Wedding Band Lost/Found/Returned Pleasant Bay Orleans, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

(June 25th)
An enjoyable summer day at Pleasant Bay’s Jackknife Cove almost ended in a not so pleasant afternoon. Derek had put his wedding band safe with his glass’s case where it stayed for the hours of beach time. When it was time to leave for the afternoon Dalia took her one-year old’s sun tent down and shook the sand off. Unfortunately, the ring was shaken off with the sand and landed with a “tink” which was heard by all before it disappeared into the sand. As it happens 95% of the time all the searching would not retrieve the ring. It was time for sophisticated equipment to help in the search.

40 minutes after I received a call for the needed help I was standing on the beach with my detector in hand. I was shown where the tent had been. OK I started searching the immediate area of some 10X20 feet. Unbelievable but only two trash targets were found. I checked my equipment, covered the area again with the same results. OK I had to increase the area and added another 10 feet to the breadth of the search area and there it was. I actually saw the ring resting in the sand as I passed my detector’s coil over the ring. I guess Dalia had shaken the tent a bit harder than we thought. I scooped up the ring and let Dalia remove it from the scoop. Smiles, Hoorahs and Thanks with picture taking followed.

Dalia and Derek’s 3rd anniversary in July will not be spoiled by the absence of a wedding band. Congratulations!

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  1. From a Thank You note (Aug 1, 2022):

    Dear Rick,
    We can’t thank you enough for your help finding Derek’s wedding band at Pleasant Bay. You quickly came to the rescue with compassion and patience and created a happy ending for what was an incredibly stressful situation for us. A physical wedding ring can be replaced but the sentimental value if it is irreplaceable and we Thank You for being able to preserve that for us. Life gives us stressful moments sometimes to teach us or remind us of things (yes one of those lessons here is not to take your prized jewelry to the beach 🙂 ) but another was a reminder that there are really amazing people in this world such as yourself. We thought you were too good to be true! …

    Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

    Derek & Dalia

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