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Lost Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band…Found on Ocean City, Maryland Parking Lot

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Katie’s Beautiful Wedding Band Found in the Middle of the Ocean City, Maryland USPS Parking Lot!

Katie Beaming with Happiness as the Young Bride Displays the Once “Missing in Action” Platinum Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band!


Rings that end up lost after an argument or fight between couples are not uncommon scenarios. As a professional ring finder, I experience these situations quite often. Just as I was getting in the car from a very early morning successful search and recovery of a lost men’s platinum wedding band in Vienna, Virginia, I received a call from a young lady named Katie who was distraught about the loss of her platinum wedding band made with baguette diamonds and round blue sapphires. She was calling me near the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

The first question that I generally ask my clients is this: Was there any stress experienced between you and someone else that may have been the cause for losing the ring? I follow it up with: Was it thrown due to anger and anxiety? I like to ask these questions up front because this way I can get to the heart of the story, and I don’t put my clients in the position of possibly being tempted to be dishonest with me because of feeling embarrassed by what ensued prior to the request for help. 100% of the time when there is a “ring throw” involved, my clients feel so much better that I ask these questions up front because then they realize that they are not alone and that this is more common than they previously thought. Because I addressed these questions with Katie, she felt very comfortable to come clean with the truth and she in turn shared that her missing wedding band was a result of a ring throw.

Here is what happened the night before I received Katie’s cry for help. Katie and her husband Chris took a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate their anniversary. On the second night of fun, they left their hotel and walked a few blocks down Route 1 (Coastal Hwy) to dine and party the night away. Some time after midnight, the two began walking back to their hotel from the very popular Ocean City bar and restaurant called The Big Pecker. During their short stroll towards the hotel, the couple ended up in an argument which got pretty heated. The initial celebration over there blissful years of marriage ended up in a distressful argument which got carried over to a post office parking lot (very close to The Big Pecker).

At some point, just like many other instances that I could share with my readers, Katie took off her rings and in anger she threw them at Chris who was standing about 25 feet away from his wife. Like I said, this type of situation is not unusual and all of us ring finders who are on the elite metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS have all experienced searching for rings that were lost as a result of a fight or heated argument. Even some of my readers can personally identify with this exact scenario that these two were dealing with.

Luckily, Chris was able to find the diamond engagement ring after the couple set aside their differences to begin searching for the rings. For over two hours Kristie and Chris looked with desperation for the wedding band. However, by four in the morning, it still remained missing in action! At some point they finally gave up and returned back to their hotel room.

A few hours later, Katie woke up and returned to the dreaded parking lot where the rings were lost and she continued her search for her beloved platinum wedding band with baguette diamonds and blue sapphires. After another hour or so of scouring the concrete and sections of grass that separated the parking lot, Katie looked online to get some help and that’s when she found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She then did a location search and found that I, Brian Rudolph, provides metal detecting services in Ocean City, Maryland. It was at that point that she got on the phone and called me for help.

As I drove the three hours to the East Coast shoreline, I was extremely excited to help Katie in recovering this lost ring that meant so very much to her. Every precious keepsake has a story and every happy story should never have an ending. I wanted to bring a smile back to the young lady’s face and to her beloved husband Chris, as well. I didn’t mind the long travel to the beach because I was on a mission to restore some happiness for the couple. I believe I arrived at the United States Postal Service parking lot on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland just a little bit before noon time.

Katie was waiting for me and after we introduced ourselves to one another, we immediately got to work with reviewing the area where she was standing when she threw the two rings. She took me over to the far right corner of the front side of the post office building. She faced the parking lot on a particular angle and then she used her right hand to demonstrate how she threw the rings into the lot towards Chris. I asked her questions such as: 1. How fast do you think you threw the rings? 2. How much did you have to drink prior to reaching that spot where you ended up arguing? 3. How much do you remember of the account that took place? 4. I asked her where Chris ended up finding the engagement ring so I could determine the particular angle as to where the other ring may have ended up. 5. I also inquired about how much traffic was coming into the parking lot earlier that morning (just in case a tire could have picked up the wedding band and carried it off from the parking lot onto Coastal Highway). She said there were only a few cars here and there that were coming in to drop off mail that Sunday morning. Once I finished with all of the fact-finding, I returned to my vehicle where I retrieved my metal detector and other gear to help me with this search.

My first goal was to examine the concrete and see if I could visually spot the missing band. With rings that look silver in color, it is quite difficult to eyeball a platinum or white gold band due to how it blends in with most concrete parking lots and streets. You have to carefully look and then focus in again just to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. I wanted to secure most of the parking lot area just in case a car might run over it or carry it down the street if it had not already been taken away. The piece of jewelry was certainly vulnerable to moving vehicles if it wasn’t hidden in the grass. I did not swing the detector over those areas at the time, but I did carefully look over the concrete just to see if I could possibly locate the ring lying on the cement. Unfortunately, I came away with no positive results. I did in fact find a penny that Katie and I both missed seeing it at first after we were looking in the same area at two separate time periods. I used it as a sign of encouragement to her with the fact that your eyes can play tricks on you. Therefore, we cannot trust what we are initially seeing and we needed to keep looking over and over again even if we came up empty handed at first.

