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The Case of the Lost Ring – Kissimmee Florida

  • from Windermere (Florida, United States)

A desperate Kissimmee Florida couple contacted me through the website. The man (whom I’ll refer to as Shaggy) and his lovely wife (who can only be nicknamed Velma) had been in their front yard the prior night enjoying the evening sunset when Shaggy’s ring flew off of his finger. Quickly grabbing flashlights they conducted a thorough search of the property. After two hours with no luck they called it quits for the night. Early the next morning they resumed their search on hands and knees, looking under each and every blade of grass. The ring, being platinum, had blended into the grass making it nearly invisible to the naked eye. After a few more hours of searching with no luck Shaggy and Velma were exhausted and getting desperate.

After many hours of searching Shaggy and Velma were tired and in serious need of some professional help. After a quick search on the internet led them to the Ringfinders website, they contacted me. Luckily the search location was not far and I was able to be on the scene within an hour. After a quick hello and a briefing on the case I noticed that Velma was wearing a platinum colored ring. I asked her if it was part of a matching set from Shaggy’s ring and she replied that it was. With her permission I scanned her ring with my metal detector and was able to gather some data including a search response tone and number value. Armed with this information I began my search.

I began a grid search of the front lawn, disregarding any deep targets as I knew that the ring would not be down in the soil. More than likely, it would be laying on the surface as it had only been less than 24 hours since it was dropped. Any shallow or surface tones were investigated as I couldn’t be 100% sure that the rings would match exactly in the same search values gathered earlier. Ring size, composition, and design were all unknown factors. Bits of aluminum building material were discovered, along with a few sheet metal screws. After 15 minutes of searching I heard one very distinct sound in my headphones. I looked down and after using the search coil to pinpoint the exact location my eyes focused on a dark object sitting in the grass! Could this be the missing ring?

I looked up and and smiled at the couple. They had been chattering with excitement through the entire search but paused to immediately focus on what I was doing. Slowly I reached down, picked up the object, and held it out to the couple.  I had found the ring!

At first, Shaggy and Velma were speechless when they saw the platinum ring in the palm of my hand. As thought, the platinum color had helped it to blend into the grass making it extremely difficult to find. They excitedly expressed their disbelief that the ring had been practically right under their noses the whole time they were searching for it!  Their excitement and relief quickly bubbled over and after a few photos, hugs, and high-fives we said our goodbyes. As I drove away, the last thing I saw was Shaggy and Velma, hugging each other in their front yard.


Case Closed



Shaggy and Velma (not their real names).