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To The Moon…Ocean and Return of Lost Ring from Cape Cod Bay

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)




From the Hand to Sand and Sea and then “To The Moon…” and the dogs; A Cape Cod Ring Return

While enjoying my Caribbean vacation, I received an e-mail a request for help in finding a lost wedding band on Cape Cod. I just could not leave the tropical island for another week. So I offered up two other detectorists that could do a search. They went twice in the next couple of days, with no success. I returned home and a week later the tides were right for another search. An hour and a half later this lovely ring with a unique inscription of “to the moon…” was in my scoop. The day I found the To The Moon ring was the day the Appalo 11 landed on the Moon with Neal and Buzz. Janice’s husband has a tatoo of the Earth as seen from the Moon and the Moon was full. The ring was given to Janice’s parents who told many details of the ring’s meaning.
As a Thank You, a donation was made to the Yarmouth Police K-9 Fund.
What a wonderful time I had when I returned from my vacation with a tan and smiles all around.

Last Minute Ring Return by Ring Finder

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)


I Lost Sunglasses, Found Ring, Exchanged Ring for Sunglasses

I was having a great swim in the vacation resort’s pool, when my sunglasses came off my neck. While searching for the sunglasses I found a wedding band. When I surfaced, I was told my glasses had been found and were on the upper bar. I went to trade the ring for the sunglasses but before I could ask the barmaid she started a rant about the ring. It seems the owner was having his last meal at the resort and was leaving in a few minutes. The ring’s owner came from the resturant, the ring was returned, photos taken and best wishes for the couple who had been married less than on month. In the excitement I almost forgot to retrieve my sunglasses from the bar counter. Strange thing but the man’s name was Scott and the barmaid’s last name was Scott also. All things happen for a reason.

Lost Engagement Ring in Myrtle Beach, Found! Who’s On First?

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Tuesday morning, I was surfing the net and noticed a CL listing of a lost engagement ring in North Myrtle Beach. I called Jim Wren (TRF North Myrtle Beach).  I told Jim about the posting and he should look into it. The young lady was asking for help.  Jim told me he just got an email about a ring in NMB. As we talked we realized this was the same ring. Jim told me that he could not find the motel name in NMB, but there was one in Myrtle Beach. Jim waited for a phone call from Mandy, the young lady with the lost ring, for more details. Jim called me back and said it was lost in Myrtle and that I should take the search. Jim was the TRF contact so we left it at that and did the search together.

Mandy’s ring was lost at high tide four days ago, as she stood knee deep in a pounding shore break. A wave sent her for a loop. As she picked herself up she realized her ring was gone. With our area of description identified we began our search. Jim and I were each searching our own 30 x 50 yard grid as the tide was rising and eating beach area. It began to pour rain as we began. I brought a rain coat and hat but Jim did not. I passed a soaked Jim as I leap-frogged his grid and started another to his south. Jim leap-frogged me again, south. Jim was certain that the ring was not in the two hundred yards of beach that we covered, so north he went. Jim started working his north grid high on the slope. I was following behind Jim on the water line to where Jim worked his northern area. Concerned we were losing beach to the tide I stayed low on the beach and worked the water’s edge into shin deep water. About fifty paces into our northern area I got a nice signal on my CTX 30-30. I waited for the shore break waves to stop pounding the signal area and sent the scoop to the target. As I rinsed the scoop with the next wave, I could see the ring in the scoop. I nodded to Jim as I walked to dry sand. Did I say dry sand. Jim and I smiled and did “The Ring Dance” as we were soaked to the bone.Jim and I had both skipped lunch to do this search. Hungry, cold and wet we walked to a beachfront grill to find a dry area and something to eat.

Now, Jim and I have a running bet as to who finds the most TRF recoveries each year. This begs the question, how to figure this hunt into our scoreboard. Do we each get half, each one, me one, or Jim one? “Who’s On First?” I guess we will figure it out like gentlemen. The most important thing is that Mandy will have her engagement ring back on her finger when she says her vows next week. Jim is sending the ring back to a very happy young lady.

Mandy and James, You have started your marriage with luck on your side… All the best in the future.

Jim, you are a tenacious TRF recovery master. All the best to you as well.

