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Ring lost in Arvada’s Ralston Central Park returned

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Monday afternoon I listened to a message on our answering machine from Johanna stating that she had just lost her engagement ring in a park. I called her back but had to leave a message as she did not answer. Today, Tuesday, I called her back again and this time she answered. Johanna stated that both her and her mother in law had rented metal detectors and searched the park for a couple of hours and they did not find the ring. She then stated that she had given up hope on getting her 3 carat black diamond set in white gold ring back. I asked her if she would like me to give the search a try. She was a bit hesitant but eventually agreed to my searching for ring.

About an hour and a half later I was at the park and Johanna arrived a few minutes later. She showed me the areas she had spent some time at and explained what was happening when her ring went missing. Then her and a few friends went to grab some lunch leaving me to do the search. Before she had made it to the restaurant I had recovered her ring, it was in an area that was heavy with pull tabs and other trash. I sent Johanna a text picture of her ring, I can not put on this site her reaction but let’s just say she was very happy and surprised that I had found it.

I made my way to the restaurant that Johanna and her friends were at to return her ring. The smile on her face when I gave her ring back was amazing.

Ring recovered July 3, 2018

Johanna’s ring hiding in the grass

Johanna’s 3 carat black diamond ring recovered

A happy Johanna!

Platinum ring lost while doing yard work returned, Denver Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Easter Sunday morning Ben was preparing his backyard for the upcoming Sunday dinner and gathering. Games were played that afternoon and plenty of quality family time was had in the back yard. Soon after the festivities ben noticed that his platinum wedding band was missing. He and his wife Anna spent time searching the back yard visually but they had no luck finding his ring. Ben then borrowed a metal detector from a friend and searched the yard, once again luck was not with them. Anna went to her LinkIn account to get rid of some of her notifications and she noticed a notice from my profile of a work anniversary since we had worked together years ago. She contacted me stating their situation, we quickly formed a plan for me to search their yard as I was leaving on vacation in a couple of days.

When I arrived Ben showed me around the yard and explained what had happened the morning and early afternoon of his rings disappearance. I grabbed a few detectors from my truck and began my search pattern. On my first pass of the yard I heard a good signal from my metal detector, I looked down and there was the shinny outline of a ring hidden amongst the grass. I placed a screwdriver with its tip over the ring and went to get Ben. When I knocked on the door Ben was a bit taken aback by my quick return to the house. I told him to look at the blade end of the screw driver, it took him several seconds to see his ring laying in the grass. He was very happy to get his ring back and Anna was in tears. They had had a baby just six days prior so her emotions were running pretty high.

Ring returned 4-12-2018


Texas A&M class ring recovered, Arvada, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Paul was out playing disc golf when he lost his beloved Texas A&M class ring. He went to a near by store and rented a metal detector. He then spent an hour searching the small island in a stream that he was on when he felt his ring slip from his finger with no luck. He then found my profile on The Ring Finders and sent me an email explaining his situation. I noticed his email the next morning and replied adding my phone number and asking him to call me. Soon my phone rang and we set up a time that morning, a Sunday morning, for me to meet him and do a search.
Paul met me and took me to the location, showed me how he threw his disc from that location. My review of his actions told me that the ring would be to his left either in the water or hidden in the tall grass on the island. After a couple minutes search I revived a great signal on my Teknetics Patriot. This signal was just at the waters edge amongst some longer aquadic vegetation. I used my pin pointer to narrow down the location of that signal. A few seconds of fishing around the muck and I felt Paul’s ring slide onto one of my fingers. Paul was quite happy to get his ring back.


