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Dog walk can be costly!! Roscoe Village area in Chicago.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call from a gentleman who lost his platinum wedding band while walking his dog  at night in the Roscoe Village area of Chicago.

It was dark and he slipped on some ice and may have broken his foot. He limped home and discovered that he no longer had his ring. He went back to the area that night and searched where he might have lost it. Nothing! He was uncertain whether if came off in the fall, or if he lost it coming home after the injury. He sent me an email with a google map image of where he though he fell. Since he was currently at the office with his foot elevated, he was unable to accompany me. After reviewing the image, I began the search using my CTX.  Ten minutes later… BINGO! It was exactly where he thought he fell. Rang up as 12/10 and 11/13.

Lost Platinum Diamond Ring! Grandview Heights, Edmonton. Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Received a call from Erica around 12:15 this afternoon she sounded very distraught, Erica asked me if it was possible for me to find her platinum diamond ring she just lost this morning while planting her garden I told her I would be there within the hour.

I meet Erica and her husband Jim at their home, Erica immediately showed me where she was working and planting shrubs in the back yard after checking the yard for clues as to where the ring could possibly be I scanned her flower beds and shrubs, with a corner of my eye I spotted her ring laying in the grass beside one of her shrub she just planted.

I called Erica over and asked her is this your ring?  I can tell you she was one happy Lady she told me the ring has never been off her finger for the past 15 years until today.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Erica and Jim for allowing me to find your lost ring.


Platinum Wedding Ring recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Roland had been dusting the snow off his coat last night when his ring flew from his finger and into his front yard.   While he knew the general area he had searched and searched but to no avail, the heavy Platinum Wedding Band could not be seen.  He even shoveled the snow off the lawn and into his garage so it could melt and he could recover the ring but still no ring.  That’s when his wife found The Ring Finders online and Roland called me.  Roland explained, that the ring was very important to them as they just got married last summer, he couldn’t believe he’d lost it already.    

We arranged to meet at his home today and he showed me the area his ring could be in, we talked about how he had dusted his coat off and I had him reenact the scene for me.  Based on his movements, the weight of the ring, and the force behind the movement, as usual I determined it could be just about anywhere in the yard even possibly in the neighbours yard.  I searched the yard in two directions then checked the far side of a shrub bed on the opposite side of a tree to where the action had taken place.  You guessed it I got the sweet sound of Platinum in my headphones and brushed away the snow to recover Roland’s Wedding Ring.   When I handed him the ring he exclaimed, “Thank God !”  and you too Bill.  It was a big weight off his shoulders and back onto his finger.

Another Satisfied Customer of The Ring Finders

Another Happy Customer