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Platinum 950 Wedding Ring Lost At Jackfish Lake! Village Of Meota, Saskatchewan.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Evrhetton called me on July 9th requesting my service to find his wedding band in Jackfish Lake!
After asking Evrhetton a few questions, he was certain of the location where his ring fell off in the water. He sent me a picture of the area with a marker of the approximate area where the ring could be.
The Village of Meota Saskatchewan is approximately 400km east of Edmonton and a 4 hour drive for me! Again after asking a few more questions I agreed to do a recovery search for his ring but unfortunately Evrhetton was not able to be there due to work commitments which made the search more difficult for me. I agreed to head out early on Monday morning, the 19th July.
Arriving in Meota around 9:30 am I found the lake calm and had a good feeling about this recovery search. Once the markers were set up I began my search. After 3.5 hours and reviewing the pictures Evrhetton sent me, I called Evrhetton and had him talk me through to the exact location. He said he was beside a sea doo and dove to catch a football and that’s where he was certain his ring came off, or 20 feet to the right of the sea doo. After taking a break and re-evaluating the situation I thought that the ring was possibly further out due to its size and weight. I also determined that by throwing the football with force it was quite possible that the ring had flown further out.
I again rearranged my markers further out into the lake. After a six hour search I received a sweet tone in my ears and said to myself “YES, this has to be the ring! I scooped it up and yes I had a ring! After checking the inscription on the ring 07/27/2019, it was indeed the ring that I was looking for. I met up with Evrhetton today in Edmonton and on his second anniversary 07/27/2021.  He was very grateful I that was able to find his ring and once again his ring is back where it belongs, on his finger. Thank you Evrhetton for giving me the challenge of finding your ring.

Another Happy Client!

Diamond and platinum Wedding band lost at Lauderdale by the sea , Florida… found..

  • from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)

I got a call from a woman in distress from lauderdale by the sea beach. She said that she lost her wedding platinum  wedding band in the sand . I rushed to meet her there . after about 10 minutes searching I found her ring she was so completely happy that I was able to find her ring.



Platinum wedding band lost at Deerfield Beach Florida… found..

  • from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)

Platinum wedding band lost at Deerfield Beach Florida… found..


I got a call from a man on Saturday morning. He lost a Platinum wedding band . I rushed to go meet him at deerfield beach after searching for hours I was able to recover it ..He was so happy to receive his wedding band back.

Bob’s Lost Platinum Wedding Band, Nortgate Seattle (2016)

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Man looses platinum wedding band while playing soccer with his son when ring flies off his finger into the yard. He tried using a rented metal detector but without having prior experience was unable to locate the ring.

Very happy to have recovered the ring for Bob!

Jeff Morgan


Call me today M: 206-618-8194

Wedding band lost in Littleton yard recovered

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom was out doing yard work patching bare spots and adding soil when he noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. He spent some time searching for the ring with a metal detector that he had but due to lack of experience with finding rings he had no luck. He called me while I was out of state and we set an appointment for me to do a search when I returned to town Saturday morning.
Saturday morning came around and I arrived for my search. Tom showed me the yard and the areas had worked in. There was metal yard edging that was along the whole area of my search so I knew that it would be a bit more difficult of a search. I grabbed my CTX and began my search after just a few minutes search Tom’s ring was revealed from its hiding spot in the fresh soil.

Ring Recovered 6-3-2017

Lost Platinum Diamond Ring! Grandview Heights, Edmonton. Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Received a call from Erica around 12:15 this afternoon she sounded very distraught, Erica asked me if it was possible for me to find her platinum diamond ring she just lost this morning while planting her garden I told her I would be there within the hour.

I meet Erica and her husband Jim at their home, Erica immediately showed me where she was working and planting shrubs in the back yard after checking the yard for clues as to where the ring could possibly be I scanned her flower beds and shrubs, with a corner of my eye I spotted her ring laying in the grass beside one of her shrub she just planted.

I called Erica over and asked her is this your ring?  I can tell you she was one happy Lady she told me the ring has never been off her finger for the past 15 years until today.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Erica and Jim for allowing me to find your lost ring.


Lost Mens Wedding Band At Gordons Pond State Park In Rehoboth Beach, Del.- Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

image1 (1)On 05/24/15, I received a text message from a gentleman requesting my help in finding his lost platinum wedding band at Gordons Pond State Park in Rehoboth Beach, Del. I then called him to learn the circumstances regarding how he had lost his ring. The gentleman said that he and his wife had been sitting in the sand on the beach at the state park as he stood up he went to brush the sand off of his pants his wedding band flew off his finger and landed in the sand behind him where it disappeared. I told the gentleman that I would meet him the very next morning so that I could assist him in finding his lost ring. After meeting at a shopping center, we drove to the beach to begin the search for the ring. The gentleman’s wife had used her cell phone to take a photo of the sand dune up from the area of the beach where the ring was lost. Using the photograph we were able to locate the area of the lost ring by identifying two small trees and using them as landmarks. After searching the beach for about fifteen minutes the lost ring was recovered and returned to its owner.

