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Lost Ring Bellaire, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Ring in Bellaire, Texas (Recovered)


I received a call yesterday from Eric a resident of Bellaire, Texas regarding his lost wedding ring. Eric reported he had lost his wedding ring in his backyard while playing water volleyball in his new pool. Eric said he remembered hitting a volleyball and his ring flying off his finger. Eric reported he searched his yard for several days trying to find his ring. Eric said after unsuccessfully finding his ring he located “The Ring Finders” on a Google a search.

I made the trip out to Eric’s home this morning and was given a walk through of how and where the ring was lost. The backyard was under renovations, a beautiful new pool, landscaping steps, and new and old landscaping underway. The backyard had little grass, so the remaining search area was going to be several areas of monkey grass, small hedges and a few flower beds.

Having the 6″ coil for the CTX3030 was a big factor in this recovery. Most of my work was pushing the small coil through the small tight hedges to work the ground below and around the hedges. It would have been nearly impossible to have accomplished this task with the stock 11′ coil.

I worked an area of the yard that seemed most probable for Eric’s ring to have landed based on the information of how it was lost. This area was relatively heavy with scrubs and money grass providing a great hiding place for a missing ring.. I thought for sure it would be the spot. After spending sometime working the hedges and monkey grass in this area with no results, I moved to the far side of the yard.

I started in on one of the flower beds, pushing the coil through the hedges blindly when I got a nice signal. I worked through the ground cover vegetation with a pin pointer and uncovered a series of intertwined gold loops. I ‘ll be honest, I initially thought maybe I had found an earring , I was thinking to myself what the heck is it. I knew it was gold, but did not register as a gold wedding band.

I hollered over to Eric who was working in the yard, and held out the dangling loops of gold, I saw a smile on his face, and rest is now history.

Eric explained that the odd configuration (the gold loops) was a Gold Arabic Puzzle Ring, and it had belonged to his grandfather original, passed to his father, and now to him. Thought to myself (priceless) and awesome, that is something you could never replace.

I have picked up a lot of rings, but this was my first ever puzzle ring and what a cool story. It didn’t take long to figure out why they call it a puzzle ring.

The video is a quick clip of Eric putting his ring back together.



Bellaire 2
































Nothing further,


John Volek




Platinum wedding band lost in yard Found

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

On Tuesday 11/12/13 I received a call from Rush, who prefers to be called “Jay”, and asked me if I could find his wedding band.  He said he said he lost it on Sunday the 10th in the yard of a buddy of his while playing football.  

He said the yard was fairly large and covered in leaves.  They started raking the leaves around in hopes of finding the ring which he said was platinum.  He said he was frantic and his wife of 3 months was very upset.

They began calling stores to buy or rent a metal detector with no luck, but then Googled and were directed to DeMarco Detector Sales of Millville, NJ.  He called and talked with Joe DeMarco, who provided him with my name and phone number.  Due to conflicting schedules we agreed to meet on Thursday 11/14 (today) at 9;00AM.

 I also spoke with his buddy, the property owner, and obtained his permission to be on his property for the search. I arrived on-time after a 1-1/2 hour trip and I took the opportunity to peruse the yard and take a few pictures of the search area.  When Jay arrived he showed me where they had been tossing the football, goofing around, and even having a friendly wrestling match in the leaves.

He also said one time he jumped up to catch the ball and in his left hand which hit fairly hard while he was near a large patch of thick ivy ground cover.  I set up my grid strategy and got to work, first in an east-west pattern. There were multiple target indications of 2″ or less which I checked with my Garrett Pro-Pointer.I then changed to a north-south pattern.  

