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Gold Signet Ring for 8yr Old found after 3 weeks

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447


Hello from Don & Ellen Wilson in Dallas, Texas.  We got a call today from Mrs Bundy, her 8yr old daughter, Briar, had lost her Gold Signet Ring at the playground of the local Country Club.  We met at the Country Club and began searching the area where the daughter said she saw the ring fly off her hand.  She was playing Queen of the World by standing on top of a picnic table and threw her arm out like she was Queen. The ring came off of her hand and was lost.

After 3 weeks of searching by Briar, her parents, other family members and the Country Club grounds & Management staff everyone had given the ring up for lost.  Mrs Bundy’s sister in New York read an article about  “The Ring Finders” and told Mrs. Bundy she should check the website and see if there was a “Ring Finder in the Dallas area”  She did and found my wife and I.

After about an hour of searching we were about to call it quits when I asked the little girl to get back up on the picnic table and re-inact the event.  She did, then my wife said “no wait, do it again and close your eyes and do it the exact same way”.  Briar did as we requested and did it completely different than she had previously showed us.  This time I saw that it was possible the ring may have  flown in a different area of grass.  We began to detect this area and in 5 minutes the ring showed itself.  I called the little girl and her mother over and asked, ‘is this your ring’?  They were so excited and so grateful.

Another great day in the life of “The Ring Finders in Dallas,Tx”

God I love this hobby!

Don & Ellen

Anxious to get metal detecting and find your ring in Newfoundland!

from St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada)
Contact: 1-709-782-6511

I’m sure that there’s a lot of people here in Newfoundland, particularly in St. John’s, Paradise, Mount Pearl, CBS that have lost a ring, necklace or something of value that need the metal detecting service like this to help them find it!  I’m anxious to get out and use my metal detector to help you continue your story, so please call or e-mail me.

Cheers Newfoundland,


Lost ring near Centennial Park, Cascade, MI

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

"I just can't believe you found it"

Pat Lindquist was busy doing some gardening around her Condo when finding her glove uncomfortable with her ring on, she removed her glove and took her ring off and put it on the trunk of her car that was sitting in the garage.

Forgetting about the ring until the next day while having a manicure, she noticed the ring missing and remembered where she put it. Pat went out and rented a detector, told the walkers and joggers that come by her condo and letting the maintenance man know that it was lost and she put an ad in the local newspaper. I answered the ad and asked her several questions. The answers I got, told me it wasn’t around the condo, so I placed an old ring on her trunk and told her to back out of the driveway and then drive about a hundred feet.  She did and the ring did not move. My brother Doug and I then got in my car and I told her to drive the route she took last week. As she drove we watched the ring on the trunk and when she traveled about 1/2 a mile and turned a corner the ring moved a little bit but did not fall off, she kept on driving. After about another couple of blocks coming to a busy intersection, I told her to stop. We took the ring off the trunk lid and I told her to go back home and we will come by soon.

An engagement ring made into a cocktail ring.

Doug headed down the busy street and I back tracked to the corner where the ring moved on the trunk. I walked along the gutter and on the edge of the grass and after about 30 feet there it was in the gutter waiting for me after one week in the cold and alone on the lonely street.

We came back to the condo and seeing that the ring was insured, I presented Pat with a letter for her insurance agent. At the same time Doug held up the ring on his pinkie and Pat started crying. She asked us in her home and we met her husband who told Pat at one point last week “we might be a scam”. We laughed and affirmed the importance of integrity of this activity.

Pat promised to tell everyone listed above and the girls at work won’t believe it.

As a RINGFINDER you need to ask leading questions, be a detective and look beside where the ring was thought to be.

Lost childs ring in Rockford, MI

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

A happy grandmother, trust reinstated.

Linda Timmer called me Sat June 2nd and said she lost a child’s gold ring that her granddaughter to her to hold for

Childs gold ring with amber stone.

her for safe keeping. She put it in her pocket after seeing her granddaughter and went home. While staying at a small cottage on Myers Lake, while their home was being remodeled. She brought her dog out to the back yard and threw her car keys to her husband and at thqat time unbeknown to her the ring came out of her pocket into the grass. She didn’t discover it until later so she went out and searched the car and went over the grass on her hands and knees to no avail.

