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Ring Finder Specialist Recovers Lost Gold Wedding Band in Olney, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Stuart’s 14 karat yellow gold extra wide classic wedding band that metal detectorist Brian Rudolph found in a most unexpected place!

Stuart’s excitement is easily seen in his eyes as he shows off his gold wedding band that member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph had found after a couple of hours of metal detecting leaves!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Stuart contacted me because he lost his 14 karat yellow gold extra wide classic wedding band. This was his third wedding band that he had lost! He said to me, “Brian, this is my third one gone missing and I have to get this damn one back!”

My client was pretty certain that he had lost the gold ring in one of the fifteen recycling bags that were sitting at the bottom of the property waiting to be picked up.

The backstory goes something like this: Stuart’s father-in-law drove a lawn tractor and gathered up all of the leaves around Stuart’s property. Then, the contents were dumped in the grass at the bottom of the property near the mailbox. From there, all of the leaves were placed in recycling bags and set at the edge of the property for the recycling truck to pick up the fifteen brown bags that Monday.

It was when Stuart entered his house at the end of his productive outdoor work day that he noticed that his wedding band was no longer on his finger. He was extremely perplexed by the whole situation. Rather than empty all of the bags at the bottom of the driveway and search for the ring one at a time, Stuart went online and found me on THE RING FINDERS website. He immediately called me and we set up a time for me to come to the gentleman’s Olney, Maryland home.

When I arrived, I metal detected all fifteen recycling bags filled with leaves and debris. With the exception of one target signal, there was no other metal to be found. Stuart was completely perplexed as to what could have happened to his “symbol of love”.

Because I have experienced so many situations like this one where the client couldn’t figure out what had happened to the keepsake, I took matters into my own hands. I chose to start metal detecting along the edge of the driveway. Stuart said, “I don’t think it could be in the grass near the driveway because I would have heard the ring bounce on the asphalt.” I responded by sharing that he might not have heard the “ping” sound during the time that his father-in-law was operating the tractor. My client then agreed with my long shot theory.

Just as I neared two-thirds of the way up the lawn (along the edge of the driveway where the grass met the concrete), I picked up the perfect gold ring signal! Stuart was inside at the time when I knelt down towards the lawn to inspect the object that I had metal detected. I am very happy to share that that particular target signal that had registered on my machine was in fact Stuart’s missing wedding ring! I was beyond delighted at my discovery! I almost couldn’t believe it myself with what I had found! Talk about winning the ring finding game at the very last minute! The wedding band was there all long, lying just a few inches from the edge of the driveway about two thirds of the way up the hill!

My client was absolutely thrilled at what I displayed before his eyes just minutes after he returned outside! Frankly, Stuart was in a state of shock to see me holding his ring, knowing that there was little to no chance that the sentimental piece of jewelry would have ended up being found right beside the edge of the driveway in the grass! It truly was an incredible moment to return that very handsome chunk of gold back its rightful owner!


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Sentimental Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring Lost while Gardening ..Los Alamitos, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










Stan the Metal Detector Man .. member of TheRingFinders available to help you now .. Call or Text 949-500-2136

***  Marie called me after realizing her heirloom gold and diamond ring was missing after doing some gardening. She had actually removed some of the overgrown ivy in a small town house planter. She was sure that the ring must be in the box of ivy leaves, but she could not find this ring that had been past down to her from her mother. 

She found my service on line after trying to get an idea of how to search for a gold ring. I was able to meet her an hour after she talked to me. We could have done the search the next day, but I felt she didn’t need to worry about the loss any more time than necessary.

When Marie showed me the small box of ivy leaves, I past my small handheld metal detector over it without getting any metal signal. She looked very disappointed as she was positive the ring had to be there. I asked her a few questions and that’s when she told me she had originally put the ivy into a trash bag before transferring the trimmings in the box. The trash bag had just a small amount of top soil in the bottom. I quickly pasted my handheld pinpointer metal detector under the plastic trash bag and Boom !! It gave a great signal which turned out to be Marie’s missing ring. She was so happy that she didn’t give up and was able to find someone who could help her. She then told me that she had thrown two other containers of leaves in a big trash dumpster for the whole complex of townhouses.  After hearing the other possible areas of the loss, I was happy I didn’t have to go into that dumpster.

Mobile Metal Detecting Service ready and able to help you now.. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ … Call or Text Stan at 949-500-2136

Lost gold wedding ring found (for a 2nd time) Granger, Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

9 years ago, in 2013, I recovered this ring for Chris, who had lost it in Donnell Lake (Vandalia, Mi). Since then, he implemented a protocol to always leave it in the lake house prior to heading out on/in the water. The ring is half of a matched set (with his wife’s). Anyhow, he was cleaning up leaves in the yard and at some point noticed his ring went missing. He knew who to call to search for it. I searched most the yard and an area where he said he had lost a gas cap from a blower yesterday, but ended up finding it within the leaves by the street (piled up for the county leaf sucker truck to get). He later recalled flinging some leaves onto a large tarp, which must have sent the ring sailing also. Prior to me going to search, he mentioned being worried maybe he blew the ring away with the leafblower too. I tested that concern with an average weight men’s ring and my extra powerful Stihl 800x blower (had to totally try to move the ring, not a worry, likely different with lighter rings though).
I told him that he’s now in the “twice-found club”, as I’ve recovered another ring twice, years apart, for another guy recently.

Lost Ring? We can help find it!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)



Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

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The Ring Finders Jersey Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks County

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