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Lost Cell Phone Found in Roseville Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Keith returned home from shopping and as he unloaded his vehicle he realized he had lost his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice until after he shoveled his driveway. He searched for a few hours before contacting Jason Roberge with The Ring Finders to ask for help using a metal detector. Jason agreed to help and was able to locate the lost cell phone within an hour of searching. And despite the frigid cold temperatures outside, and being buried in a foot of snow, the cell phone still powered up and worked just fine!

If you lost a ring or other valuable metal object, Jason will help you recover your lost item!

Two lost rings found in New Brighton, MN

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Jason Roberge, an experienced ring finder, received a call from Jamie who was in Minnesota for a work convention. She and some co-workers were outside participating in some team-building activities in a field near the meeting site. She had removed her precious rings before the event and placed them in a pocket. But, she later realized that the rings had slipped out of her pocket. Unfortunately, she had already flown back home and had no way of searching for herself.

Jamie contacted Jason, and he was happy to help look for the lost  rings. Most of the snow had melted from the day before, and Jason was able to find both lost rings rather quickly. The rings were shipped back to Jamie, and she was overly relieved and happy to have them back!


If you lost a ring in Minnesota and need help finding it, call Jason Roberge at The Ring Finders.


Lost Ring Found in Minneapolis Park

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
One can imagine how hard it would be to lose your wedding ring. But, for those who have lost their life partner, it means so much more. Nate was playing night frisbee in a Minneapolis park when his wedding ring flew off his finger. He was devastated at the loss. He searched for hours with flashlights and even rented a detector and searched for more hours. He thought it was lost forever. I agreed to help Nate find his ring, so the search began! It was not found on day one search, nor on day two search. But, I never let a lost ring win– the third day out searching was a victory! I was able to locate the ring and return it to its owner. Nate told me, “I don’t have words that fit my respect and appreciation for what you did for me; I’m truly impressed!”
If you have a lost ring, give me a call! I’d love to help you try to find it.