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Heirloom Diamond Ring Lost and Returned..

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

So Kathy called me on Tues afternoon and told me about her husband’s ring, lost in the surf at Torrey Pines State Beach 2 days prior on Sunday, right around high tide which would turn out to be fortunate for all of us.  The ring belonged to his dad who passed away 25 years ago. It has immense significance to the family and I could tell its loss was devastating. He had been boogie boarding with his son in waist deep water when it slipped off his finger.  He knew exactly the moment he lost it and though they gave it a valiant try, recovery would be impossible as the surf that day was brutal. Kathy gave me a vague description of where it was lost and agreed to meet with me on the beach the next morning at low tide.  I arrived early the next morning and started hunting the general area. When she arrived, Kathy was able to narrow down a 100’ length of beach and gave me the approx distance her husband had been from shore. Now this is where it gets good. She wandered off and I started at the North end of the search area and walked straight out into the surf. About 30 feet out in waist high water, in less than 5 minutes, Wham!! I got that unmistakable low tone. The surf was persistent and I missed it on the first couple scoops. It dropped to the bottom of the hole and I almost lost the tone. I dug frantically between rollers and finally got a good sound next to the hole.  A second later it was safely clanking around on stainless. It was a beautiful old diamond ring. By now, Kathy had wandered way up the beach so I took a picture with my cell phone and texted it to her with no comment, just the pic :).   I’ve never seen anyone run so fast on the beach with a kid in her arms :).   After a really cool emotional reunion and an incredible face time conversation with her husband, I left them to enjoy the morning.  Ring returns are always fun and rewarding but this one was freaking awesome!! I am so happy I could bring happiness to these guys. It was so worth the time and effort.  It was a real joy to meet you Kathy and I really appreciate your token of gratitude.

kathysq ring2

If you are interested, you can see a short YouTube vid of this return here:

Lost Engagement Ring in Myrtle Beach, Found! Who’s On First?

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

Tuesday morning, I was surfing the net and noticed a CL listing of a lost engagement ring in North Myrtle Beach. I called Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach).  I told Jim about the posting and he should look into it. The young lady was asking for help.  Jim told me he just got an email about a ring in NMB. As we talked we realized this was the same ring. Jim told me that he could not find the motel name in NMB, but there was one in Myrtle Beach. Jim waited for a phone call from Mandy, the young lady with the lost ring, for more details. Jim called me back and said it was lost in Myrtle and that I should take the search. Jim was the TRF contact so we left it at that and did the search together.

Mandy’s ring was lost at high tide four days ago, as she stood knee deep in a pounding shore break. A wave sent her for a loop. As she picked herself up she realized her ring was gone. With our area of description identified we began our search. Jim and I were each searching our own 30 x 50 yard grid as the tide was rising and eating beach area. It began to pour rain as we began. I brought a rain coat and hat but Jim did not. I passed a soaked Jim as I leap-frogged his grid and started another to his south. Jim leap-frogged me again, south. Jim was certain that the ring was not in the two hundred yards of beach that we covered, so north he went. Jim started working his north grid high on the slope. I was following behind Jim on the water line to where Jim worked his northern area. Concerned we were losing beach to the tide I stayed low on the beach and worked the water’s edge into shin deep water. About fifty paces into our northern area I got a nice signal on my CTX 30-30. I waited for the shore break waves to stop pounding the signal area and sent the scoop to the target. As I rinsed the scoop with the next wave, I could see the ring in the scoop. I nodded to Jim as I walked to dry sand. Did I say dry sand. Jim and I smiled and did “The Ring Dance” as we were soaked to the bone.Jim and I had both skipped lunch to do this search. Hungry, cold and wet we walked to a beachfront grill to find a dry area and something to eat.

Now, Jim and I have a running bet as to who finds the most TRF recoveries each year. This begs the question, how to figure this hunt into our scoreboard. Do we each get half, each one, me one, or Jim one? “Who’s On First?” I guess we will figure it out like gentlemen. The most important thing is that Mandy will have her engagement ring back on her finger when she says her vows next week. Jim is sending the ring back to a very happy young lady.

Mandy and James, You have started your marriage with luck on your side… All the best in the future.

Jim, you are a tenacious TRF recovery master. All the best to you as well.

