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Lost Platinum Wedding Band … Laguna Beach, CA. … Found at the Beach in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday  .. May 3, 2014

I was on another ring recovery 58 miles from Laguna Beach when I got a call from a Concierge at the Montage resort. The Concierge at the desk passed the phone off to Joann and I told her I could be there before dark.  I was able to get there before the sunset. Joann and her husband were waiting on the beach in front of where the ring was dropped. I made a few swings with my detector and scooped a nice wedding ring. I let Joann pick it from my scoop, then she said this is not my ring.  I put it in my pocket then  swung the detector a couple more times. The next signal was Joann and Federico’s wedding band. They were elated to have this most important symbol of their marriage back where it belongs.  I reported to the hotel’s security that I had found another ring that I’d like to return to the rightful owner. I am also posting it on Craig’s List Lost and Found.. As of this date it has not been claimed. Below is Federico and Joann’s story.

My husband, Federico Blanco and I met on October 7, 2007. We became boyfriend/girlfriend on March 15, 2008 and got engaged four years later on the same day we met, October 7, 2011. Eight months later we got married on June 10, 2012 and have had a happy and fulfilling relationship.

This was the first time I had ever lost my wedding band. I had asked Federico to hold my rings while I put sunblock on our 8 year-old daughter, Sarah and he forgot he was holding onto my rings (Wedding ring and band). When he stood up he realized the wedding band was gone but managed to hold onto the most expensive ring, the wedding ring! We searched the sand for about 15 minutes before it occurred to me to call someone who had a metal detector. I went to the Montage to ask the concierge who was named Calvin Randle if he knew any staff members who might have a metal detector but no one had one. I asked him to look online if any nearby stores sold one and in the search Stan Ross came up. We decided to give you a call and within seconds you answered and said you would be there within an hour. You showed up 90 minutes later and found my wedding band within 5 minutes or less of looking for it. Thank you again and we hope to see our story on your blog soon.

-Joann Blanco

Joann and Fernando

Joann and Fernando