Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Cloverdale BC...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a 911 emergency call the other morning to help find a lost platinum wedding band that was lost in a persons garden. The young lady wanted the ring found ASAP and unfortunately I was working and had to make her wait till the next day.

She told me that her daughter had thrown the ring in the garden and she was afraid that a bird might find it or a squirrel and the ring would be gone for good. I felt pretty confident if she couldn’t see or find the ring… they couldn’t either.

After talking about the next days search and ensuring her that I will find it, she then told me that she had gotten mad at her husband and tossed his ring in the back yard.

This happens a lot and most people don’t like talking about it, and most times I can’t get a video or a picture because they don’t want to be online showing others what happened and I completely understand.  I have had a couple of people in the past let me do my story in regards to getting mad and throwing the ring and that just shows others we are all human.



The search was an easy one, the ring had been stomped into the dirt near a shrub, that being said the young couple wouldn’t have had a chance to find it as it was already buried an inch or more.

I could tell that they were both happy and I was too! I get to meet some great people and hear the stories about their ring and what it means to them to get it back

I love my job!

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Best, Chris Turner


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