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Lost Ring Recovered In Eagle River, Wisconsin

  • from Wausau (Wisconsin, United States)

An Eagle River, WI man lost his wedding band while diving in at a local beach.  He found theringfinders.com, and now his ring has been returned.  It toll about 40 minutes to find with SCUBA gear, but with perseverance it has been put back on his finger.  Where is belongs.

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Lost Engagement ring Port elgin Ontario

Woke up this morning to a call from a lady who is getting married next weekend. While swimming in port elgin beach the night before she came to shore and noticed her engagement ring was no longer on her finger and had to be sitting in the bottom of the beach somewhere. They searched for hours with the help of many others to come out empty handed. When she got home they googled something similar to “How to find a lost ring” and managed to find this directory.

Don of cherished finds was already in the area so he began the search right away and with the help of his wife found the ring within a couple hours!

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Found lost Wedding Ring East Spokane

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)


The weeds were at it again. This time a hard working gardener was trying to be wise while tending to her garden beds and took off her rings. After placing them in her pants pocket the inevitable had begun. She remembered taking  her fit bit out of her pocket but not the rings. So the next morning when she saw that her rings were not on, she looked in her pants but only found her engagement ring. Two days of searching went by with no sign of the ring. She even rented a metal detector and tried looking for the ring, with no instructions  from the rental company.  Then on Google with a few key phrases Diane found me through my Craigslist post. I showed up that Sunday afternoon with a confidence that her back yard was hiding something from her. I swung over the area where she took out her fit bit without finding the ring, so I decided to grid the whole back yard. It took two grid lines to get me near the ring. Then my V3i detector screamed at me. I looked down in the grass as I pinpointed and saw the golden rim of her ring. It is so much fun to be out there trying to find lost items. This was the first ring find of the summer for me and I’m glad Diane has her 32 year old wedding ring back on her hand.

the reaction

the reaction



Lost platinum ring found 

My little sorex pro is definitely my workhorse detector.
A couple called me this morning after the husband lost his wedding ring while lobbing a rugby ball about in a campsite. The problem was time, as later that day a whole crowd of triathletes would be descending on the site to camp for the nignt.
After a fair few bottle caps and about £8 in coins I located the ring, it was quite a hefty ring that was made from a lump of platinum supplied by the husband which his jeweller aunt turned into a ring for him. Very pleased to make them smile.



Lost Wedding Ring Found In Myrtle Beach!

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a phone message from Victoria on Tuesday morning, May 3rd. I returned her phone call and introduced myself as The Ring Finder representative she had phoned. Immediately I could hear her voice crack with emotion as she described losing her yellow gold wedding band with several diamonds mounted throughout the band and a four diamond square post mount, top center. Victoria and husband Twuan were enjoying the beach Monday afternoon around high tide when Victoria went to the surf’s edge to wash off her hands. She felt the ring slip from here finger in shin deep water. She and Twuan dug and search for awhile and gave in to the realization that the ring was lost forever. The one year married couple were very upset, so much so, that they went home early and left the area.

I assured Victoria that I could find that ring and that she was only allowed to cry when I gave it back to her. My wife Sunny joined me that afternoon with her detector. We grid searched the described area for nearly 3 hours. I was sure the ring would be found on the upper slope of the beach. We were not successful as the tide continued to rise. I went back that night after the tide change for a couple more hours to no avail. I noticed that the tide had brought in a large amount of sand. This had me worried. I returned to the area, at low tide, again on Wednesday. I worked a low tide grid and a southward grid for two more hours. I left empty handed again as I notice even more sand on the beach. I called Jim Brouwer (Gold Beneath The Waves) that night to ask if anybody in the Grand Strand Treasure Hunters was bragging about a great find on the south end of Myrtle Beach. Jim put out a few feelers to check and his answer was no! Jim hunts the beach just about everyday, so he was very cognizant of the building sand and asked if I needed some help. I told Jim that I was going to search low tide the next day (Thurs.). I told Jim that I exhausted the grid area in front of the Hotel and that the only way to go with a new grid was North. I explained to Jim that I had searched north to a drainage pipe in the sand, and that we should start there.