During the first hour, I metal detected a strip of grass that was like a divider between one part of the parking lot and the other section of the property. I wanted to make sure that the wedding band did not bounce off of the concrete and ended up in that section of grass that separated the lot. There was quite a bit of metal to study as my detector kept beeping here, there and just about everywhere! After a good 25 minutes or so, I concluded that the ring did not end up in that small section where there was some grass, weeds, and bushes.

Next, I searched a grassy section with a few bushes that were located to the right of where Katie threw the rings (if one is facing the building). This area was situated between the right side of the parking lot and to the left of the adjacent property next to the Postal Service building. My thought was that it was possible that the ring could have ricocheted off of the concrete and bounced over to the grassy section off to the side of the lot. I have found rings that ended up behind where the client threw the ring(s), as well as landing dramatically to the left or to the right of where the client was standing. Therefore, I don’t discount any possibilities when it comes to searching for missing rings!

I may have spent over an hour on that far right side of the post office building searching for the missing keepsake. At some point, Katie left to go get some lunch and offered me something to eat and drink. I took her up on the drink and while she was gone I kept searching that whole area next to the edge of the concrete parking lot. Sadly, I was not able to locate the ring anywhere in that vicinity. When Katie returned, I gave her an update as to all of the places where I had detected prior to her leaving.

Earlier on, one could see Katie’s hopeful spirit shine through her being and she was extremely positive and encouraged about the possibility of finding the ring. However, as time marched on, I could tell that Katie began to get concerned and full of doubt that she would ever see her beloved wedding band again. I encouraged the young bride over and over again that we were not going to give up and that we would keep looking until we covered every square inch of that property! I also told her that it sometimes takes hours upon hours to find a missing item and that we still had plenty of real estate to search and re-search.

About two and half hours into my detecting time, I was just about to wrap up the last section of the right side of the parking lot where the ring could have fallen under a bush or a small tree. There were so many little pieces of garbage that I needed to remove first before I could make certain that the ring was not being masked by miscellaneous metal. It was at that point that Katie asked me what she could do to help in the search efforts. I specifically encouraged her to keep looking with me and to return to the middle of the parking lot where we were visually searching (not with a detector) earlier that afternoon. Again, I told her that the mind and the eyes sometimes don’t work in tandem with each other and it was quite possible that the ring just wasn’t spotted by either one of us when we looked over the parking lot initially. I also mentioned that my next strategy would be for me to use my 15 inch coil at the end of my detector and grid search every inch of that middle section of the parking lot. I wanted to make certain that we did not miss searching any of that concrete.

Before I would start that next phase mentioned above, I wanted to first finish my detecting along the edge of the concrete before laying down the grid lines in the middle of the lot. Again, I encouraged Katie to keep scanning with her eyes all along the center area of the parking lot. She respectfully agreed, but I could tell she had a lot of doubt that a “re-look” was not going to do any good since we both had already covered that section with our two sets of eyes. I remember saying to her, “Katie, we have prayed together and all kinds of miracles have taken place during my searches. You can walk right over there and look straight down and God can allow your eyes to adjust and focus in on the very spot where the ring has been lying the entire time – just like the penny we found earlier!” She smiled and thanked me for the testimonials and encouragement that I was giving her regarding not giving up and to start searching visually again in the middle of the parking lot.

No more than a couple of minutes after Katie walked over to the middle of the parking lot did I hear her scream and yell over to me, “Brian, Brian, you’re never going to believe it!” I turned my head over towards Katie and she pointed down at something that was resting on the parking lot pavement! Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and I immediately rushed over to see if she in fact had found her precious keepsake! I just knew it had to be the ring! Sure enough, as I looked down towards Katie’s feet, my eyes beheld the most beautiful platinum ring full of diamonds and blue sapphires! Katie did exactly what I encouraged her to do when she discovered the band! The moment that her eyes literally pointed straight down to the concrete, it was if the ring had magically appeared out of thin air! She couldn’t believe it! The very miracle that we prayed for and that I encouraged her to hope for literally, translated into a true reality of amazement for both of us! We both were just blown away by what Katie had just discovered! She thanked me over and over again for encouraging her to not give up and to refocus and trust my words. We also thanked God above for guiding Katie to the very spot where the ring was found! The stunned young lady repeated to me what I had shared with her earlier regarding how the mind and eyes have to be in one accord in order for one to visually spot the missing item! Katie excitedly said, “It really is true! You were right about what you explained to me! Thank you Brian! Thank you so much!” Even as Katie picked up the ring, she was still in disbelief! I was so happy to witness the moment that the wedding band was safely slipped back onto Katie’s finger, as well as viewing the precious tears of joy that ran down both of her cheeks!

It turned out that cars had been driving over the ring all morning long as they were coming in to drop off mail and those that parked in order to pick up P.O. Box deliveries! Miraculously, no car tires touched the beautiful keepsake! There was no damage on the piece of jewelry and Katie was completely dumbfounded by the fact that neither she, Chris or myself did not see the ring the whole time! Though I was confident that we would have eventually found the band with the metal detector shortly after completing the area that I had been working on, I was humbly reminded by this search and recovery example that I should have started with metal detecting over the concrete parking lot before doing a visual search! I could have saved myself plenty of time by simply grid searching the lot first before going to the other areas that I examined following the visual scan. That recovery project became a very important learning experience for me in dealing with similar searches in the months ahead.

