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Lost Ring Playing Volleyball .. Corona Delmar Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Marius contacted me, asking if I could help him find his Tungsten Carbide wedding ring. He was at Corona Delmar beach playing volleyball with his friends. He was still at the location when I arrived.
Marius did not feel the ring slip from his finger but he did know it was on when he started playing. When they stopped to take a break, he discovered his ring was missing.
I like this type of search because it was a fresh drop, defined location and large ring. He did play on both sides of the volleyball court but this should not take long to grid search.
After about an hour I started to lose my confidence. My head started to question whether Marius really gave me the correct information. I started a cross grid in the opposite direction and expanding 15 feet outside the court.
It only took about five or six passes before I got the strong signal I was looking for. After digging the signal, it turned out to be Marius’ wedding ring.
Another learning experience for me. I felt this was going to be fast and easy, ( wrong ). The ring was actually 15 feet outside the court very close to their beach chair and personal items.
Marius said he will never wear his ring while playing sports. He wasn’t looking forward to tell his wife how careless he had been.