To The Moon...Ocean and Return of Lost Ring from Cape Cod Bay

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)




From the Hand to Sand and Sea and then “To The Moon…” and the dogs; A Cape Cod Ring Return

While enjoying my Caribbean vacation, I received an e-mail a request for help in finding a lost wedding band on Cape Cod. I just could not leave the tropical island for another week. So I offered up two other detectorists that could do a search. They went twice in the next couple of days, with no success. I returned home and a week later the tides were right for another search. An hour and a half later this lovely ring with a unique inscription of “to the moon…” was in my scoop. The day I found the To The Moon ring was the day the Appalo 11 landed on the Moon with Neal and Buzz. Janice’s husband has a tatoo of the Earth as seen from the Moon and the Moon was full. The ring was given to Janice’s parents who told many details of the ring’s meaning.
As a Thank You, a donation was made to the Yarmouth Police K-9 Fund.
What a wonderful time I had when I returned from my vacation with a tan and smiles all around.

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