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Lost gold wedding ring found (for a 2nd time) Granger, Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

9 years ago, in 2013, I recovered this ring for Chris, who had lost it in Donnell Lake (Vandalia, Mi). Since then, he implemented a protocol to always leave it in the lake house prior to heading out on/in the water. The ring is half of a matched set (with his wife’s). Anyhow, he was cleaning up leaves in the yard and at some point noticed his ring went missing. He knew who to call to search for it. I searched most the yard and an area where he said he had lost a gas cap from a blower yesterday, but ended up finding it within the leaves by the street (piled up for the county leaf sucker truck to get). He later recalled flinging some leaves onto a large tarp, which must have sent the ring sailing also. Prior to me going to search, he mentioned being worried maybe he blew the ring away with the leafblower too. I tested that concern with an average weight men’s ring and my extra powerful Stihl 800x blower (had to totally try to move the ring, not a worry, likely different with lighter rings though).
I told him that he’s now in the “twice-found club”, as I’ve recovered another ring twice, years apart, for another guy recently.

Lost wedding ring recovered from pond, Plymouth Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Cameron and his buddy were in a paddle boat at the family “swimming hole” (pond). They managed to capsize their paddle boat, losing their sunglasses and Cameron’s Tungsten wedding ring at some point, allegedly in the middle of the pond. There were several people present when they capsized, but all had conflicting recollections of the location. Pond depth was about 11 feet, with enough silt to make it a cloudy zero visibility search and tall weeds collecting on the detector, which had to be constantly untangled and shed. I found many shotgun shells, coins, fishing sinkers, bottle caps and miscellaneous metallic items throughout the better part of an hour, but no ring. Cameron said they had lost the sunglasses immediately when they fell into the water. I managed to locate the first pair of sunglasses, put out a marker device i had with me, did a circle pattern around that and found the other missing sunglasses. I continued circling my marker (best i could, not being able to see it) in hopes of finding the ring. I found a few more targets, but still no ring. Being quite tenacious, I continued the search, until getting down to a few hundred pounds of air, figuring that was about it. As always though, I continued to search on my way out towards shore, getting a very loud signal just two steps from shore’s edge. Located this target with my pin-pointer and pulled out a gray and black tungsten ring, it was Cameron’s lost ring, right in front of all the onlookers that had gathered to observe.