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Newspaper Article – Couple Relieved Ring is Found – Devil’s Lake State Park

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Another publication in a local paper, the Watertown Daily Times.   They wrote up a nice article about our Devil’s Lake Search.  Click on the link below for the complete article.


Watertown Daily Times Article Thumnail

Engagement Ring found in Johnsonville, Wellington, NZ

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)
Lubna reunited with her engagement ring

Lubna reunited with her engagement ring

Lubna was a bit embarrassed when she rang me as she had thrown her engagement ring into the neighbour’s garden which was heavily overgrown with weeds and bushes. Of course she regretted it straight away but even after clearing away most of the weeds her family could not find it.

It is winter, here, and as soon as I arrived at the property it started to rain and I only had a short time before it would be dark.  The area to be searched was very small but with so much foliage and rubbish I resorted to getting down on my hands and knees with my handheld pinpointer.

An hour later, with a pouch full of rubbish, I had finished the most probable area without success and had to extend the boundary.

A couple more bits of rubbish and then while pointing at the base of a small tree yet another signal.  As I cleared away the debris Lubna’s beautiful white gold and diamond encrusted ring finally revealed itself.

It looks like it has bounced sideways off one of the trees and then slipped down to the bottom of another tree.

Sorry for the bad photo but is was dark by the time I took this

Sorry for the bad photo but it was dark by the time I took this

The smile says it all.

This was after I cleared away the weeds and rubbish

This was after I cleared away the weeds and rubbish

Lost Ring Pasadena, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

 Lost Ring Pasedena, Texas (Recovered)

 I received a call Wednesday from Jennifer who had located me on she was looking for someone to help her find her mother’s lost wedding ring.

Jennifer reported her mother Barbara had lost her ring in the front yard of her residence while tending to the front lawn and flower beds. Jennifer said her mother was pretty sure she lost her wedding ring of 20 years while working in the yard today.

I asked Jennifer a few more questions about the area to be searched and recommended she tell her mom not to mow the front lawn.

Final arrangements were discussed and plans were made for Friday morning.

Jennifer called me back a few minutes after our conversation ended; reportin her mother’s lawn service had  cut the grass Wednesday afternoon. I told Jennifer we will hope for the best, and if the ring is in the yard I would find it.

I made the trip out to Pasadena this morning and meet with Barbara and was shown the areas in the yard where she believed she may have lost her ring.

Barbara returned inside of her residence while I searched the front yard and flower beds. About 15 minutes in, a good solid signal with a depth rate of one inch, I knew I was on the ring.

I packed up my gear and knocked on the front door a few minutes later. Barbara called out, come on in. As I made my way to the living area of the house I heard Barbara say “you couldn’t find it”?

I held out my hand and presented Barbara her missing wedding ring which resulted in some big hugs and smiles.









































John Volek


Equipment Used:

Minelab CTX3030

White’s TRX Pinpointer

 The TRX is looking really good performance wise and performed well on its first field use.

Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set Raking Leaves in Backyard, in Cedar Hill,Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1494 IMG_1495

We received a call from Christine about 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  She got our name and number from a friend she had told that she had lost her wedding set of 3 rings.

Christine lives on about a acre of land, she had gone out to the back of the property to help her husband bag up some leaves that he had been raking together.  They worked together for about a hour and finished up and carried the bags of leaves up to the garage about a half acre away.   That was when she realized that her Wedding Set (3 rings) was missing.  In a panic, she and her husband looked all over the yard, they dumped the leaf bags out but did not see anything.  They spent several hours looking with no luck.   Later in the day while talking with her friend, she told her about the lost rings.  Her friend said, wait a minute I heard about this website of people who find rings.  She Googled and found “The Ring Finders” website and called Christine back and gave her our number.

