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Class Ring found after 40 years, Elkhorn Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

We received a phone call from Mark asking if we would be interested in looking for a class ring that was lost in 1976.  It was lost on the family farm while throwing tires away from an outbuilding that was on fire.

Challenge Accepted!

The farm is actually one we have driven by numerous times, the LP tank is painted like a large watermelon.   Mark walked us to the area where he thought the building stood at the time.  When you’re looking at a large general area, I’ve found it beneficial to set up a grid of string to make sure we cover every inch.

Most people are very interested at first when you start finding targets.  Once they realize how much  trashy metal is in the ground the anticipation quickly subsides.  I would call him over when we found more interesting bits of twisted metal.

Once we started digging melted chunks of aluminum we knew were in the right spot.  We moved our grid out a little further.  It was probably 10 minutes after we moved, when I came across a good signal.   I dug down about 3 inches and out popped his ring.  I looked up and noticed Mark was over by his truck talking on his phone.  I then looked at Rachel, who was intently digging on another target.  I managed to get her attention and whispered, “Rachel I just found his ring.”   She immediately came over to take a look.  In the meantime, Mark also noticed that we were both looking at something.   I called over to him as I had done a couple times previously, “Mark come and take a look at this, it’s kind of interesting.”

The ring, somewhat hidden in a ball of mud, was a bit hard to see at first.  Once he saw it, the emotion swept over him.  I then received the biggest bear hug ever (even bigger then grandma’s.)

Total search time about 2 hours + 40 years.

Last Minute Ring Return by Ring Finder

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)


I Lost Sunglasses, Found Ring, Exchanged Ring for Sunglasses

I was having a great swim in the vacation resort’s pool, when my sunglasses came off my neck. While searching for the sunglasses I found a wedding band. When I surfaced, I was told my glasses had been found and were on the upper bar. I went to trade the ring for the sunglasses but before I could ask the barmaid she started a rant about the ring. It seems the owner was having his last meal at the resort and was leaving in a few minutes. The ring’s owner came from the resturant, the ring was returned, photos taken and best wishes for the couple who had been married less than on month. In the excitement I almost forgot to retrieve my sunglasses from the bar counter. Strange thing but the man’s name was Scott and the barmaid’s last name was Scott also. All things happen for a reason.