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Key Fob Lost In The Snow! Millwood Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Tasha called me requesting my service to locate her key fob lost in the back yard and it was the only key fob she had for her car! Tasha and her son searched the back yard last night with no luck. I arrived at Tasha’s home and she showed me the area they had searched. Within 15 minute I found her key fob.. Tasha was very happy I found it because it was going to be very expensive to replace.

Platinum 950 Wedding Ring Lost At Jackfish Lake! Village Of Meota, Saskatchewan.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Evrhetton called me on July 9th requesting my service to find his wedding band in Jackfish Lake!
After asking Evrhetton a few questions, he was certain of the location where his ring fell off in the water. He sent me a picture of the area with a marker of the approximate area where the ring could be.
The Village of Meota Saskatchewan is approximately 400km east of Edmonton and a 4 hour drive for me! Again after asking a few more questions I agreed to do a recovery search for his ring but unfortunately Evrhetton was not able to be there due to work commitments which made the search more difficult for me. I agreed to head out early on Monday morning, the 19th July.
Arriving in Meota around 9:30 am I found the lake calm and had a good feeling about this recovery search. Once the markers were set up I began my search. After 3.5 hours and reviewing the pictures Evrhetton sent me, I called Evrhetton and had him talk me through to the exact location. He said he was beside a sea doo and dove to catch a football and that’s where he was certain his ring came off, or 20 feet to the right of the sea doo. After taking a break and re-evaluating the situation I thought that the ring was possibly further out due to its size and weight. I also determined that by throwing the football with force it was quite possible that the ring had flown further out.
I again rearranged my markers further out into the lake. After a six hour search I received a sweet tone in my ears and said to myself “YES, this has to be the ring! I scooped it up and yes I had a ring! After checking the inscription on the ring 07/27/2019, it was indeed the ring that I was looking for. I met up with Evrhetton today in Edmonton and on his second anniversary 07/27/2021.  He was very grateful I that was able to find his ring and once again his ring is back where it belongs, on his finger. Thank you Evrhetton for giving me the challenge of finding your ring.

Another Happy Client!