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Gold medal found by Theringfinder member


A few weeks ago I was detecting on my favorite beach – Barra da Tijuca, on my favorite spot – Praia do Pepê, when a couple approached and asked me if I could help them find a gold medal they had lost a few minutes before. They told me they were tourists from the capital, Brasilia, were enjoying their visit to Rio a lot but the loss of that medal was a real drawback.

He said he had lifted his wife in the air but in the process her hand got tangled in his necklace and it snaped, sending his gold chain and medal flying through the air. They found the chain but not the medal.

As they had a good idea where it had landed, it did not take me long to find it. When I picked it from the scoop (after seeing bottle caps, pull tabs, coins and even a small metal toy  car be pulled out of it) they got elated to say the least.  Being responsible for that big smile and that strong hug is priceless.

I love my hobby.

Metal Detecting for Saint Christopher/English Bay Beach/Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work last week and I got a call from a lady that told me her son lost his silver chain with a cross and Saint Christopher medallion on it.

She tells me that her son lost it at English Bay Beach in Vancouver by a log, he took it off and put it on his blanket and when he was ready to head home he shook the sand off his blanket and off went the chain.

The young man was more then half way home on the bus when he realized what he had done! He was devastated and when he got home he told his mother what happened. She went on line where she found my service and called me, we talked and she told me the story.

The thing was she called me on Thursday and her son lost it on a Monday, I was sure that someone had found it as most treasure hunter search the logs first. I told her to register the loss on my website and I’d call a few treasure hunters to see if anyone found it.

By Sunday and a few searches later I’d picked up the Newspaper and checked the lost column to see the add about a lost silver chain at English Bay Beach. I called and asked the lady why she didn’t register the loss on my website and she said her son forgot to do that. I told her that I’d go out to the beach and take a look but I told her our chances didn’t look good.

I talked to her son that afternoon and he told me where and how to get to the log he was sitting at, I found the area and from what he told me I figured that I was at the right log.

I turned on my detector and the very first signal was his silver chain and cross & Saint Christopher! I was amazed!! The luck was with us that day and I learned later that the Saint Christopher medallion was given to him by his late Grandmother, it meant the world to him…

I love my job!

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Metal Detecting Vancouver/English Bay Beach for Saint Christopher

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Looking for Saint Christopher at English Bay Beach