Linda had been told that there was a newspaper article written by Tom Rademacher about Gregg Larabel the Ring Finder. She gave me a call and I told her I would be out Monday morn at 10am.  My brother Doug usually goes out with me as we make a great team. After meeting Linda and her husband, she retold the story and then we began to hunt.

Using a grid system Doug started on one end and I on the  other, it was only about 20 square feet of lawn. After about 20 minutes Doug reached down, using his Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker, and picked up the ring.

A happy and relieved grandmother promised never to mis-handle something that her grandaughter intrusted with. A nice couple that both Doug and I could identify with being veterans ourselves.

Have You Lost a Ring or Jewelry in Marion, Carbondale, anywhere in Southern Illinois?

from Marion (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-618-969-2054

My name is Lee and I live in Marion, Illinois.  I have been involved in metal detecting for almost 20 years.  I am very skillful with a metal detector and I practice proven searching techniques. 

If you have lost a piece of jewelry, and you know the general vicinity in which it was lost, I can help you find it.  I can search any type of terrain, including parks, sports fields, yards, beaches, and shallow water.

I am a member of TheRingFinders and my contact information is on my website at:

Brain Surgeon Buries Engagement Ring

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.


This is a story about a guy madly in love with the woman of his dreams!

Like any guy madly in love, all that mattered was that she said YES!

Like any guy madly in love, all that mattered was that she said YES!

And, like any guy head over heels, I’m sure Steve wanted his proposal to Mary to be as sweet and amazing as could be… one of their happiest days ever.

They’d flown in from Denver for a romantic getaway on a beautiful beach in paradise.

And, as the sun was setting over the water, he was about to ask her to be with him forever!

If all had gone as planned, having her “find” the ring in the sand, would have been a wonderful memory! But, when it came to “finding the ring”, the ring could not be found. Steve and a dozen hotel staff and beach goers searched the beach for hours, in the rain, but had no luck.

Then, Mary got online looking for someone with a metal detector and found our listing in the directory on

Since it was already getting late, as soon as I got the call, I headed right over from the job I was on… didn’t even stop to change. When I got to the beach, I had them go over things with me and got right to work. I pushed my center stake into the sandbar where they thought the ring was lost and spiraled my search pattern out from there.

Here's what it's all about! Helping them find that ring!

Here's what it's all about! Helping them find that ring!



I found the ring after about twenty minutes of searching… 20 feet away.

When I looked up at them with the I-FOUND-IT smile on my face, they ran over to where I stood with their ring in hand. After a few seconds of cheers and hugs, Steve turned to Mary, dropped down to one knee, right there in the surf, and asked her to marry him. Talk about being able to “feel the love”! It was a powerful moment that I’ll never forget.

Dr. Steve’s patients are so fortunate to have found a skilled brain surgeon that also has a heart of gold!





Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Cloverdale BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I received a 911 emergency call the other morning to help find a lost platinum wedding band that was lost in a persons garden. The young lady wanted the ring found ASAP and unfortunately I was working and had to make her wait till the next day.

She told me that her daughter had thrown the ring in the garden and she was afraid that a bird might find it or a squirrel and the ring would be gone for good. I felt pretty confident if she couldn’t see or find the ring… they couldn’t either.

After talking about the next days search and ensuring her that I will find it, she then told me that she had gotten mad at her husband and tossed his ring in the back yard.

This happens a lot and most people don’t like talking about it, and most times I can’t get a video or a picture because they don’t want to be online showing others what happened and I completely understand.  I have had a couple of people in the past let me do my story in regards to getting mad and throwing the ring and that just shows others we are all human.



The search was an easy one, the ring had been stomped into the dirt near a shrub, that being said the young couple wouldn’t have had a chance to find it as it was already buried an inch or more.

I could tell that they were both happy and I was too! I get to meet some great people and hear the stories about their ring and what it means to them to get it back

I love my job!

Lost something?

Call me ASAP

Thanks for reading!