Ring recovered 11-5-2017

Platinum wedding band found in Erie, Colorado yard

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

David was out doing some yard work, back filling around a retaining wall and raking leaves, when he lost his platinum wedding bad. He rented a metal detector from a local store in an attempt to recover his ring. But like most novice detectorists, he didn’t have the necessary skills to find the ring.
David found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me for assistance. We set Thursday morning for my search. Upon my arrival David showed me around the yard and explained what he was doing that day. He then showed me the three bags of leaves that he collected the day his ring went missing. While looking over the bags he explained how used his hands to sweep the leaves into the bags.
David then left me to do my search while he ran to do some business. I grabbed my CTX and began my search starting with the bags of leaves. There were no signals in the bags of leaves so then began to search the back yard. Within a couple of minutes of starting that search my CTX gave a nice 12-15 reading and the pinpoint showed a depth of zero, I knew I had found David’s ring without even seeing it. When I parted the grass there sat David’s ring staring up at me. I placed my probe in the center of the ring, turned off my machine and waited for David to return. He was surprised and very happy to get his ring back. He wasn’t optimistic about me finding his ring due to the fact that had performed the search previously. Luckily I have the skills and tools to perform the tasks.

Ring recovered 10-19-2017

David’s ring hiding in the grass

White gold ring recovered from Arvada park

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tracie and here husband were playing with one of their children in a park near their home. The park had several trees that had recently dropped all of their leaves and so the couple made a large pile of leaves for the youngster to jump into. While playing, Tracie felt her white gold wedding set slip from her finger. The couple quickly began searching for the ring, but with the large pile of leaves that was over some very tall grass (5″+) their task was more than they had bargained for. Tracie called her mother to ask for some advice and her mother found my profile on The Ring Finders. Tracie called me and I quickly gathered some metal detectors and some other gear for the search, within an hour I was at the park. When I arrived they had several bags of leaves already bagged up and the area of the search raked and yet they had not found the ring. We talked about the ring, their attempt to search and I looked over the search area. I then grabbed my Teknetics Patriot, made some quick adjustments and began my search. A few minutes into my search the Patriot gave me a great signal I parted the deep lush grass and there sat Tracie’s ring. As I held up her ring Tracie placed her face into her hands and wept quite hard. It is such a GREAT feeling to return a ring to someone like her.

Ring recovered October 15, 2017

Carbon Tungsten ring recovered from Lakewood playground

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Camden had been given a carbon tungsten ring as a grade school graduation present by his mother, Sabrina. In the first week of middle school Camden was playing football with some friends in the school’s grassy playground when his prized ring slipped off his hand, he was hear broken. Sabrina went to a local store and she rented a couple of metal detectors to help them in the search for Camden’s ring. After searching in vain for a couple of hours the two began to realize that finding a ring in a large grassy field isn’t easy. Sabrina ended up finding my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. I had time to meet her and Camden at the school so that they could show me where he was at and the extents of my future search but I didn’t have time to preform that search that night. A couple of night later I made my way to the grassy field behind the school and began my search. After a couple of hours and quite a bit of trash later I received a great signal on my CTX and there was Camden’s ring. He was quite happy to get his ring back, but now he doesn’t wear it to school.

Ring recovered August 25, 2017

Camden gets his ring back

Camden’s ring

Wedding band lost in Littleton yard recovered

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tom was out doing yard work patching bare spots and adding soil when he noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. He spent some time searching for the ring with a metal detector that he had but due to lack of experience with finding rings he had no luck. He called me while I was out of state and we set an appointment for me to do a search when I returned to town Saturday morning.
Saturday morning came around and I arrived for my search. Tom showed me the yard and the areas had worked in. There was metal yard edging that was along the whole area of my search so I knew that it would be a bit more difficult of a search. I grabbed my CTX and began my search after just a few minutes search Tom’s ring was revealed from its hiding spot in the fresh soil.

Ring Recovered 6-3-2017

White gold ring recovered at 13,840′ on Mt Bierstadt

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

On October 1st David made his first attempt at climbing one of Colorado’s 14ers (a m0untain who’s peak is over 14,000′ above sea level), he made this attempt with his friends Luke and Elizabeth. The weather was perfect and things were going well until they neared the summit, that is when altitude sickness hit David. Altitude sickness consists of headaches, dizziness, confusion and in more extreme cases nausea. David knew that even though the summit was within sight that he could not make it so he sat down to rest while Luke and Elizabeth summited the mountain. On their way down David noticed that his wedding band was missing. The group checked their photos of their hike and the last photo of David on a saddle near where they currently were standing he had his ring on. So they knew that his ring had to be within a couple hundred feet or so but hidden amongst the boulders. Luke and Elizabeth returned to the spot where David had stopped and searched for the ring, no luck. On their way down the mountain David’s altitude sickness continued and add to that the anxiety of losing his wedding band.