20160517_145318_001[1]                          20160517_145327_002[1] 20160517_145347[1]

Platinum, Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Returned

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

Nothing too unusual about this story.  Just the same old “He lost his ring when it slipped off his finger in the back yard when he was throwing colored powder at his friends and family during a “Holi” celebration also known as the festival of colors in India” Happens every day right? 🙂 Josh contacted me on Tuesday, we met up on Wednesday and in less than 15 minutes I ran my coil over his gorgeous wedding ring. Everyone was a winner that afternoon. Josh got his ring back and I got to be a hero:). I also received a very nice monetary reward. Thanks Josh..

Josh ring josh

Lost Ring in Water at Bonita Beach Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

A fellow ring finder received a call from Noemi & Josh about searching for Josh’s wedding band that went missing in the Gulf waters of Bonita Beach, Florida.  Unable to perform the search, the fellow ring finder & friend gave me a call to see if I could be available.

I obtained the couple’s contact information and gave Noemi a call.  She explained they were on their “babymoon” (first baby due next month) and were enjoying some relaxation and beach time when Josh realized his wedding band had come off in the water at some point.

Knowing that area of beach is heavily detected, my wife and I made arrangements to come out as soon as possible.  When we arrived, Josh met us in the parking lot and took us to the area of the beach where Noemi was waiting.  They made sure to stay exactly in the area where the ring was lost and made note of all landmarks.

After adjusting a bit for the lowering tide, we began the search–my wife equipped with a Minelab Excalibur and myself the CTX 3030.  Within just a few moments, I came across a target registering in the penny range.  With very few targets in the rest of the search area, I decided to dig the object.  It was a penny; but there were more signals coming from the same hole.  After removing about 5 pennies, I rechecked the hole again.  This time the detector registered a target in the gold range.  After digging again, the ring was in the scoop!

I waved to Noemi and Josh letting them know I had found the ring.  Hugs and smiles were exchanged as Josh slipped the wedding band back on his finger.

Thank you, Noemi and Josh,  for giving us the opportunity to find the ring and congratulations on the new baby boy expected next month!


Antique Gold Ring Found and Returned

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

September 24, 2015

My Daughter, Julie posted one of my metal detecting YouTube videos on her Facebook page (I think it’s cool that she likes what I do) and it got a bunch of comments.  One of her friends, Amy, told her story about how her daughter lost her ring at school in one of the playgrounds. It was an antique ring given to her daughter by her grandmother and although not a really valuable piece of jewelry it had huge sentimental value and Amy was pretty heartbroken when it was lost. Amy actually purchased a metal detector and had tried to find it with no luck. Julie suggested to Amy that I might be able to help and got her permission to have me call her. I got in touch and arranged to meet her at the school that same afternoon. Now this school is pretty big. It has several playgrounds and Amy’s kid plays on them all.  She was wearing the ring on a chain around her neck and the ring was lost when the chain came undone.  Fortunately, they had found the chain which kinda narrowed down the hunt. I started my search by gridding what I could around all the steel belted tires and playground equipment. I was using my AT Pro with a large coil and was planning to change to a small coil and use my pin pointer if my initial search failed. About an hour later a good solid mid tone under the swing set told me I might be in luck. It was either going to be a pull tab (unlikely) a bottle cap (very unlikely) a nickel or a gold ring. I brushed away a couple inches of sand and there it was. A beautiful little gold diamond ring! Amy was walking around searching on another playground when I brought it to her. I was really happy that I was going to be able to return this treasure to her but my joy was pretty much eclipsed by hers when I dropped it in her hand. What an amazing moment!

amyring DSCF2052

Thanks Jules for sending her my way and thank you Amy for making my day and for the nice reward.

Platinum ring lost and returned at Del Mar, Dog Beach

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

A few minutes after arriving home from a Sunday night hunt the day before Labor Day I received a call from Shakeh. She and her family were in San Diego for a few days and were enjoying a beautiful Sunday on the beach at Del Mar. Suddenly, their vacation pretty much came to a halt when her Husband lost his wedding ring while wading in the San Dieguito River. Her girlfriend had told her about a metal detecting service so she looked it up, found The Ring Finders and called me.  I agreed to look for it the next morning.  Now this river can be very difficult to hunt.  The current doesn’t match the tides so you never know which way and how fast the flow will be. Also it can sand in very quickly, sometimes adding a foot or two along its banks over night. All this, coupled with the fact that he had lost it in knee high water at mid tide was going to make this hunt quite a challenge. So I started at 5AM. The surf was high and coming all the way up the river and the current was running about 4 knots. In these conditions it was pretty much impossible to grid. I continued my search until 9AM with no luck. I was about to leave when I got a strong feeling that I should try to give her one last shot. I called the Wife, put 3 bucks in the meter and went back to work. An hour later this beautiful solid platinum band was clanking around in my scoop. Man what a feeling! I texted Shakeh and met up with her and her two daughters in the parking lot of their hotel where I was rewarded with hugs, muffins and a nice monetary gift.  Shakeh said that what I had done for them was priceless. Well I can tell you that having the experience of seeing the expression of pure joy on her face when she saw her “lost forever” treasure, that’s priceless!!