Katie was so overjoyed that she gave me a holy hug and thanked me profusely! Soon, she would share the great news with Chris who had been packing up their things back at the hotel! The relieved young lady was finally reunited with the piece of precious metal and stones that were once placed on her finger on that very special day when she and Chris finally “tied the knot”! When the love of Katie’s life arrived at the parking lot, the couple was reunited in spirit and joy as the nightmare was finally over for the two of them! Happiness and peace was restored to the couple and one could easily see the love that was emitted from their countenances!

I was so happy to be a part of this search and recovery effort and Katie wholeheartedly believed that had I not traveled the three hours to the beach to help with the search, she felt that she and Chris would have left Ocean City without the ring. We all gave thanks to the Lord when Chris arrived and the three of us gave glory to the One who led Katie to the very spot where the ring was recovered!

I love the stories that I end up being a part of and I am so proud to be a member of THE RING FINDERS! Every member of this very special international metal detectorist directory love helping countless people become reunited with their lost treasures! It means so very much to those whom we serve every day! Just like with Katie’s platinum wedding band, her world turned wonderful again by having her jewel back on her finger and having Chris’ hand back within her own grasp once again!


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Men’s Gold Pinky Ring Lost in the Front Yard…FOUND Harvest, Alabama!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

Christina McCree – Ring Finder for North Alabama and surrounding areas…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

On Sunday afternoon (December 5th, 2021), I received a call from a distraught Kathy regarding her son, Cain’s, lost gold ring.  The 14K yellow gold pinky ring was a cherished, early Christmas gift for Cain.  He was only wearing it for about 3-4 hours before it was lost.  Cain had stepped outside into the front yard and saw the ring on his finger.  It was loose fitting, so he thought that he should take it off until it could be resized.  Cain forgot about it and tossed 2 items in the yard, went inside the house, came back outside, and noticed that the ring was gone!  The family went out and bought a metal detector, but was unable to find the ring.  They came across The Ring Finders website while searching online for a detector.  They decided that contacting a Ring Finder would be their best option to find Cain’s missing gold ring.

This was actually my closest ring search.  They literally live less than 10 minutes from me.  I was onsite within 30 minutes from my call with Kathy.  I met with Cain, and he showed me the area he was standing and the motion he used to throw the 2 items.  The first toss was underhand, towards the street.  The second toss was sideways at Cain’s right side.  He was wearing the ring on his right pinky finger.  Cain didn’t see or feel the ring come off, but he thought it would’ve fallen off on the first toss towards the street.

I started my grid search in the direction of Cain’s first toss.  I then searched the direction of Cain’s second toss.  Next, I expanded my search across the street in the neighbor’s yard.  Then I searched the left side of the yard.  I was coming up empty handed and was very perplexed.  I had expanded my grid search 360 degrees and didn’t find Cain’s ring.  I even searched the yard a second time using a cross-grid just to be sure.  I was discussing all the possibilities with Cain and asking more questions to see if he had any other ideas of where his ring could have ended up.  Cain mentioned a signal he had on the metal detector he bought, but was never able to find out what it was.  It was over near a cane palm tree.  We went over and checked it out, but it turned out to be a false signal.

I then remembered the way Cain reenacted the second toss.  It was to his right side, but there was a slight chance that his ring went behind him and to the corner.  I did check the grass by the house in that direction, but I didn’t check the flower bed/shrub area.  It seemed very unlikely that his ring went that far and in that direction, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that rings always end up where they shouldn’t be.  I went over and started searching the flower bed.  Sure enough, I get a shallow gold tone.  I bend down to check the signal and there’s Cain’s gold ring!  It was lying next to a hose, just slightly covered up.  Cain was behind me and didn’t realize that I found his ring.  I called him over in a normal voice and asked, “hey, what’s this?”  Cain looks down to investigate and quickly realized that it was his ring!  Such a joyful moment and the exact reason why I do this!

I give so much praise and glory to God for this ring recovery!  This search had the potential to be a no find.  I’m so thankful that we searched that last possibility, even though his ring shouldn’t have been there.  It must’ve taken the perfect path or bounce through the shrub to land at that spot.  Another great reminder to check every spot possible no matter the odds.

I’m so happy that Cain has his treasured gold pinky ring back!  I’m very blessed to be a member of The Ring Finders!  I await my next mission…

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Couple Searches for Lost Engagement Ring for Two Months…Found by Ring Finder in Vienna, Virginia House

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Beth’s Most Precious Material Possession Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

Donn Proudly Displaying the Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring that he Offered to Beth on the Day of His Proposal!