David contacted me that following week and arranged for me to meet up Luke and Elizabeth to retrace his steps back up the mountain and search for his ring. I brought with me two of my lightest detectors to take up the mountain to search for David’s ring. The hike is 3 1/2 miles with a vertical gain of over 2,800′ to the summit. We met at 7:30 AM and began our hike/ climb, the first mile and a half were pretty easy the next couple of miles were taxing. When we reached the area where the photo of David with his ring still on, I broke out my Teknetics T2 and gave that to Luke. I spent a few minutes with him teaching him the sounds of the machine and how to properly swing the machine. Elizabeth continued up the mountain to the point where David had stopped his climb. Upon reaching her I set up my Minelab GoFind 60 and spent a few minutes teaching Elizabeth to detect and the sounds of the machine. I then continued my climb and summited the mountain (it would have been a shame to make it that far and not summit). When I returned to the area where Elizabeth was searching she handed me the detector and she began pulling snow from the areas that were deeper than the detector could reach. Luke had made his way up the mountain and was searching this area as well. After over a half hour of searching we decided to start making our way down the mountain. Just then Luke comes around the rock that David had sat on and saaw the wedding band peeking out of it’s hiding spot. High fives were given and several photos were taken. I checked my GPS and the ring was recovered at 13,840′ above sea level.


Ring recovered 10-8-2016 (elevation 13,840′)


Luke and I at the recovery site


Look through the center of the ring at the mountain, that is the approximate location of the recovery site.


David gets his ring back.

Tungsten Carbide ring lost in Denver park – returned

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Nate was playing Frisbee in a park near downtown Denver. He decided to tie his Tungsten Carbide ring to the draw string of his shorts. After one quick sprint to catch the Frisbee he felt for his ring and it was already gone. All of his friends spent some time searching for his ring with no success. Since I had found this ring for him a couple years before he knew to send me a text message. We made arrangements for me to meet him that evening to search for his ring. I arrived a few minutes early and began my search but I wasn’t quite in the proper area. Upon Nate’s arrival he showed me the location he was at when his ring went missing. After just a few minutes of searching, Nate had his ring back.

Ring recovered October 3rd, 2016


Nate’s ring


5 carat diamond ring lost in Golden, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Nadine was visiting her family in Golden, Colorado from her home state of Indiana. While here she helped put in a play area for grand children and then attended a party that night. During the placement of the pea gravel for the play area Nadine noticed that the 5 carat diamond ring given to her by her husband was a bit loose so she took the ring off and placed it the back pocket of her jeans. After working on the play area Nadine had to quickly get ready as her son and daughter-in-law were having a party. The next morning Nadine went to get her ring our of her pocket and it wasn’t there. Her heart sank. The family searched the house and the yard but her ring was no where to be found.

Nadine found my information on TheRingFinders and called me. We made arrangements for me to perform a search that night after work. After my arrival we talked and Nadine showed me around the house and the yard. I grabbed my CTX and headed for the search area in the yard. I had nearly completed my search of the play area when Nadine came out and said I might as well stop my search. She had talked with a woman who was at the party and she specifically remembered that Nadine did have her ring on that evening.

I asked Nadine if she would like me to help re-search the house for her. She was a bit reluctant due to the families diligent search of the house but she agreed to my assistance. I started in her bedroom and searched in her dressers, the bathroom, under desks and in and around the night stands and bed. I ended up going through her laundry hamper, searching each and every piece of clothing very carefully. Finally at the bottom of the hamper I noticed a cardboard bottom and under that the ring was hiding. I placed her ring on my figure and headed up the stairs to talk with Nadine. As I reached midpoint of the stairs I started holding my chin, unfortunately Nadine had her back to me while we talked for 30-45 seconds. When she turned around and noticed the ring she started crying and jumping around in excitement.

Ring recovered 4-12-2016

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