Thanks for making my day Shakeh and for the nice reward.

Lost Ring in Waco,Tx

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

IMG_1529    IMG_2122 IMG_1749     20150610_e32f3_09126-600x150IMG_0869     IMG_0681


Dallas Ring Finders  (over 120+ Successful Finds)

“When you want your jewelry to find you!”

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: Don & Ellen Wilson – 972-523-4447

Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do underwater up to 25 feet in depth.

Check out our YouTube Channel at “Dallas Ring Finders” for 30+ Fun Videos of some of our recent recoveries.

2017 by Don Wilson

Hello, if you have lost a Ring, Watch or Bracelet we possibly can help you find it. My wife and I have been Metal Detector hobbyists for a long time. We have been members of the “The Ring Finders” group as a finder of rings/other metal items. We have multiple types of Metal Detectors and Pin Pointing devices, whether it’s lost in your yard, a park, field or even underwater (up to 25 feet in depth) we can help. We work on a Reward Basis, give us a call and let us see if we can find your missing valuable(s). We have had great success in recovering of some very special items10

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UPDATE! Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE! Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill,TX – Found! 04/2014!

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX – Found! 03/2014!

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IMG_2278 IMG_2182 IMG_2211 IMG_2209 IMG_2172 IMG_2171 IMG_1632 IMG_1495 photo 1 IMG_1732 IMG_1731 IMG_1476 IMG_1193 IMG_1262 IMG_1192 Shannon's Husband's Wedding Ring IMG_1091 IMG_0980

We can help you, just give us a call!

Don & Ellen Wilson

You can contact us at

972-523-4447 in Carrollton,TX

Silver Ring Lost in Naples , FL Found & Returned to Owner

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

On Sunday, July 5, 2015 we received a call from Kelly Sullivan asking for our help in finding a ring she lost in the warm Gulf waters off the coast of Lowdermilk Park in Naples.  She had been swimming the night before at low tide, so we made arrangements to meet her later in the evening at low tide.

Upon arrival, Kelly explained that the ring had extreme sentimental value to her and would mean so much to her to get it back.  With thunder and lightning in the near distance, we knew we had a short window of opportunity to find the ring.

Kelly, my wife and myself all headed out into the water to begin the search.  Kelly directed us to the general area where she thought the ring would be.  My wife and I split up into different areas and began our search.  Within about 15 -20 minutes, my wife pulled up a ring in the scoop. An ecstatic Kelly verified that it indeed was her ring.  We quickly exited the water as the thunderstorm was upon us.

We are so happy we could bring some joy back to Kelly by reuniting her and the ring!
image image

Newspaper Article – Couple Relieved Ring is Found – Devil’s Lake State Park

from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-608-492-1070

Another publication in a local paper, the Watertown Daily Times.   They wrote up a nice article about our Devil’s Lake Search.  Click on the link below for the complete article.


Watertown Daily Times Article Thumnail

Engagement Ring found in Johnsonville, Wellington, NZ

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990
Lubna reunited with her engagement ring

Lubna reunited with her engagement ring

Lubna was a bit embarrassed when she rang me as she had thrown her engagement ring into the neighbour’s garden which was heavily overgrown with weeds and bushes. Of course she regretted it straight away but even after clearing away most of the weeds her family could not find it.

It is winter, here, and as soon as I arrived at the property it started to rain and I only had a short time before it would be dark.  The area to be searched was very small but with so much foliage and rubbish I resorted to getting down on my hands and knees with my handheld pinpointer.

An hour later, with a pouch full of rubbish, I had finished the most probable area without success and had to extend the boundary.

A couple more bits of rubbish and then while pointing at the base of a small tree yet another signal.  As I cleared away the debris Lubna’s beautiful white gold and diamond encrusted ring finally revealed itself.

It looks like it has bounced sideways off one of the trees and then slipped down to the bottom of another tree.

Sorry for the bad photo but is was dark by the time I took this

Sorry for the bad photo but it was dark by the time I took this

The smile says it all.

This was after I cleared away the weeds and rubbish

This was after I cleared away the weeds and rubbish