Lost Platinum Wedding Band … Laguna Beach, CA. … Found at the Beach in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday  .. May 3, 2014

I was on another ring recovery 58 miles from Laguna Beach when I got a call from a Concierge at the Montage resort. The Concierge at the desk passed the phone off to Joann and I told her I could be there before dark.  I was able to get there before the sunset. Joann and her husband were waiting on the beach in front of where the ring was dropped. I made a few swings with my detector and scooped a nice wedding ring. I let Joann pick it from my scoop, then she said this is not my ring.  I put it in my pocket then  swung the detector a couple more times. The next signal was Joann and Federico’s wedding band. They were elated to have this most important symbol of their marriage back where it belongs.  I reported to the hotel’s security that I had found another ring that I’d like to return to the rightful owner. I am also posting it on Craig’s List Lost and Found.. As of this date it has not been claimed. Below is Federico and Joann’s story.

My husband, Federico Blanco and I met on October 7, 2007. We became boyfriend/girlfriend on March 15, 2008 and got engaged four years later on the same day we met, October 7, 2011. Eight months later we got married on June 10, 2012 and have had a happy and fulfilling relationship.

This was the first time I had ever lost my wedding band. I had asked Federico to hold my rings while I put sunblock on our 8 year-old daughter, Sarah and he forgot he was holding onto my rings (Wedding ring and band). When he stood up he realized the wedding band was gone but managed to hold onto the most expensive ring, the wedding ring! We searched the sand for about 15 minutes before it occurred to me to call someone who had a metal detector. I went to the Montage to ask the concierge who was named Calvin Randle if he knew any staff members who might have a metal detector but no one had one. I asked him to look online if any nearby stores sold one and in the search Stan Ross came up. We decided to give you a call and within seconds you answered and said you would be there within an hour. You showed up 90 minutes later and found my wedding band within 5 minutes or less of looking for it. Thank you again and we hope to see our story on your blog soon.

-Joann Blanco

Joann and Fernando

Joann and Fernando

Platinum wedding band lost in yard Found

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

On Tuesday 11/12/13 I received a call from Rush, who prefers to be called “Jay”, and asked me if I could find his wedding band.  He said he said he lost it on Sunday the 10th in the yard of a buddy of his while playing football.  

He said the yard was fairly large and covered in leaves.  They started raking the leaves around in hopes of finding the ring which he said was platinum.  He said he was frantic and his wife of 3 months was very upset.

They began calling stores to buy or rent a metal detector with no luck, but then Googled and were directed to DeMarco Detector Sales of Millville, NJ.  He called and talked with Joe DeMarco, who provided him with my name and phone number.  Due to conflicting schedules we agreed to meet on Thursday 11/14 (today) at 9;00AM.

 I also spoke with his buddy, the property owner, and obtained his permission to be on his property for the search. I arrived on-time after a 1-1/2 hour trip and I took the opportunity to peruse the yard and take a few pictures of the search area.  When Jay arrived he showed me where they had been tossing the football, goofing around, and even having a friendly wrestling match in the leaves.

He also said one time he jumped up to catch the ball and in his left hand which hit fairly hard while he was near a large patch of thick ivy ground cover.  I set up my grid strategy and got to work, first in an east-west pattern. There were multiple target indications of 2″ or less which I checked with my Garrett Pro-Pointer.I then changed to a north-south pattern.  

I estimated the area as being 100 feet x 50 feet, and finally received tone we all have come to know as “the one”.  Moving the leaves away was the ring; I stopped set my Garrett AT-Pro down, retrieved my camera from my trouser pocket and took the picture you see here.  Jay came walking over with a very somber and concerned look on his face, but it turned into a big smile when I showed him his ring.  He gave me bear-hug and I did see just a slight tearing up and he said how happy his wife will be.  We took some pictures and I even showed him how to work my metal detector and what I listen for.  I think he wants one – Joe!  Thank you Jay for the generous reward and hope to meet you again down the road…!  WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 (2) WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 YARD SEARCH AREA 111413 (3) WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 (3)

The Finder of Lost Rings and Jewelry in the Greater Houston area

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Houston and Surrounding Areas

John Volek / Metal Detecting Specialist

Underwater Metal Detecting Specialist


Home Location

Houston, Texas




Search Locations

State of Texas and beyond


Search Types

I can search virtually any location regardless of the conditions, geography or technical difficulty. Most of the calls for service I receive are for lost personal possessions (jewelry, rings, and bracelets). I have experience in Insurance Forensic Recovery, Insurance Claims, Underwater Recovery and Estate Property Searches to list a few.

In short, if you lost it, I can assist you in finding it.

I maintain a Scuba Diver Certifications through (SSI) Scuba Schools International, placing your lost property with-in reach even when overboard.

I train regularly and use the best equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.

Assistance to any Law Enforcement Agency upon request.


Cost For My Service

For land and shallow water searches I work on a reward basis…That means you pay me what you can afford, and what it’s worth to you, to have your lost item found.

Travel and other incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any Metal Detecting Services.

If the search requires me to dive for your lost ring or property there will be a set fee discussed prior to suiting up.


John Volek’s Bio

I am a certified Texas Law Enforcement Officer of twenty-five years. If you lost something important, I have extensive experience and training in helping people find what they have lost.

“in scientia opportunitas”… In Knowledge, there is Opportunity



The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common places are parks, lakes, beaches and even your own front yard…If you lost your “Ring” or other precious item…We can find it!

We train regularly and use the best Metal Detecting Equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.




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