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Lost Gold Emerald Wedding Ring Recovered Along Emerald Isle, NC Beach

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Suzie & James were visiting family and celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary on the Western end of Emerald Isle, NC.

James was at the beach setting up a sunshade as he had done many times before…  Not long afterwards, it was discovered his claddagh style wedding band was missing.  The house was searched unsuccessfully and it was determined it possibly came off during the beach set up trip.

The following day, Suzie found Crystal Coast Ring Finders after performing a search to rent a metal detector.  I headed to them as soon as possible and began a search of the area James selected that day. The very first target after about 6 passes sounded loud and I knew it was not very deep in the sand.  I used my fingers to dig down to expose that wonderful golden circle of James’s ring.  Suzie had returned to the house and James was walking away at the time.  I got this attention and motioned him to come.  I wanted James to raise his ring from the 4 inch hiding spot.  He immediately called Suzie and the smiles broke out once again!

Sentimental Ear Ring Lost At Atlantic Beach Found Two Days Later

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Atlantic Beach, NC

I was practicing my detector skills and settings at “The Circle”.  As I pulled another bottlecap from it’s sandy depths (glass bottles are prohibited here), a couple asked if I had found an ear ring.  Kate informed me she had lost the ear ring in the same general area 2 days prior.  My recovery mode went into action as I started to grid the area.  To her surprise and after a few more pieces of junk metal, I received a solid 1 signal on my Minelab Equinox 800.  It took 1 scoop to unbury her missing ear ring.

Kate was thrilled I found it and explained although it didn’t have monetary value, her Aunt had made the ear rings for her and the sentimental value connection made her very happy to have the set back in her possession.

Two Very Important Rings Lost At Emerald Isle, NC Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Emily’s words:  “I was visiting my friends beach house in Emerald Isle and had one of the beautiful days on the beach.  I was going in and out of the water and left two of my most special rings on a beach towel, as well as some bracelets.  The two rings were of great importance to me.  One was a gold band that I received for my 20th birthday, and the other was my high school class ring.  After taking a swim in the ocean, I went back to my towel to put my jewelry on but neglected to put my rings also back on.  I shook out my towel and continued about my day and met up with some friends shortly after.  When my friends arrived I realized what I had done and instantly began to panic.  I searched for almost an hour before giving up and deciding to hire someone to find my rings.  Within minutes, my rings were descovered with a metal detector just about a couple inches under the sand.  It was one of the most relieving moments to know that two of my most prized possessions were found safe and undamaged.”

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Steven Ray

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Wedding Ring Set Lost In Atlantic Beach, NC Waters Found & Vacation Saved

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Amanda & Chris were spending a family vacation along Salter Path’s beach.  After a few hours on the beach they returned to their room to clean up.  It was then Amanda discovered her wedding ring set was gone!  Chris had mentioned to me that the rings were usually a snug fit and had been soldered together.  The evening of the loss, Chris found my contact information and plans were made to meet the following day.  After a thunderstorm, I began the search in the area of the beach they set up and worked my way toward the water.  Once it was near the low tide time, I changed to a different metal detector and headed into the water.  One of the first targets in the water was a stainless band ring.  A couple more items were retrieved from the waist deep water before I placed the detector coil over Amanda’s rings.  To my surprise, they were laying on top of the sand & shells I pulled up in the scoop.  Chris mentioned I had saved their vacation as Amanda was very upset because the rings were lost.