I was delighted to receive a phone call from a gentleman named Donn who was desperate in trying to solve a mystery regarding his wife’s lost engagement ring. Two months earlier, the couple was sitting on their couch located in their screened-in garden room enjoying their evening together. This particular section of the house was built on top of the existing backyard deck. Beth was drinking a glass of wine while she was fiddling around with her engagement ring. At some point, the ring slipped out of her hand and disappeared between two sections of the couch right next to where she was sitting. The two of them saw the ring fall somewhere below, but upon searching for the precious sentimental keepsake, their extensive efforts led to no avail. Beth and Donn were completely perplexed as to why they could not locate the ring anywhere in the garden room.

Days of searching turned into weeks and weeks of looking eventually turned into a couple of months. They did everything possible to recover the 1.5 carat diamond solitaire platinum engagement ring with baguette diamonds. They disassembled each section of the couch and even pulled all of the furniture away from the screened-in wall which faced the back of the property. When they couldn’t find Beth’s most priceless possession, they explored underneath the deck with a metal detector to determine whether or not the ring may have slipped through the deck boards and ended up somewhere on the ground below. Still, nothing was found. They kept scratching their heads even more than when they first tried to find the ring on the night of its disappearance.

When all of Donn and Beth’s efforts failed to recover the lost engagement ring, the couple immediately went to the internet in search of an answer. They started googling how to find a lost ring and that’s when the first part of their solution popped up on the screen. They found THE RING FINDER’S website, which is an international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other items for people just like Donn and Beth. They had no idea that such a network existed and they couldn’t wait to connect with their local ring finder closest to where they resided in Vienna, Virginia. It turned out that my name popped up as one of the specialists who serves the Vienna, Virginia area. They decided to contact me soon after they looked over my profile and were sold on my abilities and passion for a search such as this one.

Once I got all of the facts regarding the disappearance of Beth’s engagement ring, Donn and I set up a time for me to come out and attempt a recovery of the lost item. I couldn’t wait to be given an opportunity to solve this cold case and return the beautiful diamond ring to the finger that it so rightfully belonged to.

A couple of days later, I drove to Donn and Beth’s lovely house in Vienna, Virginia. When I arrived, Donn immediately took me around the back of the house where the screened-in garden room was located. We went up a few steps to the deck and then walked over to the door that led into the extended portion of the house. As I indicated earlier, the room was constructed on top of the existing deck boards. Therefore, when I looked down towards the boards, I could see the original deck flooring below me. The couple had concluded that the ring must have fallen in a gap of two of the deck boards and disappeared somewhere below. The only problem with that theory was that I couldn’t find any two boards that gave a large enough gap for such a ring to fall through.

Per my request, the couple reenacted the moment when Beth lost her ring and they showed me the exact spot where she was sitting and drinking wine when the ring slipped from her fingers. Beth even showed me how the couch could be disconnected into more than one section. It was then that I realized that there was no place for the ring to fall into the interior of that section of furniture. They told me that everything was exactly the way it was when the ring disappeared except for an area rug that was added in recent weeks. That one addition to the room did not complicate the present situation regarding this mystery. In fact, by them laying down the new carpet, it gave the couple a chance to move the furniture out of the way once more and search for the ring with additional detail in mind. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t find the jewel anywhere in the room.

Once I finished examining the “scene of the crime”, Donn guided me around the yard and took me under the deck just below the screened-in garden room. I observed a lot of dirt and patches of grass and I thought to myself how easy it would be for someone to eyeball a platinum ring in that particular environment. Donn shared how he tried metal detecting that whole section below the garden room and came away empty-handed, of course. Upon seeing that area below, I decided I wanted to search the garden room first before detecting the ground. Donn questioned why I chose to do the search in that order, and I explained to him that it seemed more likely that the ring may have never left the screened-in room. It was quite possible that they just didn’t see it while moving things around and unrolling the new area rug. I could tell that my client may have been questioning my thought process on the matter, but I felt confident in my decision to attack the room first and then head down below if all else failed.

Once I finished observing the area below the screened-in room, I returned to my car where I pulled out all of the necessary equipment that I would be using for the in-house search and for metal detecting below the garden room on the ground level. I then made my way back to the screened-in room to begin my search. Beth went into the house to connect with her work on a business conference call and Donn hung out around where I was starting to move pieces of furniture.

My first task was to move the couch forward towards the middle of the room so that I would have better access behind the area where the couch was originally situated. Once I pushed it forward, I got behind it and began looking on the floor for any sign of Beth’s beloved ring. It is at this point in the story that I have to share my endless level of excitement and surprise each and every time that I recount this particular search story to clients and friends! This is what happened: Within 10 seconds of looking for the couple’s lost marital keepsake, I was surprisingly able to recover Beth’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring just after moving the couch out of the way! When I got behind the couch, I moved a panel of drapes over to one side by just a few inches (making sure the ring didn’t end up underneath the puddle of fabric) and there it was – the precious ring! Beth’s gorgeous diamond platinum engagement ring was just sitting there waiting for one of us to discover it underneath the draperies! I literally found the keepsake in mere seconds! I discovered the ring so quickly that I couldn’t even believe what my eyes were staring at! I thought it was just too good to be true, but in fact it really was the jewel and the search had ended almost as fast as it had begun!