I was on my way to the beach Thursday, about five minutes away, when I got a phone call from Jim exclaiming that he found the ring. He had gotten there early and had started north and was only about 15 feet north of the pipe and got the signal he was looking for on his CTX 30-30. Jim gave me the ring and I was excited to call Victoria as she had been checking in with me every time I searched. With each passing conversation I could tell she was losing hope. She was in such disbelief that we actually found the ring that she asked me to send her a picture of it. I sent it with the tag “Miracles Happen”. I drove the two hours to Sumter, SC. on Friday to return Victoria’s ring. The big beautiful smile tells the rest.

Victoria and Twuan, thank you so much for the very generous reward. Jim expresses great thanks as well. 15% will be donated to “The Road Runners” of The Shrine Children’s Hospital.  If you get to the beach anytime soon, look us up.

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Lost Man’s Gold Ring in Westerville, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call  about a lost ring he lost a year ago in the front yard while during some landscaping. As he was pulling off his glove, there went the ring flying, not to be seen again. The ring has more sentimental valve because his grandmother took her own jewelry to make his grandfather father gold ring which is pictured. The whole family was happy that I was able to find the ring.


Lost Man’s Gold Ring in Westerville, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Gold Ring in Westerville, OH. “FOUND”


Lost Man’s Gold Ring in Westerville, OH. “FOUND”





Lost Wedding Band in Lafayette Louisiana – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

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We received a call from Kevin on January 3, 2016, Sunday evening. He had lost his wedding ring while taking Christmas lights down. The ring was very large and has 5 diamonds in it. Kevin was upset about the loss, but even more so because the diamonds were from him Mom. Kevin lives only about 6 miles away, but it was late so we made plans for Monday morning. Sid and Kevin both had to work, but Carrie met up with Kevin’s wife Kathryn to start the hunt. Kathryn showed me where the lights had been and the area where Kevin had rolled up and boxed the lights. Kevin had also blown the leaves in the yard and around the sidewalk and driveway area. The search area may need to be expanded. Our son James was off work so he said he would help. James has never used a metal detector before. After talking with Kathryn, I set James up with Sid’s detector and pin pointer to work around the driveway area. I went hunt in the front yard. I was checking the flower bed around where the lights had been in the bushes, but decided to check the yard area where he rolled up the lights first. Then would come back to the flower beds. Well, I turned around, took about one step and there I heard it, the sound of gold! I looked down and there it was laying on top of the grass, in plain sight. Only took a couple of minutes to end the search. I knocked on the door, and needless to say Kathryn was shocked that it was found so quickly!

Thanks to Kathryn and Kevin for the nice reward.

PS: James found his first pull tab!

Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Back Yard While Playing With A Dog, In West Edmonton.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1069  IMG_1068

Peter called me yesterday to ask me if I could help him find his wedding ring.  He lost it in the back yard the previous evening while playing with his    dog.  He had fallen in the snow and felt his ring slip off his finger. Peter and his wife spent a couple of hours raking and pouring hot water to melt the snow but had no luck finding the ring.

I met up with Peter in his back yard and he showed me where he thought his ring should be. I searched that area as will as the surrounding area with no luck, only to find a bunch of roofing nails.   I stood back and analyzed the area where Peter fell and thought it either had to be in the neighbors yard or along the fence line.  I took out my pin pointer and searched along the bottom of the fence dragging my pin pointer underneath the boards and out popped the ring.

Another happy client, Thank you Peter for the generous reward.


