lost Gold Chain + Rings found in Fairhaven, Mass

A friend on Facebook sent me a listing of a Gold chain with a diamond butterfly lost that had 3 rings on it at the beach. After reaching out to Alyssa, she finally got back to me after a few days. We chatted about what I do and how it was lost. She had mentioned that for me not to bother to travel so far because she said a couple of other guys had searched high and low for them to no avail. We agreed that maybe someone had seen them on the sand and possibly picked them up.

I again reached out about four days later and told Alyssa that when I got over that way I would check the area in question and went over that day again. I asked if she had gone into the water, she replied no just to the waters edge. She did mention that she walked up to the bathing houses on her way out that day.

Two month’s had gone by. It was honestly haunting me, to know that such a precious set of rings and a gold butterfly chain was just possibly sitting in the sand without no one looking for them any longer. I keep a list of NON found things on my desk. I looked at that note everyday. I decided to make the trip yesterday. I searched the area in question for an hour, I was almost up to the parking lot, but still in the path sand area, when I got that familiar low tone. I dug down, and out popped a Gold ring, still didn’t look familiar. I checked the hole and another low tone, and again out popped two more gold rings and they were attached to a beautiful gold diamond butterfly chain. Now I was smiling. I knew I had Alyssa’s precious rings. The best part is that she had not even known that I went to look for them.

I contacted her again through Facebook and I am happy to say she is reunited with them once again. Never give up, in this case keeping notes and persistence paid off. On a side note to the story, Shawn was off the hook, he apparently was the one who had them in his shirt, and dropped them. Congratulations Alyssa on your return. Sincerely Leighton





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  1. Jake Thomaier says:

    Phenomenal persistence and great recovery. That’s a lifetime of change for them. You know this’ll come up at every gathering they’re at for a while.

    1. Yes Sir, it will stay fresh in their minds forever… Thank You for responding…

  2. Alyssa Botelho says:

    Leighton, I cannot thank you enough for this MIRACLE. When Sean and I realized my jewelry had fallen out of his pocket that sunny day at the beach, our hearts sank. Our carefree Saturday turned sour in an instant. My parents were there too, and the four of us scoured the area. I gave up hope pretty quickly, convincing myself that one of the many beach goers that day saw some valuable, sparkly jewelry on the ground and took it for themselves.

    My mom persuaded me into posting a picture of my lost jewelry onto a Facebook Fairhaven group page in case someone found them. I asked my brother if anyone had returned my jewelry to the police station (he’s an officer in town), and he said no luck, but did file a report for me.

    The folks on Facebook were so kind. A couple even went out with metal detectors, but could not find the jewelry. At that point, I really lost hope, and that’s when you reached out. I thought “oh no this guy should really not waste his time”.

    It was surprising to me that you kept reaching out. I honestly felt a little bad! The rings were a purchase I made in Maine with one of my best friends as a “friendship bracelet” type thing and the necklace was a birthday gift one of my other best friends gave me. I knew the friend who bought me the necklace would be devastated, so I was stalling and trying to figure out a way to tell her eventually.

    Fast forward two months, and I get a message from you to call you on the phone. I’m thinking “oh boy, this guy really doesn’t give up.” We talk on the phone for a bit, going over all the details. Then you say, “I found your rings”. I couldn’t believe my ears – after a few seconds all I could manage was “you WHAT!?”. 😂 I was (and still am) in disbelief! I had totally given up hope, but thanks to your skill, persistence, and passion for finding lost valuables, you reunited me with my sentimental jewelry.

    From my perspective, you represent the good of humanity and the “fellow neighbor”. As a writer I tend to think in terms of story, and this one began with a pessimistic, distrusting outlook on people. I had convinced myself that someone stole my rings and necklace the second they dropped from my boyfriend’s pocket. Not only have you given us the great gift of finding what was lost, you have changed and brightened my view by showing me that there are indeed honest, kind people in this world who use their talents and determination to help others.

    Oh, and you saved Sean’s behind.


    1. I know I said this a few times already, but honestly, it was an absolute pleasure to get these rings, and gold chain back to you. I never gave up, and that’s the reason for the continued calls, and text messages. I also was a little lucky too. I narrowed it down step by step and finally went over them. I’m glad we stayed in touch throughout this ordeal. New friendships are worth more than anything. Life is short, and we as people need to keep paying it forward. Congratulations Alyssa. Be safe, and if you ever need a ring finder. I’m all in…

  3. Richard Browne says:

    First off: CONGRATULATION to Alyssa for the return she made possible by reaching out for help in finding her “lost” items.
    Second: to you, Leighton: Since I have known you, you have always gone well beyond the expected to help anyone. You are one of the best detectorists I have had the pleasure of associating with.
    Many “Thanks” from a fellow Ring Finder.

    1. Thank You Rick, that sure does mean a lot coming from someone that always puts others first. Its always a pleasure to help, and return rings, that we both find together… Be safe and thanks for being there when in need of help to find the goodies. Sincerely Leighton

  4. Louis Sarkas says:

    great job Leighton. crazy how some just bug us. your top notch my friend. So glad you dont give up. Congrats, and Congrats to Alyssia, so happy she is reunited with her rings and necklace.

  5. Leighton, I love the story! What a thrill, both to you and to Alyssa, especially after so much time had passed. There’s nothing else quite like it! Congratulations on sticking with it and the great return.
    Best wishes,

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