The excitement of finding the lost treasure was building up within me and I couldn’t wait to surprise Beth and Donn following my awesome discovery! Apparently, the couple had looked everywhere except underneath the draperies. It was just one of those simple answers that sometimes gets overlooked. We never think that a seemingly complicated search could actually have such a simple answer in solving the mystery! This happened to be one of those cases where it just took a third person with “ring search” experience and a fresh pair of eyes and hands to uncover the precious and beloved keepsake!

I must say that the couple was blown away upon hearing where I found the ring and how quickly I was able to return the special item back to the elated young lady! I told them not to be embarrassed by the simplicity of where the ring had been hiding all that time and to remember how blessed they were that the disappearance of their very special piece of jewelry wasn’t more complicated than it could have turned out to be!

After leaving Donn and Beth’s place, I returned to my car and immediately called THE RING FINDER’S founder and CEO, Chris Turner, to share this fantastic search and recovery story with him. He was so tickled to hear the details of where I ended up finding Beth’s ring and how quickly the search was wrapped up inside the couple’s screened-in garden room. I will never forget Chris’ proud voice and the words he shared with me following my account of the Vienna, Virginia search. He excitedly pronounced, “Well Brian, welcome to the 10 Second Club!“ I laughed and thanked Chris for his encouragement regarding my success in finding the ring so quickly!

I must say that other than the greatest thrill of recovering such a special item for Beth and the speed in which I did so, it was knowing that in being a proud member of THE RING FINDERS, my “cherry on top” moment was to become a new inductee into THE RING FINDER’S “unofficial” 10 Second Club that Chris Turner welcomed me into that afternoon!


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Lost Meteorite Gold Wedding Band in Nanticoke River…Found Near Salisbury, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Brandon’s Extraordinary Meteorite Gold Wedding Band Recovered from the Nanticoke River

Brandon, Jessica and Family Celebrate with the Meteorite Gold Wedding Band in Hand Once Again!


I received a call from a young lady named Jessica who was calling on behalf of her husband Brandon. She found my information on THE RING FINDERS website, the largest directory of metal detecting specialists in the world!

Brandon was playing water volleyball with family and friends in the Nanticoke River (a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay) when his wedding band went missing. He was certain that the rare and most handsome custom designed meteorite and gold ring slipped off his finger in the salt water.

Jessica had read and viewed some of my work online and had high hopes that perhaps I could help recover this special keepsake from the Nanticoke. We talked for a good while, gathering all the facts necessary to determine whether I could take on the challenge. At the end of our conversation, I accepted the mission!

Two days later, I met up with Brandon and Jessica. I slept overnight close to the river’s shoreline where I would be personally picked up by the couple in their awesome boat. They would then shuttle me from the beach nearest to where I parked my car over to the search site where I would begin my recovery efforts.

It was a beautiful day outside and I couldn’t wait to get in the water! When we arrived at the area where the ring went missing, Brandon and Jessica spent some time showing me all of the landmarks that they took note of before leaving that spot on the day when the ring disappeared into the river. There were three trees that were grouped together in a certain way that was a reminder as to where the volleyball net was set up in the water. There were also some plants and pieces of wood that additionally assisted me so that I had a clear bearing as to where I should concentrate on the search.

Before the couple took me to the area, Brandon put markers in the river which gave me boundaries as to where he thought the ring may have ended up. He was quite clever in constructing poles with golf balls attached to the top of the markers. Each of these poles was 6 feet tall which worked perfectly in the 5 foot depth of water that we were dealing with.

The volleyball net that was played with several days earlier was attached between Brandon’s boat and another family member’s vessel. Brandon, who is an engineer, constructed special anchors for their boats so that they stayed in one place throughout their game time. The net never fell or got stretched too much while playing in the river. Because of this fantastic creation, the couple knew exactly where the boats were tied up and was able to narrow the search parameter quite a bit.

Once we completed all of the intel necessary to begin the search, I gathered up all of my gear: my harness, metal detector, headphones and Xtreme sand scoop and then made my way from the shore out into the water. I was really excited about this challenge. My search zone was about 35 yards (105 feet) by 25 yards (75 feet). We had to deal with this amount of width because the ring could have flown outside of the general area where everybody was playing. One thing that us ring finders experience quite often is that rings can fly pretty far!

I planned this particular early morning time frame based on the tide chart readings for that area that we would be searching. The water level was at its lowest point at the time when I began looking for the ring. Conditions were very good out there with the water only slightly choppy and the temperature was quite warm.

Brandon’s parents arrived at our beach spot sometime around the time that I was entering the water. They hung out and kept their children company. They too were there on the day of the loss of the ring.

My detecting began from the far left side of the rectangle that Brandon and Jessica created for me with the poles. I went from the shore straight out to the end of the parameter and then back again repetitively. I found some coins, many bottle caps, pull tabs and other miscellaneous items at the bottom of the saltwater.

Each time that a target came in range of my detector, I analyzed the item before scooping it up from the sand below. Since this was my first meteorite ring that I was looking for, I wasn’t sure exactly what numbers would appear on my screen, but I kept an open mind to the fact that there could be some iron signals that the sentimental piece of jewelry would give off (meteorite contains iron in it).

