor and Yulianna were obviously relieved. Honeymoon saved! Aloha to Victor and Yuliana!

Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Turtle Bay Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Anthony from Phoenix, Arizona who was on his honeymoon and staying at the Turtle Bay Resort. He laid his white gold wedding band on his lap or the chair’s arm while applying sunscreen and realized when he stood up the ring was gone. He had only been married a week and the ring has disappeared in the dry sand. They hunted desperately but to no avail. I checked google maps and told Anthony it would take about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there but to just relax on the beach and we would find the ring. When I arrived Anthony met me near the parking lot and we proceeded down to the beach where his lovely mother and bride Austy were waiting. We had to move two beach chairs then I fired up the Nox and started the tiny grid search. I immediately got a loud “12-13” and after two scoops there was Anthony’s Gold Wedding Band in the scoop. It must have been stepped on to be that deep. We had a few hugs and pics then I had to get home for dinner. Honeymoon saved! Aloha to Anthony & Austy!

Lost Gold Hawaiian Heirloom Wedding Band at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a late night call from fellow Ring Finder Kai. Siu & Cherie from Las Vegas contacted him about the Husband losing his Gold Hawaiian Heirloom Wedding Band in shallow water at Ulua Lagoon while swimming and diving into the water. I was heading there the next morning so I told Kai I’d contact them to get some details and start the hunt first light. Cherie answered the phone and said the ring would be in waist deep water about three feet from the rocks on the extreme left side of the lagoon. This should have been an easy hunt but the ring was no where in the general vicinity. I called Cherie remembering she said they were staying in Makakilo which is a few short minutes from the resort. Her and Siu decided to come down to make sure we had the location correct. Guess what? It was way off. More like 30 yards from the rock wall. Siu drew a grid in the sand and I recommenced the search. After hunting that grid for 15 minutes and not finding their ring, I did find a nice Silver Hawaiian Style Ring, I asked Cherie which direction should I expand the grid. She confirmed with Siu I should go more right. Low and behold on the second leg of the expanded grid I got a boomer on the Nox and in one scoop there was Siu’s amazing ring in the scoop. Vacation saved and beaming smiles from this happy couple. Aloha to Siu & Cherie!

Lost Ring Under Deck. Another find for the Calgary Ring Finder

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Haylee called me. Her great, great grandmother’s ring dropped between the boards of the deck. She looked immediately, looked later, had the boards pulled up and had several other people look as well. Two weeks passed and it was till not found.  She called me to help out. I followed along as she shared her story. Based on what she said and the conditions present, she should have already found it herself.  I picked up where she left off and couldn’t find it either. That is when we started questioning what actually happened. With a new approach it didn’t take long before I hit the sound I was looking for. Watch my video for the details and the beautiful reaction from Haylee. 

Lost White Gold Cartier Wedding Band at Four Seasons Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text on my phone that read, “I need a ring finder”. I immediately called and Shelbie from Midland Texas, on her honeymoon and staying at the Four Seasons Ko Olina told me her husband Trey lost his White Gold Wedding Band in about three feet of water while returning back from swimming. I told her not to worry that I was in Waikiki and would retrieve my gear and head out to the resort. I assured her if the ring was in the three feet depth of water I would surely find it. I sensed quite a bit of stress in her voice and I wanted her to remain calm. Rush hour traffic hadn’t started yet so the 28 mile trip only took 35 minutes. When I arrived I called Shelbie and she said her and Trey were down on the beach so I grabbed my gear and headed down. Trey showed me the area and was sure the depth would have been about three feet deep. Since it was two hours earlier the tide was on an incline so I decided to detect out to high chest depth to account for the rise. Rey and Shelbie sat on the shoreline as I hunted. On about the 4th leg of the grid I got a screaming “16” on the Nox in chest deep water and on the third scoop there was the Cartier Love Ring shimmering in the scoop. I yelled to Trey “Got it!” We met in the water and I allowed Trey to remove his ring from the scoop. He immediately thanked me and put the ring back on his finger. Shelbie and Trey were so grateful and I hope they now can relax and enjoy the Aloha of our Islands.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Beach Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ben who was on vacation from San Antonio, Texas and was staying at the Aulani Resort. After going for a swim, Ben was coming ashore when a wave hit him from behind and as he put his hand down to break his fall his yellow gold wedding band slipped off in shallow water and disappeared. He googled, “lost ring in Hawaii” and the ring finders came up along with a recent hunt I had done at the adjoining Four Seasons Hotel. I answered Ben’s text by calling him and letting him know once I finished some personal business I’d grab my gear and head over. I was dreading rush hour traffic but the delay was only about 15 minutes. When I arrived Ben met me down at the beach and proceeded to show me the location his ring fell off. First target on about the fifth leg of the grid was a “No Cash Value” token Ben said the resort uses for their laundry machines. Then only about two feet away I got another tone and in one scoop there was Ben’s yellow gold band gleaming in the setting sunlight. I raised the ring in the air and motioned towards Ben on the beach that I had found the ring. He had a look of disbelief I think because it happened so quickly. Vacation saved. Aloha to Ben!

Lost White Gold Wedding Ring at Kahanamoku Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began yesterday when I got a text from James who was on vacation from Vacaville, California. While swimming back to shore at Kahanamoku Beach the previous day a wave hit James from behind and his ring flew off into the shore break and disappeared. After texting me a pic of where he was I realized the area was probably detected many times over except maybe the rubble area which was in his picture. I checked with a few friends who hadn’t been detecting so I texted James that I would try the next morning at low tide. James texted me some photos of their day at the beach and I was able to locate some large coral chunks as a starting point for my grid search. It was still dark when I arrived but decided I better beat the other detectorists that would surely be joining me. First two targets were trash and then I got two dimes in a row. I was starting to exit the picture area but James said it was approximate so I decided to move on. Next screaming target was a 14K white gold ladies wedding band. I wasn’t expecting that but this is the rocky area most detectorists avoid. Then another detectorist joined me and asked how I was doing. I showed him the ring and he said “Score”. Continuing on I got a third dime. Then when I was about to call it a lost cause I got another target with a “16” on the Nox in ankle deep water and in one scoop there was a White Gold Wedding Ring in the scoop. Quite a ways from the picture area but this could be it. I noticed a date inside the ring which James hadn’t told me about. I went back to the car and gave him a call. They were flying back to Cali today but were still in the hotel and about 15 minutes away. I told James I found a White Gold ring and asked if his had a date. He said yes and asked, “What is the date?” I said, “No, you tell me the date.” He shouted out the date inscribed and we agreed to meet at the Gilligan’s Snack Truck for the return. James arrived with his lovely wife Erin and we had a reunion of the ring with the rightful owner. Vacation ends on a high note! Aloha to James & Erin!