Lost Mens Wedding Band At Gordons Pond State Park In Rehoboth Beach, Del.- Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

image1 (1)On 05/24/15, I received a text message from a gentleman requesting my help in finding his lost platinum wedding band at Gordons Pond State Park in Rehoboth Beach, Del. I then called him to learn the circumstances regarding how he had lost his ring. The gentleman said that he and his wife had been sitting in the sand on the beach at the state park as he stood up he went to brush the sand off of his pants his wedding band flew off his finger and landed in the sand behind him where it disappeared. I told the gentleman that I would meet him the very next morning so that I could assist him in finding his lost ring. After meeting at a shopping center, we drove to the beach to begin the search for the ring. The gentleman’s wife had used her cell phone to take a photo of the sand dune up from the area of the beach where the ring was lost. Using the photograph we were able to locate the area of the lost ring by identifying two small trees and using them as landmarks. After searching the beach for about fifteen minutes the lost ring was recovered and returned to its owner.