Lost Gold Ring - Found! in Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

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I received a text from Arthur that he had lost his grandfather’s ring in his neighbor’s backyard. In talking to Arthur it was on a tray that he dumped, forgetting it was on there. He heard it hit the chain link fence separating the yards and spent hours in vain looking, unable to find it. The ring was very special (as most are) with the story of this one having belonged to his grandfather who served in World War II and then continued serving in the NYPD. The ring was from his grandfather’s time in the NYPD.

I arrived at the house and met Arthur who showed me the search area. Pretty standard, however, the chain link fence of course could pose a challenge. My thought was it was directly under the fence and would be very difficult to locate. I searched with my large coil first, then switched to my smaller one to get closer to the fence. It took me about an hour, but I located the ring a short distance from fence next to a large pine tree. The pine needles provided the perfect hiding place.

Arthur was elated to have his ring back as his face lit up with a great big smile. The ring was a large gold ring and was inscribed Captain, a tribute to the rank of Arthur’s Grandfather at the time of his retirement I would assume. There was a little bit of added pressure trying to find and return this hero’s ring to his grandson and I am glad to have been able to do so. It is always a blessing to meet kind and generous people like Arthur and a pleasure to have been able to find and return his ring!!

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