I estimated the area as being 100 feet x 50 feet, and finally received tone we all have come to know as “the one”.  Moving the leaves away was the ring; I stopped set my Garrett AT-Pro down, retrieved my camera from my trouser pocket and took the picture you see here.  Jay came walking over with a very somber and concerned look on his face, but it turned into a big smile when I showed him his ring.  He gave me bear-hug and I did see just a slight tearing up and he said how happy his wife will be.  We took some pictures and I even showed him how to work my metal detector and what I listen for.  I think he wants one – Joe!  Thank you Jay for the generous reward and hope to meet you again down the road…!  WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 (2) WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 YARD SEARCH AREA 111413 (3) WEDDING BAND FOUND 111413 (3)

Lost Ring Finder Airdrie Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Finding Rings and Valuables has been a keen interest of mine since I purchased my first metal detector in 1978.  I started out working a local school yard finding just pennies, but it wasn’t long before I honed my Metal Detecting skills to a point where I was finding finger rings, and ear rings.  I often joke that all he earrings that I have found are left earrings because they the ones left behind, I know  (groan) right, and that is  why I’m a Detectorist and not a comedian.   Metal Detectors were very rudimentary and had little technology built in back in the day, but have improved considerably and my current Metal Detector has a lot of technology allowing me to recognize many items just by there signal.

Over the years I have found numerous Rings, Bracelets and other valuables and in many cases I have been able to return them to their owners.  When I have  been requested to find an item of  value, whether it was of intrinsic or emotional value,  I am happy to say that I have been able to return the items in most cases, to the thrill of those that lost their Rings, Keys, Bracelets  or in some cases Change Purses.

Few  years back I was fortunate to able to metal detect in a farmers field that was the site of the original placement of Fort Macleod Alberta, this was a major Northwest Mounted Police Barracks in 1874.  I managed to locate under some very stubborn sod and large Alfalfa plants, several inches below the surface, some North West Mounted Police Buttons, these were thin shells of brass that were originally placed over a wooden button.  The wood had rotted away decades before and I was able to recover them and a turn them over to the local museum curator.

It is always a thrill for me me reunite owners with their lost items, the looks on their faces is priceless.   I have just recently joined THE  RING FINDERS at so that I can further assist those that have lost Rings and other Valuables in Airdrie and surrounding communities


The Finder of Lost Rings and Jewelry in the Greater Houston area

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Houston and Surrounding Areas

John Volek / Metal Detecting Specialist

Underwater Metal Detecting Specialist


Home Location

Houston, Texas



Search Locations

State of Texas and beyond


Search Types

I can search virtually any location regardless of the conditions, geography or technical difficulty. Most of the calls for service I receive are for lost personal possessions (jewelry, rings, and bracelets). I have experience in Insurance Forensic Recovery, Insurance Claims, Underwater Recovery and Estate Property Searches to list a few.

In short, if you lost it, I can assist you in finding it.

I maintain a Scuba Diver Certifications through (SSI) Scuba Schools International, placing your lost property with-in reach even when overboard.

I train regularly and use the best equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.

Assistance to any Law Enforcement Agency upon request.


Cost For My Service

For land and shallow water searches I work on a reward basis…That means you pay me what you can afford, and what it’s worth to you, to have your lost item found.

Travel and other incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any Metal Detecting Services.

If the search requires me to dive for your lost ring or property there will be a set fee discussed prior to suiting up.


John Volek’s Bio

I am a certified Texas Law Enforcement Officer of twenty-five years. If you lost something important, I have extensive experience and training in helping people find what they have lost.

“in scientia opportunitas”… In Knowledge, there is Opportunity



The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common places are parks, lakes, beaches and even your own front yard…If you lost your “Ring” or other precious item…We can find it!

We train regularly and use the best Metal Detecting Equipment available insuring the greatest possibility of finding your lost possessions.

Don’t wait… Call now!

John Volek





  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This year alone, he has helped reunite nine couples with their rings.

Kevin Niefer uses several metal detectors to find lost wedding rings. (CBC)

Just last week, Niefer got a call from a Calgary couple that would lead him to his toughest assignment to date.

Will Hoff had lost his wedding ring in the Waiparous River near Cochrane. After about an hour of searching in the fast-moving rocky river, Niefer was able to find the ring.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Hoff exclaimed moments after Niefer plucked his ring out of the water.