After the first couple of hours of my search, I took a break on shore and ate a snack and hydrated myself. I encouraged everyone present that a successful operation was completely obtainable and to not give up hope. With that said, I returned back to the beautiful river to resume my search.

I continued to pull up similar items as I did before the intermission, including an occasional beer can or two. The positive thing was that there was little trash in the midst of the pull tabs, coins and bottle caps. This allowed me to move swiftly through the water and not be preoccupied with examining bogus targets.

As time marched on, I noticed that Brandon was getting concerned that his beloved wedding band would never be seen again. Later that day, he would share those very thoughts with me. I knew that we had a great chance of finding the ring. However, it was a matter of having patience, determination and perseverance. Some had concerns that the ring could have been pushed out with the tide. I squashed that theory and only spoke hope and encouragement into the situation.

Perhaps another hour and a half went by when I finished the entire parameter that we were working with. After Brandon finished throwing a fishing net off of his boat to see if he could catch some small bait (minnows) for his own fishing ventures, I gave my latest update to everyone. I told the family that it was time to look passed the area that they thought the ring may have sunk to the bottom and extend the search frame by another 10 yards or so. It was a good thing that I strategized that because Brandon’s father agreed to the plan because he thought that perhaps the volleyball net was set up a bit farther down than where the end markers were placed.

Approximately 15 minutes or so into the extended portion of the search zone, after getting multiple target signals and only coming up with trash and random coins, I got another potential signal that was coming in the number range that I had been hoping for. There was also a “scratchy” tone that I was listening to in my headphones. It appeared that there was some iron connected with this non-ferrous target. I didn’t give it much thought or added anticipation that it could be the ring, only because there were so many targets that were in that range and they mostly came out as bottle caps. I placed the scoop down below and after a few attempts to bring up the item, my eyes did a double take! At the bottom of the scoop, as the sand fell through the Xtreme Scoop’s titanium holes, I was left with seeing an extremely handsome piece of yellow gold which surrounded some type of rock inlay around the middle of the entire band! I did it! I found Brandon’s ring! It was his lost ring! I hardly could contain myself! It was such a grand moment for me! I couldn’t wait to surprise Brandon, Jessica and their parents! The couple was definitely sinking in despair (though they tried to hold on tight with whatever hope they could conjure up during those agonizing hours leading up to my discovery)! The search was over! I pulled the unique and rare wedding band from the bottom of the river and a very special story connected with this ring would be preserved for generations to come!

Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph and Brandon Celebrate the Amazing Recovery Results!

A Rainbow Appears in the Sky Following the Amazing Search and Recovery Efforts as Brandon and Jessica Return to the Docks. A Sign of Peace and Relief!

It would be impossible with words to share how very surprised and happy Brandon was when I shocked him out in the water that afternoon! The rest of his family was blown away, as well! It was an incredible experience for all of us and I couldn’t have been more happy for the couple! Brandon went straight for their cooler that was on board their boat and distributed beverages so we could make a toast to my fantastic finish! Then, we said our goodbyes to the parents, climbed aboard Brandon and Jessica’s sea vessel and headed back to the section of beach where I was originally picked up.
The celebration did not end back at the search site! After I packed up the car with all of the detector equipment, I was invited to meet up with the couple and their parents over by a local restaurant where we continued our party over food and drinks!

Brian and the Gang Partying Over the Successful Return of Brandon’s Incredible Custom Meteorite Gold Ring!

I will never forget how much fun that was from the moment that I boarded the couple’s boat along the beach shore until I said my final goodbyes to Brandon and Jessica! After treating me to a scrumptious lunch and fine company, they even went to the farthest extent of blessing me with a parting gift just to say thank you in one more way. With a big smile on his face, Brandon brought over to my car the four poles that were used to keep my grid lines within the parameter that I was working with! “Here, these are for you. Perhaps one day they’ll help you find someone else’s ring that might get lost in the water!” I gladly accepted the gift, thanked him several times over and then we parted ways. Since that day, those four poles have assisted me in successfully finding other lost rings for people that have had to deal with water searches just as Brandon hoped they would be helpful in assisting others with similar predicaments! I always think of that very sweet couple every time I utilize them! Thank you Brandon and Jessica for finding me through THE RING FINDERS website! I am so grateful to have been a part of such a happy story!

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Metal Detecting Lost Diamond Ring in Arlington, Virginia…Found on Soccer Field

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Mary’s Elegant and Most Sentimental Family Heirloom Dinner Ring!

Mary and Chris Show Off Their Priceless Diamond Ring That Had Gone Missing for Over Three Days!


Mary was out near a soccer field in Arlington, Virginia when she lost her very special white gold diamond dinner ring that had once belonged to her mother 10 years earlier. It had been in the family for nearly a hundred years! The ring held a 2 carat center diamond surrounded by 16 smaller diamonds (8 on each side) equaling approximately another 2.5 carats.

As Mary was putting on her soccer gloves on the grass while leaning up against a tree, she noticed that she was wearing her mother’s beloved dinner ring that meant so much to her. She inherited the sentimental keepsake a decade earlier and didn’t want to lose it.

