Jason Roberge

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Cost is determined by a reward basis. You offer what you feel is fair for the recovery of your lost item. A standard flat rate of 50 cents/per mile is required to cover travel expenses. You also may be able to earn money with our general artifact recovery services; see website below.

Search Types

Residential property, Beaches, Parks, Woods, Fields

Search Locations

Anywhere within the Twin Cities metro area

Jason Roberge's Bio

Jason has been metal detecting since he was a teenager. He enjoys the hobby aspect as well as the history. Even better than finding something lost, is returning what was lost to its original owner! Ironically, Jason works in the field of addiction recovery, helping people restore hope to their lives when all hope was assumed lost. Throughout the years, Jason has found that helping others is really what matters most.

Jason Roberge - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Ring Found in Bloomington Minnesota (2020)

    Garrett was working on installing some de-icing equipment on his roof when he shook his hand and felt his ring fly off his hand. “I could hear it bounce off the roof and hit the ground below, said Garrett, a resident of Bloomington, MN. He frantically searched the immediate area below. He even cut down […]

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  • Lost Ring Found in Minneapolis Park (2020)

    One can imagine how hard it would be to lose your wedding ring. But, for those who have lost their life partner, it means so much more. Nate was playing night frisbee in a Minneapolis park when his wedding ring flew off his finger. He was devastated at the loss. He searched for hours with […]

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  • Lost Ring Found Near Shakopee Minnesota (2015)

    Marian and her husband were visiting their friends in southern Minnesota on a cold winter day. The wind chill temperatures had dropped to nearly 30 below zero! When leaving that evening, Marian, removed her glove to retrieve her car keys. Hurried by the cold, she flung the car door open. Within an instant her engagement ring […]

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  • Buried Treasure in Blaine Minnesota (2013)

    Are you looking for a professional metal detecting service to help you locate lost items or discover other buried artifacts or treasure on your property? If your home is older than 50 years, chances are  there may be something valuable that was lost at one time. Common items found are old coins, gold and silver rings, and other relics […]

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  • Lost Ring in Blaine Minnesota (2013)

    Have you, or someone you know, lost a ring in Blaine, Minneapolis, or anywhere in the Twin Cities, Minnesota? If so, I can help you find it! My name is Jason Roberge and I am a Ring Finder in Minnesota. I am dedicated to helping others find their lost rings and other jewelry. With over 25 years […]

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