Niefer says he isn’t in it for the money. Although couples often compensate him for his efforts, he doesn’t charged them a set amount.

“When you find it and people go ‘Oh no! I can’t believe you found it!,’ That’s pretty exciting, right? And to be able to return something that sentimental — that’s the biggest reward,” Niefer said.

Found wedding band in river



Lost Wedding Ring in Calgary…

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost ring, Call Calgary Ring Finders. Give kevin a call you will be glad you did. When he finds your ring for you it will put a big smile on your face and your spouse.He or she will be thrilled with you that you have your weddding ring or other ring back. Call today to get your ring back. Kevin will also find any lost item you may have lost car keys, chains, anything metals.  🙂

Lost ring Calgary Groom out of the doghouse

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Kevin searching the mud puddle










A lost TUNGSTEN WEDDING RING WITH 3 DIAMONDS was found west of Sundre, Alberta Canada by Kevin Niefer the TV METAL DETECTIVE.  They were up in the foothills where people go 4 wheel driving and ride on quads.  The Bride and Groom were having a mud fight for their wedding photos and the groom lost his ring in a large mud puddle.  Everyone in the wedding party tried looking for it.  The ring wasn’t found even after six people put in about six hours. They even rented their own metal detector with no luck. I was able to find it in 20 minutes.  This made two people very happy.  Now the groom was out of the doghouse and their lives full of wedded bliss could begin……..



Wedding party after looking for six hours with detector

Grooms wedding band after found






Lost my gold wedding band / ring in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

If you have lost your gold ring or wedding band ,car keys. I will come out and find that item for you. I have found and recovered rings for other in the Calgary area. If you want to be happy call today and I will be glad to help you out.Kevin Niefer Ring Finders If you lost your ring in the snow call me ASAP.  I also have a underwater metal detectors and can search up to 5 feet of water  Calgary finding lost rings and valuables for people.metal detecting specialist

Lost ring, lost watch, lost brooch, lost pendant, lost jewelry?

Calgary hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you have lost. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists who have years of experience and the best equipment, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.


Lost his Wedding Band in Riverbend Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This guy is one happy husband. While out having a smoke out on the back deck he tossed his  cigarret but into to snow and off went his wedding ring. He went and searched for a long time in the snow and was unable to find the ring. I recieved a call from Clarance in a panic had to find his ring out he would be in the dog house with his wife. He asked me if I could go and find it.He  explained he was at work and couldn’t get away.He told me the area where it might be. I headed ver right away and when I arrived I could see all the foot steps in the snow where he was looking.I started doing a grid and in about ten minutes I found the gold weddding band. I hoped in my car and headed over to his work.He asked if I found it.I held up the ring and asked him does it look like this.He oh way baby that’s it. H e couldn’t thanks me enough. As you can see how happy he was after I returned the ring to him. Good thing or he would have been sleeping out side.

Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta

Lost Gold Wedding Band in Chaparral, Calgary… Found!

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)





It was early Sunday morning I received a call I guy lost a ring. He left a message  telling me he lost his dad’s wedding band.I guess he lost it in the back yard while shooting hockey pucks with his son. He had just put it on the night before had it in a box for the last year and a half since his dad had past away.On the Friday night while out with friends his buddy was telling him how he wore his dad’s ring on a necklace around his neck to remember his dad.He liked that Idea so he just put his dad’s ring on his pinkie finger. Then that next day while playing with the kids the ring fell off.He looked for a long time couldn’t find it.He wasn’t sure if the lost it in the front yard backyard or if it went over next door.I called him back and headed out to his home.I got him to show me the area where he might of lost it. I guess the night before he couldn’t even sleep he was just sick to stomach.




The ring meant a lot to him and he had to find it. I searched the yard for about a half hour and found the ring for him.This guy was one happy dude after that.His dad had a big impact 0n him and the ring was one way to remember his dad. I was so glad to recover the gold wedding band / ring and return it to him. Kevin Niefer Calgary Alberta Canada

You can watch the video of the search below…