Lost Mans Palladium Wedding Band – Found Surfside Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I noticed a Craig’s List posting, Sept. 25th, for a lost silver wedding band, “has inscription”, on the beach off of 15th Ave. North in Surfside Beach, SC.. I took mental note of this posting. I try to honor the “No Solicitation” tags on Craig’s List postings, but since it gave a location I figured I would look for this ring on my next outing. The first weekend of October, for the residents of South Carolina saw a four day rain event that has been classified a one in one thousand years. To put it bluntly, “We took a soaking”. Friday night was the end of a very stressful two weeks. Come Hell or High Water (literally) I was going metal detecting. My wife thought I was crazy as I put on my foul weather gear and told her I was heading for the beach. I knew the storm would be moving sand around on the beach and I felt it could be a great opportunity for many successful recoveries. I dug many targets that night but not the “silver” ring I was searching for. Saturday I returned in foul weather gear again. I searched this area again with no luck for the ring in question. I moved down the beach about ten blocks to search for a diamond pendant that I new was lost a couple weeks earlier. This was also unsuccessful. Sundays low tide revealed that the ocean had returned much of the eroded sand onto the mid beach area. I couldn’t even find a pull tab as the beach had two feet of sand pushed up on the middle beach.

Fast forward a few weeks to October 24th. I asked my loving bride of 31 years if she would like to join me on the beach, for a couple hours, for some R & R (Reading & Recoveries). She joined me with her book and chair as we returned to the 15th Ave. area. Sand had been stripped from the beach over the last couple weeks and I was feeling good. I asked her to rub her left earlobe and wish me luck. She read, I searched. After a couple hours she was cold and said she was going back to the truck. She told me not to hurry . She was gone for only ten minutes when I got a beautiful low tone on my CTX 30-30. Only three inches in the sand was a beautiful 8mm palladium wedding band. It’s not a silver ring, but I will take it. I did the “Ring Dance” for myself. This palladium ring did have an inscription. “forever”.

After returning home I looked up the CL listing again to confirm it read “Silver”. I couldn’t get the inscription out of my head. I also thought about palladium being “silver” in color, and it does have an inscription? I decided that I would email this CL posting and tell him that I may have his ring and to contact me. Chris emailed me back on Sunday with a phone number. I returned Chris’ phone call Monday morning. Chris gave me all the right answers as to the description of his lost palladium wedding band. Chris was amazed that I found it as he told me that at least two other detectorists had made effort for this lost ring. One of them he even paid for his failed attempt as he charged an hourly rate to do the search. Given that the posting had a location to the loss I’m sure there were many others to attempt to find this ring. You can’t beat the CTX 30-30 in salt sand. Chris was in astonished disbelief as it dawned on him that he would be getting back the wedding band that his wife Sarah placed on his finger on their wedding day just over a year. He told me that he might surprise her and place it into her glass of white wine when it arrives in the mail at his home in North Carolina. Don’t forget to do “the Ring Dance”.

Chris, your ring has a story attached to it. I’m glad that I was able to help you continue that story… Hopefully “forever”!


IMG_2662  ring

Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned at Sunset Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I saw and responded to a posting on Craigslist about a Man’s lost wedding band. Not hearing anything back and having some spare time I decided to go ahead and conduct a couple of searches hoping I’d find it to return. Two days later I received an e-mail from Aimee saying her and her husband Steven would love my help. After exchanging e-mails and her telling me that Steven had been skim boarding in a 2 block area instead of the smaller area described in the CL posting I knew I’d need some help.

I contacted my son-in-law Donnie, who had helped me on a few other searches, and asked him if he wanted to help me again. About 3 hours later we were on the beach to catch the 2am low tide. I sent him south to cover one block while I headed north to cover the second block. Because of the full moon and the higher than normal tides my calculations of the general area of the beach the ring should have been were off by a number of yards. After a little more than 2 hours of searching Donnie started waving his flashlight to get me attention. I walked the block to catch up to him and I asked him if he’d found it. His response was “I think so” and handed me the ring. Bingo we had a match between the ring in hand and the picture of the ring in the CL post.

I contacted Aimee this morning and she couldn’t have been more excited that Steven’s ring had been found after being lost for 5 days in the sand. Luckily they were still in the area so I took the ring to them.

You can tell by the smiles on their faces that they’re one happy couple.

Steven and Aimee – thank you for trusting me to find and return your lost treasure. Good luck in your future endeavors.

A special thanks to Donnie for his help once again – he’s turning into one great partner!

Steve and Aimee LathSteve Lath's Ring

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