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Lost Wedding Band… Laguna Beach, CA… Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Wednesday,  August 14, 2013

I was sitting at home trying to decide what beach I was going to today, when I got a call from Marco Semerano, who was vacationing in Laguna Beach with his family. He  had been helping his son dig a hole in the sand Tuesday afternoon when his ring slipped off his finger. He and his wife searched the rest of the day and that night they asked everybody around if there was any way to contact somebody with a detector. No body could help them so they went to the internet and called sporting goods stores, etc. with the idea of buying a detector. That’s when they found The RingFinders and my contact information. I’m only 7 miles away so I was out the door and met Marco on the beach where he was guarding the location where he had lost the ring.

Marco told me how important his ring was to him because it was his father’s. Rocco and Laurie Semerano married 12/29/57.. Knowing the history of his ring, I had to find this ring. I started to swing my search coil and I was getting odd signals so I asked them to move the metal beach chair. After moving the chair I swung my coil where it had been and behold the sound of gold. One scoop and there was Marco’s ring. His face lit up and so did mine.

Marco asked me for some cards because he wanted to make sure the people at the Hotel and the Lifeguards know about The RingFinders service. Someday people will automatically Google the RingFinders to get help. How often have I heard ” I didn’t know a service like this existed”. It’s nice to be part of this group and someday I’ll be able to say I was a member in the early days.

After a couple photos, we talked for a few minutes. Marco telling me the whole story of this ring and me telling him lost ring stories. Then I went off to spend the next few hours detecting on a beautiful beach for pleasure, this is what I do normally. It’s a tuff life. I love it..

IMG_2421 IMG_2418

Mourning Ring Found for owner in Wicker Park Area Chicago

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Last week I received a call from a young women who believed she lost a mourning ring while walking to work. Yes a Mourning Ring, not morning ring. I must admit I had never heard of one. For those of you who have never heard of a Mourning Ring let me explain.

This Mourning ring was made in the 1890’s in England. It was made from 15K gold, not 14K gold, and was custom made with a lock of hair encased in the setting. The current owner is attempting to research for whom the ring was made and who is the deceased person that that person was in mourning for. It has small pearls boarding a stone under which is held a locket of hair. It also has a number of hallmarks on the inside of the ring. It has the initials of the deceased. If I find out more, I will update this post.

After searching the walkways for about 1/2 mile with detector and rake, we discovered the ring on the sidewalk. Since the area sidewalks had been searched several times, it is my opinion that while raking productive sounding targets, I flipped the ring out onto the center of the sidewalk. We discovered it while walking back to the original starting place. Needless to say, the owner who had purchased the ring recently, was delighted to be reunited with it.



The ring has a number of Hallmark markings.





Lost Ring… Newport Beach,CA… Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Saturday,  August 10,2013

I was up early just finishing a daily search for a ring lost in the surf last week when I received  a call from Kim. She had lost her ring yesterday. Kim figured she could try to rent a metal detector and find the ring herself.  When she got on line to find out where to rent a metal detector she found The RingFinders website and my phone number.  She called me about 6:00 am. I ask the people call me as soon as possible especially if the item is on the beach.. This time it worked out well. We beat the beach sifting machine again. ( I call it the ring eater )

Here is what happened. Kim  was at Newport Beach friday and she had taken off her ring to put on sun screen lotion. After getting home she realized that she had left the ring on the towel and never put the ring back on her finger. When she called me I  was only 2 miles away from the location where she lost it. She was able to give me very good directions over the phone and I worked a grid search and found the ring within 30 minutes. I sent her a picture and asked her to call me. She was so excited and we met later to give her the ring..

IMG_2392 IMG_2394

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring in Vancouver Garden…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

One week ago I received a call from a young lady explaining to me that her mother may have lost her diamond engagement ring in her garden. After talking for a few minutes she said that she wasn’t clear if her mother lost the ring in the garden or if it was lost in her house.I told her that I wouldn’t be able to make it until the weekend, five days later, so that if her mother could check the house good and cannot find it I would come to search the yard on the weekend.Well come Thursday I received a call that they didn’t find the ring in the house and that they needed my service, so we arranged a meeting for 11 AM on Saturday morning.When I arrived I met a very lovely lady named Wendy who told me why she thought the ring could be lost in her backyard. She goes on to tell me that she was doing some yard work and watering the plants and pulling out some bushes and branches which is a very good way to lose a ring.This diamond engagement ring was very special to Wendy because she lost her husband last year as you can imagine the ring meant the world to her. She told me that ring was given to her in 1967 when her husband, boyfriend at the time proposed to her. She remembered that her husband was making payments on the ring… $10 a week and she had the payment sheet showing all the payments he made until it was paid off.I have to tell you I was really praying that I would find this ring for her, so I began my search in the area in the backyard that she showed me where she was pulling branches and watering plants. Wendy had to go in the house to get a battery for her hearing aid and within minutes I had found the ring!  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show her what I’d found. When Wendy came back outside I showed her her ring and she was so happy! A I have the best job in the in the world! I get to make people smile…Every ring has a story and that story ends when the ring is lost…What I do is get to help continue that story by find that lost ring…This story was a love story about a lady who loved her husband very much and will miss him dearly.Thanks for reading my blogs!If you have lost something and need it found…Call me ASAPYou can watch the video of the search below.

