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14K Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost Prince Charles Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Jacob this evening requesting my service to locate his wife’s rose gold wedding band which she lost in their back yard on Saturday morning.

An hour later, I meet Jacob and his wife Abi at their home.  Abi explained that she was doing Yoga exercises on her patio and had removed her ring and placed the ring on her Yoga mat.  When she was finished she picked the mat up, shook the mat towards her lawn,  rolled the mat up and then went into the house.

About ten minutes later Abi realized what she had done and quickly went out to search for her ring with no luck.  Jacob then rented a metal detector and told me that he did not understand how to operate it,  and had spent a few hours searching but had been unable to find the ring.

I searched their lawn for an hour with no luck, then I asked Abi to get her mat out and show me exactly what she had done.  We used a test ring and noticed that the tester ring  rolled  backwards and ended on the other side of her patio into the grass and not the direction they thought the ring flew. I found the ring just off the concrete patio which made the ring very difficult to locate with all the rebar to the untrained ear that’s  why Jacob was unable to find the ring with all the different ring tones his detector produced.

Jacob and Abi were so relived that the ring was found and back on her finger.

Thank you Jacob and Abi for entrusting me to locate your wedding band.

Another very happy client.

Two Gold Rings Lost Macewan Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Tim called this morning requesting my service to locate two gold rings that his girlfriend had lost 0n Saturday afternoon.  After asking Tim a few  questions I agreed to meet him this afternoon at the location where the rings were lost.

When I arrived Tim showed me the area, and he was positive the rings had fallen into shrubs and woodchips.  He already had search the area with no luck so I quickly searched the area and than expanded my search.  I found one 10k ring 20 feet from the shrubs and the other 14k ring another 41 feet away from the woodchips.   When I called Tim over he couldn’t believe I had found both rings so quickly.

Thank you Tim for entrusting me to locate your lost rings.

Another happy Client.

Lost Wedding Band Hardisty Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received an e-mail late last night from Kale requesting my service to locate his lost wedding band. I called Kale and arranged a meeting at 9.00 am this morning.

I met Kale in his front yard and he told me that he planted an apple tree and had felt the ring fly off his finger.  He thought his ring had possibly ended up in the hole that he had dug.  He searched the hole and his front yard and had no luck.  I told Kale that the ring would probably be within a radius of 15 to 20 feet from the tree.  When I asked him if he had raked his lawn, he replied that he had around the apple tree in hopes that he would find the ring.  I did a quick search around the area then moved to where he left his rake the night before  and a foot away I found his ring tucked nicely in the grass.

Another happy Client,  Thank you Kale.

Lost Gold Ring, Summer Village Of Yellowstone Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Darren requesting my service to locate his grandmother’s wedding ring which was handed down to his daughter. Darren’s son and daughter where play fighting in the front yard. His daughter had two rings on her finger and both of them fell off. Luckily they found one ring but Darren and his kids searched the area on their hands and knees for hours with no luck. What made the search more difficult is that the ring is yellow gold and that the grass is still yellow from our long winters. His daughter was devastated that her great grandmother’s ring was missing.

When Darren called I assured him that if the ring was in his yard I would find it. Yellowstone is 45 miles from me so I told Darren I would be in his yard within one hour. Darren showed me the area where one ring was found, and within a half hour I found the ring outside the area where they searched. I called Darren over to show him the spot where the ring was, and how well it blended into the ground. That moment made his day.

Thank you Darren for entrusting me to locate a very sentimental ring of your daughter’s Great Grandmother.