Not wanting to wear the ring while playing her favorite sport, Mary took off her jewelry and placed the ring in her soccer bag that was on the ground beside her. Then, not feeling comfortable with her decision, instead, she chose to give the dinner ring to her coach for safekeeping. Mary reached into her bag, pulled out the ring, squeezed it between her gloved fingers and proceeded to walk 40 feet up a small hill in the direction of where the coach was standing.

Just as Mary was about to give the ring to the coach, she realized that the ring was no longer between her fingers. The perplexed woman searched everywhere but she couldn’t find her cherished piece of jewelry anywhere. After the other soccer players had finished on the field, she called her teammates over to help search for the missing ring. 10 players in all got down on their hands and knees with the hope of finding the family heirloom, but sadly no one was able to bring relief to this terribly upset woman.

Over the course of the next three days, Mary, her teammates, friends and husband all searched over 8.5 hours and nothing turned up. Chris (Mary’s spouse) tried finding the ring with a metal detector. His idea was to test another white gold ring before taking it out to the field to search for the missing ring. Once he recorded the numbers on the detector screen, he used a rented Garrett Ace 300 in his quest to uncover the family heirloom. Unfortunately, when he came to the field to search for the ring, he just couldn’t find it anywhere. He said he was getting “a lot of false alarms”. The target numbers were jumping all over the place and he couldn’t make any sense of what he was hearing and seeing on the machine’s screen. Chris gave up after hours of detecting and discovering nothing but frustration.

This is the part of the story when I come in to the scene. While I was diving for a lost ring in Baltimore, Maryland, I received Mary’s phone call requesting help in finding her lost ring. She found my information while Googling “how to find a lost ring in the grass”. She found The Ring Finders website which pointed her towards my metal detecting service in Arlington, Virginia. I was on a break when Mary went over all of the details with me and I told her that I would be happy to help her in any way possible. She told me that she would continue searching for the ring during the night and if she still couldn’t find it, she would request my assistance. Well, as it turned out, Mary and Chris had no positive news for me and so I scheduled with the couple to meet them out at the Arlington, Virginia soccer field later that night.

As soon as I arrived at the park sometime around 10pm, I immediately had the couple walk me through all of Mary’s steps from start to finish. Then, I got my gear out of my vehicle and began the search. I gave Mary and Chris all the confidence in the world that if the ring was still out there in the grass, I would surely be able to find it for them.

I first started near the sidewalk and grid searched the section where Mary put her gloves on. There were a lot of opposing signals due to all of the metal just below the surface, so I swung my coil slowly and methodically. The ring wasn’t anywhere in that particular area.

Next, I searched the section of grass leading up the hill in the direction of the soccer field. Still, there was no diamond ring to be discovered – just a lot of trash. My next plan of action was to detect the area where the soccer field sideline was located. I gridded back and forth, hoping to get the signal that would point me down towards the ring. Still, nothing turned up.

My last area to search was a section that was a bit farther away from where Mary and Chris had pointed out all of the possible places where the ring may have gotten lost. It really was the last piece of turf for me to scan before having to do a perpendicular grid and start the search process all over again.

Though I didn’t use my traditional grid line method with special markers, I knew that my imaginary lines were accurate and precise. These were small sections of property where Mary may have dropped the ring so I really didn’t need the cones or tapes.

As Mary and Chris made additional comments and suggestions in the background, I continued swinging the 15 inch coil at the end of my machine until I hit a really good sound and number on the detector. I had analyzed many different targets prior to this one, but this particular one got me excited! There’s nothing like the moment when you hear a familiar signal from past searches, then kneel down to investigate further and there the little guy appears between the blades of grass, stacks of leaves or granules of sand! That is what was about to happen once again at that particular moment! I took my pinpointer out to ‘question the “suspect” ‘ and zoom in on the excellent signal. And yes, there deep in the grass, my handheld detector led me right to the most beautiful piece of white gold and spectacular diamonds! I couldn’t have been happier for my client! I found the jewel! It was approximately 10 to 15 feet farther over from where Mary pointed out her original whereabouts. Thankfully, the ring had not been spotted by a stranger and taken away! The family heirloom was still there after 3 days, settled at the bottom of the grass and desperately waiting for its rescue!

I carefully picked up the ring, placed it in my pocket for safe keeping and then excitedly made my way towards the couple to surprise them with the most wonderful news! Believe me, Mary’s excitement was completely off the charts! Chris was in a state of disbelief! The two of them celebrated with me the return of this incredible piece of jewelry that had an irreplaceable story attached to it! I’m sure that that soccer field never witnessed such a cheer from the three of us on that unforgettable summer night as we all embraced and gave thanks to the Lord for the return of such a priceless heirloom!