Lost Keys … 1000 Steps Beach, Laguna Beach, CA. … Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

I got a call from Peyton’s grandfather who had found my number on The RingFinders website. He asked me if I could help them find a special set of keys that were lost on the beach two nights before. I was only a few minutes drive from 1000 Steps Beach, So. Laguna Beach, which is a beautiful beach and it would be nice place to search. The call came at 2pm and I met Peyton with his friends at 3:30pm. This beach is more or less isolated and there are not many guys detecting on a daily basis, also they do not use a beach cleaning machine on this beach. All these factors were a plus, to make this search successful..

Peyton is vacationing in Laguna Beach with his friends and were on the beach late at night when he decided to take a swim. He had these keys on a lanyard around his neck so he took it off so he wouldn’t lose them in the water. He laid the keys with his clothes at the crest of the beach. The tide was lower at this time of night. After swimming he put on his clothes and forgot about the keys until a few hours later. He a his friends spent the next morning and two more days looking for the keys and it should of been easy with the lanyard, but it was not easy.

After hearing his story of how he lost the keys and Peyton showing the general location. I started a spiral type grid search from top of beach to the surf.  The tide had come over this crest of the beach several times over the past few days and I thought the wave action could have pulled the keys with the lanyard down into the surf. The other possibility is the waves could have pushed the keys further over the crest of the beach onto what we call the towel line. It took about 25 minutes and I probably made 7 or 8 passes of 40 feet, when I got the 12-33 reading and a strong audio signal on my Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector. The keys were under 10 inches of soft fluffy sand that had been pushed up by the 6 ft. plus tides of the past two days. It is not an exact science knowing what the surf does with the sand. One day it pushes the sand in and the next day it takes the sand away from the beach.  It has to be good enough just to know that beach erosion works both ways and plan accordingly.

Peyton had been disapointed with himself for losing the keys, but now he was very happy to have these special keys back in his possession. I got the pleasure of helping him find the keys and search on a beautiful beach. The walk back to my car was only 200 steps up to Pacific Coast Hwy. ( not 1000 steps )

Lost Ring … Del Mar Beach, CA.. In Surf at High Tide

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Saturday – July 20, 2013     I received a call from Kathleen in Del Mar, CA. after she found my number on ” The RingFinders ” website.  She and her husband Jeff had been to the beach a couple days before at 6:30pm, which was about high tide.  Jeff was boogie boarding in the surf when he took a big wave and when he recovered from a wipeout he was missing his wedding band. While  talking with with Kathleen, I explained that it is a difficult search, because the detector can only detect ring size metal to a depth of 6″ to 8″ inches. Depending on surf conditions the sand can move more than a foot of sand in one tide. Kathleen gave me good directions, which made it easier to start hunting.

I drove to the location, arriving about 12 am. two hours before low tide. Setting up a grid search of 75 yards parallel to the beach. After five passes towards the receding tide I got my first and only signal.. There it was and I knew right away it was Jeff’s ring. It was just about 5″ or 6″ inches deep. I had been slowly swinging the detector for about 30 minutes overlaping each swing as not to miss a ringsize area. Missing a 3 inch area could make a 30 minute search turn into hours of hunting. I always tell people that I’m searching for, ” Just don’t watch me work, because it will drive a normal person crazy” It’s a slow and methodical process.

I text Kathleen a photo of the ring and asked her to call. She immediately called back with an excited voice. We set up a meeting and Jeff was outside his home waiting at 1 am when I drove up. I handed him his ring and he told me how he lost it. He is vacationing from Louisiana and is not familiar with westcoast surf.  Jeff said the wave picked him up smashing him under the water. When he came up he had sand in every orfice. Then he noticed the missing ring.  He just knew it was gone forever and probably half way to Hawaii by now.  He explained to me,  how he had told all his friends about his surfing experience and the loss of his ring. I only wish I could tell Jeff’s story the way he told it.  Now he can tell them a better story. ” The Recovery of his ring”   It was a pleasure to meet Jeff and talk to his wife on the phone and I am realizing that there are so many nice people in this world.. I love helping people with a skill that has taken me many years of experience and research to learn.. ( And Lots of Luck )

