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Gold and Diamond Rings recovered in Centreville, Virginia!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

The streak continues! 100% success in recovery since I became a search member of The Ring Finders! This time the lost items were in Centreville, Va. About 90 minutes from my residence. I got a call from David this past Saturday. I could hear the concern and panic in his voice, but luckily he contacted me immediately and gave a very accurate account of what he was doing and where he suspected he lost the rings. Because of that, along with the help of my buddy Lance, we have yet another successful recovery to add to the list.. I’ll let David tell you how things went down in his own words.


I had just finished cutting the lawn at my home in Centreville, VA, trying to beat the rain showers that were slated to move into my Northern Virginia location later that evening, when I realized that my Grandfather’s diamond ring and my wedding band of 30 years were missing from the little finger of my right hand where I wore them both. (This because of late life weight gain!)   I was certain that they must have come off while I was emptying the lawn mower cuttings into plastic bags.  However, after a careful search of three bags of clippings,  and repeated searches of my yard, I could not locate the rings.  When I told a neighbor what had happened and that I was considering buying a metal detector he suggested I hire a “Ring Finder” to come a search my yard for the rings.  I had never heard of such a thing, but a quick online search took me to the Ring Finders web site @   The closest ring finder to my location was Jim Wagner of Pasadena, MD.   I called his number and told him about my situation.  He was very personable and wanted to help me, but he wasn’t sure if he could get to my until the following weekend, however he said he would check with a friend of his to see if he could help me sooner.  The prospect of living with my loss for a week without doing anything was worrisome to me so I decided to purchase an inexpensive metal detector and give it a shot myself.  Fortunately, Jim called me back the next day and said he could come and assist me that very afternoon.  This was very encouraging to me as my attempts to use the metal detector I had purchased were not yielding the desired results.  Jim and his partner Lance arrived at my location within a couple of hours of his call and began to search immediately.  Jim had told me in our previous phone conversation, (and as you can see on his web page), that he has a 100% success rate.  I found that statement to be very encouraging, however, I couldn’t help but thinking that I would be the one to break his streak!  As they began to search my front yard, I went around back to put my dog in the house as she was barking hysterically.  After putting my dog in the house, I was about to make a call to my wife and let her know that the Ring Finders were here and searching when there was a knock at my front door.  When I opened it, there stood Jim and Lance, my rings in hand!  It literally took them less than 5 minutes to find them!  I can’t tell you how amazed and appreciative I was!  These guys are good at what they do!  So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t despair, just call the Ring Finders!  I give them my highest recommendation.

Thanks David for the endorsement! I’m glad the rings are back where they belong!

Lance with a very happy David!

Lance with a very happy David!

So glad we were able to find these for David.

So glad we were able to find these for David.


Lost ring in Pacific Beach found!

from La Jolla (California, United States)

After finding a ring in the morning, I received a call from Grant who said his sister thought she had lost a ring in the sand at Pacific Beach when she decided to apply some sun lotion. It was custome made and matched a set of ear rings so she was rather distraught over losing it.  She didn’t notice until later that her ring was missing so this was only one of the several possible locations where it could have been lost. It had been lost the day before and since she was just visiting, she had already returned home to San Francisco. Grant knew where they had been sitting in the sand so he was able to put a boundary on the search area.

     This day, there were others camped out in that same area so I had to avoid detecting up on someone’s blanket! After no more than about 5 minutes of gridding and no sounds of any kind (good or bad) I was thinking maybe someone else had already hit the area and scooped up all the good stuff but right when I thought that, I got a nice gold reading on my E-trac and looked down to see part of the ring sticking up out of the sand not 3 feet from where a couple of women were sitting on their blanket watching me! Good thing they and everyone else that may have happened by had bad eyesight! Grant now gets to make the fun phone call and a guaranteed bed whenever he wants to visit San Francisco. Add another smile to the list and one for me as this was a fun day at the beach.


Sorry about the poor photo. I didn’t realize is was blurry until I downloaded it from my camera. It’s a very nice gold ring with a topaz.


Ring lost at Ocean Beach found!

from La Jolla (California, United States)

 At 7:00am Monday morning, I met Tim at Ocean Beach where he had lost his ring the previous day. He and his friends had been throwing a football around when his cold wet hand let loose of his ring. Tim showed me the approximate area where he thought he had been and I proceded to mark off one of the corner boundaries by making an “L” in the sand with my foot. I turned on the E-trac and made just one sweep when I got the familiar gold ring sound about 7″ down. Sure enough, on the first scoop, I found his ring! He had that “no way” look on his face as I pulled his ring out of the sand. I wish all recoveries were this easy. He must have thought I was some sort of magician and that I had the ring all the time and was just fooling with him! Chalk up another smile and happy owner.



