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Lost Handmade Gold Ring Found in Alameda

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost gold ring found in AlamedaAllie and her friends enjoyed a late night party on the beach in Alameda. The weather was cold but clear, and the moon was full, giving them a beautiful view of San Francisco and the Peninsula.

Early this morning, Allie stood up and brushed the sand off her clothes. As she did so, she felt her handmade gold ring slip off her finger. It was dark, and nobody could see the ring. It was lost in the sand.

Allie and her friends searched for a couple of hours, then decided to get help. I got the call around 7:00 am, and was able to meet Allie on the beach by 8:45.

Fortunately, Allie had marked the place where she had been standing. I staked off the likely area, then began searching for the ring with my metal detector. After 20 minutes I had finished the primary search zone and only found two coins and two bottle caps. This means that the beach was very clean, probably because it had been visited by many metal detectorists.

We decided to extend the search area a bit further toward the water, the direction that she had been brushing her hand. Sure enough, after another five minutes I found the ring just a bit under the sand. It is truly a beautiful, one of a kind family heirloom. I’m glad it’s back on Allie’s finger!

The ring is back with its happy owner

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