Lost Gold and Diamond Ring at Kuhio Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Alberto asking if I was able to help us in Waikiki find a ring?  I was just finishing up work and decided to call and see what the circumstances were.  Alberto on vacation from Santa Monica, California said that while crab walking in the water with his 4 year old Niece his friend Andrew’s Gold & Diamond ring came off in shallow water at Kuhio Beach.  They searched for about four hours with no luck.  I told Andrew I’d head home and grab my detecting gear and be there in about 30 minutes.  When I arrived Andrew & Alberto met me on the beach to show me the area they believed the ring came off.  Alberto helped by being a grid marker out in the water for me.   As I was working shoreward Alberto said he didn’t think the ring would be any closer to the shore and that I should probably extend the search out to the east and deeper.  I hadn’t even found a target yet this beach was sterile.  As I was heading deeper Alberto said maybe just about ten feet more.  After that I turned around and started the inbound leg when I got a booming tone 12-13-14 on the Nox.  I scooped twice but missed the target I was thinking this might be a small piece of can slaw but the target was still in the same spot.  On the third try I had the target in the scoop and “BINGO” it was Andrew’s ring.  I could instantly see the relief on Andrew’s face as I told them I found it.  They both agreed,  The vacation was saved!  Aloha to Andrew & Alberto!

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