Lost Oyama Wedding Ring Found

from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-707-0618

The distress call came from Oyama B.C.                                                                      Logan was splitting firewood in his backyard, his wedding ring was getting in the way, so he removed it and placed on the splitting block as he stacked the wood. A while later he remembered the ring, only by this time a young boy had been in the yard and tipped over the block. Logan was unsure if the boy had moved the ring or not. He did a visual search of the yard with no success, so he searched the internet finding Ringfinders and requested my assistance. The ring was found quickly with my metal detector, it was in the grass and had been stepped on.

logan (2)ring 2 (2)

Looking forward to helping you find your lost jewellery in Newfoundland!

from St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada)
Contact: 1-709-782-6511

The summer is almost here and the outdoor activity is picking up! If you misplace your valuables please give me a call and I’ll be there to help you out – I’m looking forward to a wonderful Newfoundland summer!



My trip to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home OR.

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

My son and I decided to take a trip down to Whites Electronics in Sweet Home Oregon to visit the birth place of my V3i.  About a 5 hour trip from Seattle due south and sunshine all the way.  We left at 6am hoping to get there by noon.  As we where driving down there from Seattle I wondered why they built 6 lane highways and over passes.  Coming back through the Seattle area around 6pm we hit traffic….hard!  Crawling through Seattle at 25km/hr, where is everyone going?  Besides that, it was a great trip and beautiful countryside.  Down at Whites Electronics I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Hudson.  Mary is the Customer Service manager there in Sweet Home.  She was very interested in hearing all about our organization and what we do.  While I was there, she had the tech guys in the back give my V3i a once over to check everything.  When I was handed back my MD, it had a brand new d2 coil, screen and button cover on the control, new clips and cable ties and new earfoam pads fro my headset.  Total cost of this royal service?  … nothing!  Mary felt that if we go and do the great stuff that we do in our ringfinders stories, we should have the best tuned and updated equipment that whites can provide.  Now that is what I call “Customer Service”.

Bellow are the links to the short vids I shot of the trip, enjoy.



BIG 18K gold ring lost on a West Seattle beach – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

I got an email late last night from a gentleman who lost his ring while playing tether ball on the beach in Seattle.  As he was hitting the ball, his ring flew off and bounced off a nearby log.  So we met at the site this morning and started searching. It took about an hour to find it.  The ring had hit the log at an angle and, after bouncing off, landed about 20 feet away from the tether ball pole.

It was a great experience for both of us!





Lost Gold Bracelet Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758







05/02/2013 I was contacted by Jere H in Houston regarding his lost gold bracelet. Jere reported he lost his bracelet the other day while working in his yard. He said he felt his bracelet had slip off his wrist and was somewhere in his backyard.

I arrived at Jere’s residence and was shown the  backyard, it was a picture scene from out of Jurassic Park.  Jere’s back yard was this large lush tropical paradise, with ponds, water features, climbing scrubs and a lot of lush vegetation.

I was the WOW phase as Jere was pointing out some the areas he remembered he thought the bracelet might have fallen off. Jere had been working his backyard tending to the landscape when he noticed his bracelet was missing. Jere spent the first day trying to located the bracelet but was unsuccessful.

After Jere finished recommending some specific areas in the backyard, I started aggressively working through the landscape trying not to damage the foliage. I was knee deep in the brush after about 40 minutes of searching when I heard Jere calling out my name. I stepped out of the brush to see Jere holding a gold bracelet.

Jere said, while I was searching the back, he found his missing bracelet in a crack in the driveway in the front of his residence.

Jere said, he has had the bracelet for many and was happy he found it.

Nice work Jere.






Mom’s Wedding Band Lost and Found in Los Altos

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost wedding band found in Los Altos

Lost wedding band found in Los Altos

Jeannette contacted us on Saturday. Her 81 year old mother had lost her wedding ring in the backyard of her Los Altos home. She believed that she lost it in the grass while she was throwing a ball for her dog. Jeannette’s brother rented a metal detector to search for it, but did not have any luck.  

We spoke with Jeannette on Sunday and arranged to meet on Tuesday. Because the ring was on private property, there was no risk of it being found by somebody else, so there was no rush. When we arrived, Jeannette’s mom reenacted how she lost the ring, with an underhand toss of a large tennis ball for her Golden Retriever. She said she had felt the ring fly off her finger.

The grassy area where she threw the ball was small, so we searched it first. After two overlapping searches with two detectors we didn’t find it, so we knew it wasn’t there. Next we started searching the planted beds on either side of the grass.

Gold is funny sometimes. When its buried in grass, it is the same color as the dead grass among the roots. When it is lost in a planter bed covered in bark, it takes on a darker color that is also hard to see. But metal detectors aren’t fooled by this chameleon act. We found the ring after just a few minutes of searching in the beds. Everyone went home happy!

It's easy to see the gold wedding band from up close.

It’s easy to see the gold wedding band from up close.

It's much harder to see the lost ring when you take a step back!

It’s much harder to see the lost ring when you take a step back!

Update on ring found using only Keyboard

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

As promised here is the picture of the “Angle Search” family ring.  You can read the whole story on when they publish it later next week.