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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Volleyball Court .. Found by Calling for Help

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Haja was playing volleyball with friends at a local park in Irvine, CA. She hit a ball over the net and he gold wedding ring went flying into the sand. She knew the second it left her finger. The next day she returned to sift through the sand. Then she ordered a metal detector from Amazon.

The day the metal detector was delivered, she went to the volleyball court to continue the search. Nothing showed up. Her friend who had been helping her decided to go online for advice. They found my information and called. 

I met them shortly after talking to them . The park was only a few miles from my place.  With my state of the art metal detector and experience using it. We had Haja’s wedding ring out of the sand and back to Haja were it belongs.

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Lost Silver Watch in Sand at a Private Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found with a Metal Detector.

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I received a call from Stephanie asking for help to find a watch that her husband lost on a private beach in Laguna Beach, CA. After finding the watch she sent me a story of what happened. She tells it much better than I can:

An incredible story….

My husband lost his watch in Emerald Bay.  The watch was very special to him as he bought it for himself as a reward for selling his first company.  We walked the beach for hours looking for the watch, along with employees of emerald bay.  I googled searched while walking on the beach and Stan the ring finder came up.  I called him and he was amazing! He came right away and met me in the beach and found it in 5 minutes.  He was kind and brilliant at what he does! So happy.  Thank you so much. 

I was planning on several hours of searching because it was lost from the cupholder of the beach chain. They had walked more than a couple hundred yards down the beach before realizing the watch was missing.

I like the quick recoveries, they make up for the no find searches that go on for hours.. We don’t write blogs about those long time consuming searches. Sometimes we can’t find the missing item because it is not there.

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Lost White Gold with Diamonds Wedding Ring.. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned to a Happy Wife

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**** David’s wife Arsine had put her wedding ring in a pocket of her jacket for safekeeping while at Huntington Beach, CA.. Just before leaving the beach she went to retrieve the ring and it was missing. She was sure it was lost somewhere in the sand.

After a hour of searching the sand with no luck, David called me to ask for help. I live within 8 miles of their location so it was a short time till I showed up where the loss occurred.

They had the spot secured so I was confident that we could find the ring in few minutes. After a few swings of my Minelab Equinox metal detector the white gold diamond wedding ring was found and returned to Arsine. Another happy couple helped by a member of TheRingFinders.. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 

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Hazardous Sharp Metals Removed from Childrens Play Area.. Huntington Beach, CA.

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**** April takes care of three young boys between the ages of 4 and 7 years of age. Lately she hasn’t been able to let them play in the backyard because it is littered with hazardous metallic items. They even recently found a sharp knife in a planter. 

April called me asking if I could help her remove remove sharp metallic items from a backyard play area. Besides having a metal detector, I also have a magnetic sweeper on wheels that I could use to retrieve the surface ferrous metals.I wasn’t sure how large or what conditions I would be dealing with but I was able to use the magnetic sweeper to save a lot of unnecessary bending down. Then finished off the search with my metal detector retrieving other metals 2”- 3” depth.

They were very relieved to see the nails, screws and other pieces of metal removed from the play area. 

It’s always a challenge to use new equipment to help do a task like this. Last time I did a yard clean up, it took me two 3 hour sessions using my metal detector and pinpointer.

It wasn’t the same as returning a sentimental piece of jewelry. I was happy to know that April and the mother of the boys had a little peace of mind knowing that the boys have a safer place to play.



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Laguna Beach Business District … Found Inside Car

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…  Ella contacted me after losing her diamond engagement ring in a public area in a Laguna Beach business district. When she called I was on the beach two miles away. 

It didn’t take long to meet Ella and Nicolas at the location where they had been parked next to a city landscaped planter. Nicolas told me that they believed his wife’s diamond ring fell out of her purse when she dropped the purse after getting out of the car. They had also checked the inside of the car and moved the car to see if it had fallen under the car.

The planter was about a 10 ft x 10 ft area with well spaced plants and wood chip ground cover. After scanning the planter in several directions and following up crawling on my hands and knees using my pinpointer the ring didn’t show. 

I asked Ella to re-check her purse and we double checked the inside of the car. Boom! ring found on a small ledge under the steering column. We had established that the ring was not in the planter using the metal detectors. Process of elimination caused a reason to re-check the only other places left that had many hiding places. The inside of cars have many nooks and crannies that can hide a ring. Too bad a metal detector can’t work inside of cars.

Results, two very happy people that had spent more than two hours searching for their very sentimental ring. It was a pleasure to help Nicolas and Ella.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE” … Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring in Brush Filled Hillside .. Laguna Niguel, CA. Private Home .. Found

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*** Steve called me from his parents home in Laguna Niguel, CA. He had lost his platinum wedding ring in deep bushes while trying to retrieve his son’s ball. It was dark and I told him I could be there soon assuming it might be a problem for him to miss work the next day.

He said that he lived close and felt it would be best to meet the next morning. After meeting him at the location I could see it was going to be a challenge as the bushes were waist high and very close together. To top it off, the hillside was a very steep angle.

Before setting up my detector Steve and I waded into the bushes and  he pointed out where he had retrieved the ball. As we were walking out to get my detector we spotted the ring deep in an opening as we were looking for a place to step through the thick foliage.

Another example of why not to get overwhelmed when you see a difficult search situation. To be truthful, I thought this was going to be a hand and knee search with my pinpointer through dusty thick foliage with bugs, spiders and other critters. 

They had spent several hours searching the day of the loss figuring that it was impossible to find with out a metal detector. Steve and his parents were amazed and happy that the ring was recovered so quickly. It was a pleasure to meet them and help find the ring.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  ..  Stan the Metal Detector Man