Lost Ring Pasadena, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

 Lost Ring Pasedena, Texas (Recovered)

 I received a call Wednesday from Jennifer who had located me on www.theringfinders.com she was looking for someone to help her find her mother’s lost wedding ring.

Jennifer reported her mother Barbara had lost her ring in the front yard of her residence while tending to the front lawn and flower beds. Jennifer said her mother was pretty sure she lost her wedding ring of 20 years while working in the yard today.

I asked Jennifer a few more questions about the area to be searched and recommended she tell her mom not to mow the front lawn.

Final arrangements were discussed and plans were made for Friday morning.

Jennifer called me back a few minutes after our conversation ended; reportin her mother’s lawn service had  cut the grass Wednesday afternoon. I told Jennifer we will hope for the best, and if the ring is in the yard I would find it.

I made the trip out to Pasadena this morning and meet with Barbara and was shown the areas in the yard where she believed she may have lost her ring.

Barbara returned inside of her residence while I searched the front yard and flower beds. About 15 minutes in, a good solid signal with a depth rate of one inch, I knew I was on the ring.

I packed up my gear and knocked on the front door a few minutes later. Barbara called out, come on in. As I made my way to the living area of the house I heard Barbara say “you couldn’t find it”?

I held out my hand and presented Barbara her missing wedding ring which resulted in some big hugs and smiles.









































John Volek



Equipment Used:

Minelab CTX3030

White’s TRX Pinpointer

 The TRX is looking really good performance wise and performed well on its first field use.

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  1. Good find, John… Glad the TRX worked well.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice job ..!!! That’s one happy lady.

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Great Recovery John! I love the searches where the person thinks you didn’t find it and you surprise them with the goods…Best, Chris

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