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White gold engagement ring recovered from a Denver area park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Bethany was taking her two children to soccer within her development, she stopped and dropped off her eldest at one park. Having a few minutes before her youngest needed to be at another park she decided to put sun block on both of them and herself. In doing this she had taken off her rings (wedding band and engagement ring) and placed them in the pocket of her shorts.  Bethany  then spent a few minutes running around the soccer pitch with her oldest child and then she hopped back in the car to drop of her youngest at another park just a couple of blocks away. After dropping off her youngest she returned to the original park watched the match from the sidelines. She soon realized that her wedding band was in her pocket but her white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring was missing. She got several of the parents to help her do a visual search after the match but they had no luck. Later that afternoon Bethany and her husband Jeff did another visual search also with no luck. They thought about options and decided that purchasing their own detector wouldn’t be a feasible option. That is when Bethany found my profile on TheRingFinders.com.

Bethany sent me a text inquiring if I would be able to help in the search of her missing ring. After a couple of texts back and forth and then a phone call we had a location and a time to meet. Luckily I had a day off work and Bethany was working from home so within a couple of hours of our first communication we were meeting up and beginning the search. Bethany took me to the closest park and showed me the areas of the park she was in, then we went to the next park and did the same. This last park was the one that she removed the rings to apply the sunblock to her children so it seemed like the proper park to start my search in. Bethany returned home to continue working and left me to do my search. I started doing my systematic grid search of the park and within a half hour I noticed a flash of silver color as my metal detector’s coil passed over the target and sounded off. I reached down and pulled the ring from its grassy hiding spot, snapped a couple of photos and sent Bethany a picture text of her ring. She was at the park a few minutes later and she told me that the text I just sent her was the best text she had ever received.

Ring recovered 6/10/2021


Lost Ring Recovered in Highriver Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I was halfway through my daily bike ride when my phone rang from a number I didn’t recognize.  I stopped pedaling and pulled over to answer my phone and heard a ladies voice asking me, “Do you still find rings for people?”.  I answered yes all the time and she went onto to explain that her daughter had lost her engagement ring in High River, Alberta.  We agreed that I would meet her daughter the next day to conduct a search.  Her daughter Fontanna came on the phone and explained that she had only been engaged for 2 weeks and went out to do some spring cleanup gardening and that she had lost it either in the front or back yard.

I arrived the next day and she came out to greet me send showed me the areas thought it might be.   I started grid searching the front yard then the boulevard next the back yard and nothing but junk iron signals.  I asked if they had retained the garbage bags from the cleanup, as that’s a common hiding place for lost rings. She explained that they had emptied the bags onto the garage floor and searched through them, I asked if I could try with my detector.  On the way in the garage I noticed a bag of garbage leaning against the outside wall and asked about it, Fontanna explained, that it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, it wouldn’t be in there. So I set up my detector to low sensitivity and iron discrimination then tested for rebar placement and tone. Next, I searched the spread out leaf litter and dry grass. I easily located tin foil bottle caps etc. but no ring.   Then I searched the backyard and front yard yet again knowing it had to be somewhere on the property.  Still no luck,

Fontanna’s fiancé came out of the house and asked her if we checked the garbage bag out back she again said she had no reason to believe it was in it.   Since I had nowhere else to search I asked if we could check it anyway.  They agreed and we dumped out the garbage bag and just as Fontanna had said, it was just kitchen scraps and dog waste, a pretty nasty pile of stuff.  I scanned it with me detector and we pulled out metal items foil, a pop can, just the stuff you would expect to be in the garbage bad. I noticed a pair of work gloves and scanned them. I got a strong signal and separated them to discover it was only the left-hand glove that had a signal.  With my pin-pointer probe, I narrowed the signal to the little finger of the glove.  Fontanna’s very patient fiancé took the glove and cut off the end of the finger to reveal the treasured Lost Engagement Ring.  It was smiles all around, another happy customer of the ring Finders.   Thanks for the generous reward Fontanna.


