Lost Gold Earring Found in Lakeland Florida

  • from Windermere (Florida, United States)

Three days ago Sue lost a very special piece of jewelry in her large front yard.

One day two after searching for several hours with no luck Sue purchased a used metal detector. However she soon discovered that the detector would not scan/read her matching earring. Luckily she was able to return it for a refund. More searching the front yard did not yield any results.

Day Three: A Google search led her to the Ringfinders website. Sue contacted me that afternoon, distraught and desperate on her 60th birthday. We quickly put together a search plan and I was able to arrive within about an hour.

The size of the lawn was intimidating but after reenacting the chain of events with Sue we were able to narrow it down to the two most probable locations. Several family members had helped Sue in the previous three days with no luck. Hours of looking on hands and knees by Sue and her family members did not turn up the precious earring. Using the Garrett AT Pro with 9×6″ search coil I was able to scan the other gold earring and obtain some valuable search data.

It ended up being a wonderful 60th birthday for Sue as I was able to retrieve her earring, within just a few minutes and just slightly outside the search zone that she and her family had concentrated on for three days. I could tell that Sue was very happy as the words, OMG (abbreviated) were all she could say for the first full minute. I can genuinely say that I am extremely glad to have been able to make Sue’s birthday a bit more happier.


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