IMG_2312 IMG_2307

Lost Tungsten Wedding ring FOUND off Mauldin RD SC

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297

Tuesday night I received a call from a young woman about her husbands wedding band that slipped off his finger while he was working. After talking and setting up a time to come out and search. I met the husband (Trey) at the location where the ring was lost and getting more info that would lead for a quick recovery. I started my grid search and digging everything that was close to the surface being that the ring should be an easy find. I searched for around 2 hours until the heat was to much for me that i started feeling ill. I decided to go back this morning and widen my grid search. After 5 min I received a clear target response in my headphones that even Trey heard from 20 ft away. I pulled out my pinpointer and zeroed in on the metal object that was about an inch under the soil. I scraped away some of the soil to expose Trey’s large Tungsten wedding band. Trey asked ”What did you find?” walking toward him I smiled and said”your ring”    His smile said it all. I want to thank Trey and his wife for letting me have the privilege to find the ring for them and for the generous reward.  I used my whites v3i metal detector to find this ring with a vdi # of 43 on Tungsten ring.

tungsten ring and hole

tungsten ring and hole


Trey's Tungsten wedding band

Trey’s Tungsten wedding band


One Happy Man.The smile say's it all

One Happy Man.The smile say’s it all


My Office equipment and work space.

My Office equipment and work space.

Found Lost Wedding Ring in Lake Wilson in Weatherford,Tx

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

IMG_1367 IMG_1368

We got a call from the gentleman above late on a Friday afternoon.  Said he had fallen out of a boat on a small private lake in Weatherford,Tx and wondered if we would come try to find it.  I said we would be happy to but it would have to wait a week as were on our way to the airport to leave for vacation in Cancun for a few days.  I loved his response, he said “well it ain’t going nowhere”.  We agreed I would call him in a week when we returned.

As promised we called the following week and spoke with John about his ring, he explained that he and a friend were coming in from fishing on a small boat, he had stood up just at the moment his friend decided to pull the boat up a little higher on the bank.  When that happen, John lost his footing and fell into the lake.  He said he could feel his wedding band slipping off but could do nothing about it.  The waters edge was slippery and covered in algae and dropped off about 5-6ft in depth.

John found “The Ring Finders” website and located us.

Ellen & I drove 75 miles to the spot on the highway to meet John and have him and buddy lead us back on the dirt roads to where the lake was.  I set up my gear and went into the lake, it was amazing how deep it got so close to the shore.  John told me while I was in the water that he had used swimming pool cleaning poles to try and drag the ring up on shore and he also had a friend bring out his metal detector but no luck finding the ring.  I spent maybe 20 minutes in the water getting a feel for the area where John thought the ring would be.  I was getting lots of hits on my detector and using my water scoop was very difficult in the muddy bottoms.   As I went to change hands with my equipment my detector passed over a flat rock covered in algae  and my Garrett AT Pro went off loudly so I knew something was there.  I reached over with my hand and felt along the top of the rock and there was John’s wedding ring.  My wife and John had been talking along the bank and I said “hey John would you like to have your ring back?” and held up his gold wedding band .   He was flabbergasted, he said over and over “I thought I would never see it again”.  These reactions are what make this so much fun.

My wife was filming with her IPhone and began to ask John some questions.  He said this was the first time this ring had been off his finger in 57 YEARS.  He buddy then said, ‘tell them what you did’.  John replied with a sheepish grin, “I did not tell my wife”  he said I have a friend who owns a Pawn Shop who got him a temporary wedding ban to wear until we could hopefully find his ring.  We laugh and laughed.  Then John said…. “I wonder if the Pawn Shop with take the other ring back”.

It was a wonderful day.

Another great find for “The Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen Wilson


Found Wedding Ring in Trophy Club,Texas

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447


We received a call from a lady who said “thank God I reached you”I have a lost ring for you to find.  I said OK and ask for the details.  She described it as a Men’s gold wedding ban.  I ask her where is was lost and she said in her backyard.  I ask as I always do, “are you sure that’s where you lost it” and she said she was positive.

I said OK then we can find it, then I asked the most important question.  How was the ring lost, what was he doing when he lost it……. there was a long silence and she said “I know it’s there because I threw it there”.  I said that was no problem and we would drive the 28 miles to Trophy Club,Tx around 7pm to let the heat go down, it was 101 degrees warm.

We arrived at a beautiful home, got our equipment out, the lady kindly showed us where she was when she threw the ring and then my wife her re-inact the event (this is a must we have learned).  We spent maybe 20 minutes detecting the yard and there was a lot of underground trash.  We knew the ring would “Hit Hard” on our detectors because it had only been 3 days since it was lost and men’s wedding bands are typically large in size.

We were correct in our assumptions and the Ring was returned for another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.


Don & Ellen – The Dallas Ring Finders”

PS…. the husband was in counseling while we were looking for the ring.


Lost Ring Conroe, Texas (Lake Conroe) Recovered

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Service Call July 2013

Wedding Ring Recovered in Conroe, Texas (Lake Conroe)

Details of lost ring:

It is three bands that have been soldered together. The inner band is yellow gold and the outer bands are white gold. It
is about 3/4 of an inch wide and a size 10 (as mentioned, it is a pretty big and heavy ring).

I will be traveling back to Houston so I can meet you at my grandmother’s house to supply details of the location it was lost. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you again for your services and optimism!


Christopher reported he lost his wedding ring while in Lake Conroe, you can see by his smile it was another good day.

























Good Day Today