Happy to have Ring recovered


Platinum Ring Recovered in Calgary, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a phone call this morning from Norman, he had lost his Platinum Wedding Band and wanted me to go out and do a search for it. He admitted he really wasn’t sure where he lost it but would like to meet me at his home this evening. We agreed on a time, due to the short winter days it was dark out and cold -12c by the time I arrived there. However, I came prepared with a flashlight, Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector, Garret Pro Pointer and warm clothing. When I knocked on the door Norman answered immediately, he had obviously been waiting anxiously for me to arrive so that we could start the search. He explained again how the ring could be on his front drive or where he parked his car on the street or the Light Rail Transit Parking Lot or at work. Since we are already at his home that’s where we started. I gridded the front driveway and only got signals from the re-bar under the cement, but since I had set up the machine to sound clearly on Platinum or high carat gold I easily discarded those signals. After about 10 minutes the driveway was done with no sign of the ring and so I concentrated on the public sidewalk between where Norman’s car was parked on the road and the property, while Norman went through the interior of the car searching it with a flashlight in hopes it may be inside. Still no luck, I asked Norman to move his car so that I could access the area underneath and around, you see, cars are mostly metal so they sound off loudly and mask any other metals close by. Once the car had been moved I scanned the area in front of the vehicle the first pass nothing but junk but the second pass I got a good sharp signal in the range I was looking for, I scraped away the packed down snow with my Garrett Retriever, (across between a pick and a rake but no bigger than a hammer). I caught a glimpse of the ring and picked it up. I exclaimed to Norman, “this a good signal, it’s heavy but not likely your ring” (wink wink) once I passed him the snow-laden ring he excitedly announced it was his ring. We were both very happy. Norman, because he thought the ring was gone forever and me because I got to return another smile. Just look at that smile. Thanks Norman for the generous reward.

Happy To Get Ring Back


SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard. If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”


Fred was enjoying the beach with his partner, John, playing catch with a ball. When Fred went to make a catch. he felt his ring come off his finger.  The water was murky and too hard to search so they sadly went home without Fred’s ring. The next day John found SRARC on Google and  SRARC Ring Finder member, Stan Flack, was notified.  Stan arranged for Ed Osmar, Mike Shuler and himself to meet John at the beach.  After about an hour of hunting, Stan was lucky enough to find the ring.  A very happy and excited John could not wait to tell John the great news! Hugs all the way around! Another great effort, guys!


Wedding band lost in Littleton yard recovered

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom was out doing yard work patching bare spots and adding soil when he noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. He spent some time searching for the ring with a metal detector that he had but due to lack of experience with finding rings he had no luck. He called me while I was out of state and we set an appointment for me to do a search when I returned to town Saturday morning.
Saturday morning came around and I arrived for my search. Tom showed me the yard and the areas had worked in. There was metal yard edging that was along the whole area of my search so I knew that it would be a bit more difficult of a search. I grabbed my CTX and began my search after just a few minutes search Tom’s ring was revealed from its hiding spot in the fresh soil.

Ring Recovered 6-3-2017

Sliver wedding band recovered on Loveland Pass

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Two months ago Adam and Emily were married. Their wedding bands were something extra-ordinary as they had .actually made their wedding bands from a single piece of silver bar stock. Fast forward to Saturday November 7th, they spent the morning doing some early season skiing at A-Basin. On their way home, they stopped by a memorial to (5) people who had perished in an avalanche several years ago. This memorial is on Loveland pass at an altitude of about 11,600 ft. Even though the memorial is over 100 yards off the road, Emily  didn’t put on her gloves as it was warm out for a Colorado winter day. Emily climbed up to the memorial from the trail that leads to it and had to put her unprotected hands into the snow in order to get the traction needed to get to the area she wanted to look at. She spent a few minutes looking over photos, flowers and adornments that make up the memorial. They hiked back to their car and proceeded home. Shortly after arriving home Emily noticed that her wedding band was missing.

In Adam’s quest to find metal detectors to rent he came across my profile on TheRingFinders and called me. We set a time and location to meet so that they could take me to the suspected location of the lost ring. After showing me around the site and explaining what they had dome we headed back to my truck to gear up and begin our search. Upon reaching the site I recovered a couple of pistol casings, though I knew that these targets weren’t Emily’s ring I wanted to make sure that they weren’t masking the ring. I climbed the embankment that Emily did just a few hours before and there I received a signal on my White’s MXT that matched that of when I checked Adams ring. I stepped back and told Adam and Emily that there was a good signal and that I would like Emily to check this signal out. After a few brushes of snow were removed her ring came into view. She let out a “mild” scream, high-fives and hugs were shared by all. Emily couldn’t wait to get back to town to show her friends that doubted we would find her ring our results.

Ring Recovered 11-8-2015

Adam and Emily Emily's ring

White gold ring recovered from Denver volleyball court

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Nate was running late for his volleyball league game, so when he arrived at the courts he just hopped right in to the action. Within a minute of his joining the game his wedding ring slipped off his figure and landed in the sand of the volleyball court. He didn’t see the ring leave his figure but he noticed it was missing shortly thereafter.

Nate searched for his ring but would not find it as it had quickly sank out of sight in the loss sand. A few days later he found The Ring Finders and my profile, he contacted me and we set a date and time for a search.