Best, Chris Turner


Lost platinum diamond ring on beach in LBI,N.J.found by TheRingFinders Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from a woman who had lost her platinum diamond ring that was handed down to her from her grandmother. She explained that while attending a wedding event at a beach front resort she was hitting a beachball and the ring had flown off her finger. Although everyone started searching the sand for the ring at the time it could not be found. Not wanting to give up the resort had contacted some local authorities having metal detectors and searched the area for hours with no success. Viewing the internet weeks later she came across a story about a doctor losing an engagement ring on the beach and one of our members of The Ring finders had found the ring for him. living in NJ she searched for a member in her area and contacted me and we setup a time to meet,contacted the resort and met the next day. Arriving at the resorts private beach area where the ring was lost(approx 60’x80′) I setup my Whites V3i detector accepting all foil and pulltab signals since platinum will respond in this trash target area.Digging alot of trash targets and about 3/4 of the way done the area I received a foil signal with a vdi of 7 and found the ring in my scoop! I immediately contacted the owner and broke the good news to her,needless to say she was very excited. We met up an hour later and I presented her with her lost family heirloom. he was very interested in the service we provide and accepted some of my advertising to get out to  friends and presented me with a very nice reward,Thankyou very much Joyce! 2012 season is off to a great start!

Ring lost for 6 months found in Farmington Hills, MI

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

Lost ring while walking on the side of road near home.

 Last fall while walking on the side of a road near their home, Peters wife lost an expensive heirloom ring given to him from his mother.

He had a few boys and rented detctors go out shortly after and look in the grass and weeds by the road to no avail. Fearing that someone might have picked it up he forgot about it until he saw a TV show about The Ring Finders. He went on line and found my name and gave me a call, ironically I was out on another mission at Wixom Lake but told him I would call him back.

After hearing the story I agreed to meet him the next morning and drove 140 miles east of my home. I brought my brother, Doug, with me figuring two heads are better than one. We search alot together with great success. Peter met us at his home and led us a mile down the road to the spot he thought the ring was lost. After pointing between 2 telephone poles and between the edge of the street and 15 feet in, we began the search.

We set up a grid search with Doug on one end and I on the other. After an hour of wacking at weeds and scratching at gravel from the side of the road Doug found the ring about an inch under some dirt probably left over from the plow the previous winter.

Unable to reach Peter I left a message: “call me right away, (I’m at the Pawn shop)” I thought he would get a laugh out of it and a few minutes later he called me and I told him I would meet him at his house. He drove up and we presented him the ring (that needed a good cleaning). It was a beautiful ring with a big karot diamond surrounded by an emerald and four diamonds and eight more diamonds on the side.

Peters wife was home and was beside herself with joy. After giving us a generous reward we were on our way back home thinking about what we did for a very nice couple and another chance to show how much integrity this program has.


Ring recovered in Wixom Lake, Beaverton, MI

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

Happy young lady after engagement ring found.$6000.00 engagement ring recovered in 3 feet of water.

    Stepanie was celebrating the Memorial Weekend on Saturday at Wixom Lake in Beaverton, MI
    While anchoring their boat at Pontoon Alley, a place were everyone anchors and parties on the water, she removed her rings to hand to Travis her fiance’. While handing the rings to put in the boat her $6000.00 engagement sank to the sandy bottom in three feet of water. After several people helped look for the ring and getting a detector from Travis parents they gave up and went to the internet.
Stephanie contacted me from the Ringfinders network and asked me to make the two and a half hour journey. I told her I could make it Wed. afternoon and so I went up to see them.
Jumping in their boat we took a mile trip down the lake to Pontoon Alley. It was about the size of a football field that went from the beach to about 5 feet.
Stephanie remebers stand ing up to her waist so I concentrated on that depth. I put a stick in the water and set up a grid search and after three 50 feet swipes and 25 pull tabs and bottle caps I cam up with the jewel. Travis and I were going to bring back all the junk and mix the ring in it after telling Stephanie that we gave up the search but when I handed it to Travis  and he looked at Stephanie he smiled and she burst out in tears. After several thank you’s and as many bear hugs we jumped back into the boat and headed back.
Stepanie grilled us some hamburgers and sausage, made a hundred calls to tell everyone it’s been found and I packed up with a smile on my face and headed home.