It was about 3pm when Christine called and she lived 41 miles from us.  I told her we would be there in about and hour & a half.  We needed to hurry as I was concerned it would get dark and it was already quite cold, and the darkness would only make it colder.   We arrived and got our 2 Garrett AT Pros and Pinpointers out then Christine walked us to the back of the acre of property.  She showed us all the places she walked and was helping her husband with the leaves.   Ellen and I chatted about what area we would grid off visually and began to detect.   Within 10 minutes I hear Ellen say “Here’s One”,  I joined her as we looked through about 4-6 inches of leaves in a pile but nothing else rang up on the detectors.   I told Ellen to keep looking and I ask Christine to show me the bags of leaves, my thinking was that if one ring was in the pile of leaves that they had been bagging then it was likely the other rings would be in the bags of leaves near the garage.   I began to scan the full plastic bags of leaves with my detector and got 3 very light hits.   I kept scanning but nothing else hit so I backed up to the bag with something metal inside.   I tore a small hole in the bag and began to stick my Pinpointer into the bag.  As I got a signal, I used my hand to begin pulling out whatever the metal was.  1st hit was piece of wire, the second was a metal screw and the 3rd hit I could not see it.  Finally I saw a glint of Gold in the bag.  I began to smile but had to fight the leaves to find it, and finally the smallest of the 3 rings rings was found.   Christine was standing right beside me and could not believe I found it.  Now the only ring missing was the most expensive, the diamond solitaire with several small diamonds around the band.   After determining that nothing else was in the 4-5 bags of leaves, I walked back to the rear of the property and told Ellen that I had found one but that one was still missing.  She had been working out visual grid and I went back and started back over the grid working the opposite direction.   I made several passes checking every 2inch or less hit that I got regardless of the type of signal.  Then I got a shaky 44-46 hit that was very weak,  as I was checking everything I almost kept going but thank goodness I did not.  I reached down and moved the leaves and grass and there it was, the diamond solitaire twinkled at me.  I reached down and picked it up and ask Christine, “Would this make you Happy!”  She and her husband were so excited and grateful.  It is so much fun to see the reaction of our customers when we are successful.

So 3 rings, 1 in the leaf pile, 1 in a trash bag a 1/2 acre away and one in the grass 5-6 feet away from the 1st one.

Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Dallas/Ft Worth

Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

About two weekends ago, I received an email  from a guy that has lost his wedding band. Over the weekend as he was raking and putting leave in trash bags. As he notice that his ring was missing.  He has been looking for the ring since. Dumping the bags full of leaves and searching though them with his bare hands. After a few emails, a search date was set. I show up and started my search, after about a hour the ring was found in one the the many piles from dumping the bags. He was very happy to have the ring back.


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Columbus, OH. “FOUND”


Ring lost in La Jolla Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

This is another long distance find. Portia called me and said her husband Chris probably lost his wedding ring at a beach resort in La Jolla. The location was on private property so they had to arrange for me to do a search there. They were visiting from Colorado and had already returned home when they contacted me so they couldn’t show me the location in person but they were able to e-mail me a map with the likely area noted. So with my trusty “treasure” map and a contact name at the resort, I headed down the the beach with my E-trac. After meeting the resort person and telling him my plan, I headed over to the search area and started a grid pattern. Since I was searching for a stainless ring, I didn’t leave anything to chance on signals…..and there were a ton of them! I dug everything that made a repeatable sound. Seems nobody has detected that area for quite some time as there were target everywhere! After about an hour or so, moving a few beach chairs,  and over 40 targets, I got another one that didn’t fit any common target I.D. Success! It matched the description so my day was done. I gave them the fun call and made arrangements to mail the ring to them. It’s up to the USPS to finish the reunion now! Thanks for calling me and hopefully when you vistit here again, we’ll get a chance to meet.


Lost my Texas Aggie College Ring while Toilet Papering a friend’s home!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1541     photo 1      photo 2

We got a email from a young man who on Saturday evening was having some innocent fun with friends and lost his Texas Aggie College Ring.   I responded quickly to the email and called the man and we chatted about where the ring was lost, what kind of ring it was, and the address where the ring was lost.   He told me that Saturday evening he had been playing football in the front yard of a friend’s  home and his ring flew off and he could not find it in the thick grass.

We set a time for us come out, this was 3 days after he lost the ring.  He was there to meet us.  I ask him to show us where he was standing and how he threw the football.  He looked at us and said well the truth is we were here “Toilet Papering” my friends home and then he pointed up!  We looked up and the trees still had toilet paper waving around.  I told him I thought it was great he could have that kind of fun, we had a nice laugh and began to search.  It did not take long before Ellen hollered “Is This Your Ring!”,  he jogged over to where she was and was so excited.  Ellen is 2 for 2 on our last hunts! It is so great to be able to enjoy this hobby with my spouse of 39 years.

Another successful hunt for The Ring Finders!

Don & Ellen Wilson – The Dallas Ring Finders!