I began my search pattern by running over the side of the court that he was on playing on when he lost his ring. I came up with a few targets but no ring. I then searched the opposing side hoping the ring flew to that side, no luck. I then switched machines and started another search pattern perpendicular to my original pattern. Within a couple of passes my MXT sounded off on a signal, I dug the sand out with my scoop. With in a few seconds the Nat’s ring was in my scoop. Nate was pretty darn happy, his wife had given up hope 30 minutes into the search. So she had a wonderful surprise when I dropped Nate off at home.

Nate’s ring is a unique one with wood and meteorite insets in white gold.

Ring recovered 10-13-2015

IMG_1453 IMG_1457

White gold ring recovered from Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Troy was playing with his two young daughters in the lake at Boy Lake State Park when his ring slipped off his finger. Troy and his wife used the diving mask that their daughters had with them to search for quite a while. They did recover another ring during their attempt to find Troy’s ring, this ring was turned into the ranger station. But their efforts to find Troy’s ring were not successful.

Troy contacted me and we set a date and time to perform a search. Upon arrival and a quick talk about the circumstances that lead to the rings loss, I grabbed my equipment and headed toward the beach. Troy thought he was in waist deep water when his ring was lost, but his daughter (10 years old) remembered being in chest deep water. So my search area was a bit larger than I had hoped for. I took my search out to chin deep on me and started searching into shallower water. Troy was beginning to give up hope when I got a good signal on my CTX in waist deep water and sure enough it was Troy’s ring. We made our way to the beach and that is when I noticed that Troy’s waist is about the same height as his daughters chest.

Ring recovered July 14th, 2015

Troy and ring Troy's ring - 1

Two Lost Diamond Rings Recovered in Hawi on the Big Island of Hawaii

Avesta and Hamid with Brent and Sylvie Madison after finding their lost diamond rings in Hawi on Hawaii's Big Island.

Avesta and Hamid with Brent and Sylvie Madison after finding their lost diamond rings in Hawi on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The beautiful lost and recovered rings of Avesta from the State Park in Hawi, Hawaii (Big Island).

The beautiful lost and recovered rings of Avesta from the State Park in Hawi, Hawaii (Big Island).


We got an urgent call from a family on vacation who had lost two diamond rings in the water near Hawi, Hawaii (Big Island), while swimming with their children in the ocean.

We drove about 1 hour and 45 minutes to the small State Park of Keokea to recover the rings and met them in the parking lot.

It turns out that Avesta had lost both of her precious rings – one a diamond ring with a whooping 2.75 carats in platinum. The disappointment of both Avesta and her husband, Hamid, was visible at loosing their valuable rings but they were both optimistic at our chances of finding them.

I put my mask on and hit the shallow water with my Excalibur II metal detector. After a 30 minute search we had found a pocket full of coins but no rings. Swinging back into a sandy area, suddenly I heard the low growl of platinum in my metal detector’s headphones. “I don’t want to give you false hope but think I’ve found a ring,” I said.

Sure enough, the basket held a gleaming ring with nine diamonds in a row. Hamid picked it out of the basket, happy, and eager to see if the second ring was also nearby. As I put the detector back in the water, a second signal was instantly in the headphones!  And right there, we recovered both rings, one after the other, where they had been lost and sunken into the sand. The second ring we recovered was a whooping 2.75 carat diamond ring – you can see the joy and surprise on their faces on the video – when getting back their lost – and now found – treasure!

“Lucky me that I found you guys. Thank GOD!!!!!” Avesta wrote in an email the next day.  “Phewwww so lucky I am!! FYI it was our 8 year anniversary the day you found the ring, makes it even more special.”


Lost platinum eternity ring found in Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Kathleen was out planting flowers in the yard of their home in Centennial, Colorado. While shaking open a garbage bag to put old, dead plants in her 3 ring platinum eternity ring slid off her hand. Kathleen had seen people searching with metal detectors in the past and knew that the newer machines would be expensive to purchase and complex to understand. And that rental machines may not be good enough to get the achieve success and with no knowledge of how to set up a detector. So Kathleen decided to find an expert detectorist and ended up calling me through TheRingFinders.

I was out at a wine tasting when Kathleen called and I did not hear my phone ring so she left me a message. Upon seeing I had a message I returned her call. We talked for a bit and set up a search for the following morning.

After arriving at their house Kathleen and Michael (Kathleen’s husband) led me to the location where Kathleen was working. We discussed the possibilities of the rings hiding place and I began my search. After searching the area in front of where Kathleen was standing a twice with no success I started searching behind where she was standing. My MXT gave out a faint signal (my sensitivity was turned down due to edging and pipes in the area and the plantings were deep). I pulled back the plantings and there sat Kathleen’s rings. She was quite happy to get her prized rings back.


Rings recovered 5/30/2015

IMG_0222  IMG_0225