Brian Carpenter

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I will assist you on a reward basis which means you pay me what you feel my service is worth to recover your lost ring/valuable. I have a $20.00 fee to cover fuel and expenses should your ring/valuable not be found, to be discussed at the time of your initial inquiry.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Fields, Woods, Shallow Water (ponds, streams, lakeshore areas), just about anywhere normally accessible. Permission is needed for me to be able to search on private property. I am also available to assist with searching areas for hidden cash, relics, or previously lost or yet discovered items on your homestead or at your residence. Please contact me to discuss details.

Search Locations

Western and Central Pennsylvania Please contact me as I am always willing to discuss traveling to the last known location of your lost ring/valuable

Brian Carpenter's Bio

I am recently retired after a lifetime of public service and this allows me the opportunity to continue helping people, albeit through very unique means. I have found metal detecting to be a relaxing, yet challenging hobby and I am constantly looking for new opportunities to search. I cannot promise that I will be able to recover your lost ring or valuable, but you can count on me to give an honest and diligent effort in doing so.

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Brian Carpenter - Testimonials

  • I am very grateful to Brian and highly recommend his services... (2021)


    When i initially spoke with Brian on the phone, he was very professional and thorough. He clearly stated what he would be doing and how. On the day of the search, he was punctual, reviewed the plan once again and began the search. Shortly after, the ring was found. I directed him to specific areas where it might be located and by chance, he had started his search at just the right spot.

    I am very grateful to Brian and highly recommend his services. He honestly enjoys the challenge of finding lost items for people, and he’s also an all around good person.