Ring lost in La Jolla Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

This is another long distance find. Portia called me and said her husband Chris probably lost his wedding ring at a beach resort in La Jolla. The location was on private property so they had to arrange for me to do a search there. They were visiting from Colorado and had already returned home when they contacted me so they couldn’t show me the location in person but they were able to e-mail me a map with the likely area noted. So with my trusty “treasure” map and a contact name at the resort, I headed down the the beach with my E-trac. After meeting the resort person and telling him my plan, I headed over to the search area and started a grid pattern. Since I was searching for a stainless ring, I didn’t leave anything to chance on signals…..and there were a ton of them! I dug everything that made a repeatable sound. Seems nobody has detected that area for quite some time as there were target everywhere! After about an hour or so, moving a few beach chairs,  and over 40 targets, I got another one that didn’t fit any common target I.D. Success! It matched the description so my day was done. I gave them the fun call and made arrangements to mail the ring to them. It’s up to the USPS to finish the reunion now! Thanks for calling me and hopefully when you vistit here again, we’ll get a chance to meet.


3 Replies to “Ring lost in La Jolla Found”

  1. Mark, was this a stainless ring (“Since I was searching for a stainless ring”)? Looks more like gold..The stainless rings that I have found (and I have found several) were all silver colored.. Also, it is surprising that someone would have you search (long distance)for a stainless rings as they are inexpensive… Good search and find.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Yes, it’s stainless. It’s just my bad lighting for the photo that makes it look gold. It’s a wedding ring so the value is in that.

  3. Portia says:

    Still in shock that Chris’ wedding ring was found after almost 3 weeks in the sand. We were not 100% sure that he lost it on the beach that day but the odds were good. And, we did know the area where it could be if in fact it was in the sand. When I contacted Mark he was confident that if it was there he could find it. Thank you so much Mark! Happy ending to a great story. We hope to make it back to La Jolla and meet you in person some day. Portia

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