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Lost Ring Westfield NJ… Found!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I recieved a text from a woman about 3 weeks ago whose husband had lost his class ring somewhere in their house.  I explained that I wouldn’t be much help in finding the ring inside, because of all the competing larger metal items.  I gave her some tips on where to look and sent her some good luck wishes.  Well, she texted me again with good and bad news.  Her husband had found his ring but… it was lost again, this time outside.  We made plans to look for it the following day.  When I arrived, her husband recounted how he had thrown a large stick into the brush and ivy along their property and watched his ring fly off.  He had a pretty good idea of where it landed, so this was a pretty quick hunt.  A couple of swings and the target was under my coil! Happy to reunite another ring and owner!! 🙂


Lost ring in Lake Conway, Orlando, Fl….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Rocco was enjoying the afternoon boating and swimming on Lake Conway with friends when he realized his special designed gold and diamond ring was no longer on his finger. Very few rings match the unique design with so many stunning diamonds and the sheer weight of the ring is very impressive! And it was a couple of factors that caused the ring to disappear into the sandy lake bottom. The first thing was the coolness of the water! As most people know there is shrinking in our hands and fingers when we expose them to cool or cold water. The second thing is activity of some kind! Rocco and his friends were horse playing around and that sort of thing has caused many a ring to end up lost and never to be found again. The third thing was the sheer weight of the ring! A mere flip of his hand in cool, wet water would have been enough to send his ring flying. So when Rocco realized his ring had come off he knew right away who he needed to call.! You see…this is not the first time Rocco had lost his ring! In 2020 Rocco was shocked when he felt his ring go flying into the darkness when he threw open the lid on the dumpster behind his apartment. Thankfully he go in touch with me and I was able to find his stunning ring hiding under a large bush. But this time it was in the water…in the middle of a lake! I encouraged Rocco to drop a full can of soda or beer or an anchor, or water bottle…anything that could mark the exact spot. Also if there was a way to tie a floatation device of some kind that would help make it easier to locate. Unfortunately they left a buoy tied to an anchor and someone later that evening came along and pulled it up. As the sun was rising the next morning I was paddling out onto the lake straining my eyes to find that buoy and it was nowhere in sight! Fortunately the water over the sand bar was crystal clear and I could easily see the bottom. So I decided to paddle all across the sandbar, gridding my way looking for anything that would indicate where the anchor was left. After an hour of going back and forth I did find a few items on the bottom. A red cup, a face mask and pieces of paper here and there….and then I spotted a water bottle laying on the bottom. It looked like an older bottle and at first I did not think it had anything to do with the ring…but it was the only water bottle I saw during my search. I finally decided to mark the bottle with one of my pvc poles and later came back to it and put out 4 pvc poles in a square around the bottle. I jumped into the water and started grid searching back and forth between the poles. My first pass netted me a bottle cap and a pull tab and as I turned to make a second pass I got a clear signal and BOOM! There was Rocco’s beautiful ring…sparkling and shining in the morning sun and I thanked God for allowing me to find his lost ring so soon! You talk about being amazed and thankful…I was one very happy Ring Finder!

Lost something and need help? Call or text me ASAP!

Mike McInroe….thrilled to be a member of

Lost wedding ring two years ago, Orlando, Fl….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Recently Robyn was looking on her Facebook and noticed an article about a metal detecting service made up of people who specialize in finding lost jewelry. Two years ago her husband Dave, was doing some yard work pulling weeds around a thick rose bush and ended up loosing his wedding ring in the process. They tried searching for it several times and a neighbor even used a cheap metal detector but ended up striking out! Dave’s wedding ring was a hand-me-down from his grandparents and being a rather thin gold band they had a jeweler custom remake it by adding two other gold bands. Robyn really wanted to find Daves ring and that led to the search for someone to help. It was Fathers Day and what better gift then to try and locate his lost wedding ring and get it back to him on this special day!

After meeting Robyn and Dave and hearing the story of that eventful day two years ago, I set up my Garrett AT Max and began detecting around the bushes where Dave spent most of that day. My very first target was a solid 46 and I thought for sure that was his ring…but not so fast! It turned out to be a small triangular piece of aluminum flashing from the trim around the roof. And the next 20 plus targets all turned out to be very similar items…small pieces of aluminum. (The construction guys must have set up their equipment right there years ago when they did the trim job and dropped all the scrap in one place!). I knew I needed to remove every last piece and it took a good hour using my metal detector. There were places where I could not use my detector so I opted to use my pin pointer…also a Garrett brand item! So I got down on my hands and knees and proceeded to stick the end down into the mulch and dirt probing for Dave’s ring. More aluminum pieces and a few nails here and there. The metal detector would discriminate out the nails and other ferrous (metal) items but my pin pointer detects all metal therefore I was digging a bit more junk targets. Ten minutes later…low and behold I spotted a glimmer of gold in a pile of dirt and I shouted to Robyn, “Hey, hey, hey here you go!!” She let out a holler and came a running!

Again I gave thanks to God for putting me in the exact place and for allowing me to be able to reunite Dave and Robyn with their lost ring!

Lost something recently or years ago and need help? Call or text me ASAP!

Mike McInroe…Glad to be a part of

Lost Ring Palmer Alaska…Found

  • from Palmer (Alaska, United States)


My name is Dan Thompson and I’m a professional metal detectorist with the ring With my wife and dogs we’ve called Southcentral Alaska our family home for over 25 years.

What motivates me is simple, to help people.

I love the smiles and yells of amazement when my friends and neighbors are reunited with their lost items like wedding rings, prescription glasses, and jewelry. Yeah that’s happened.

Some people are master tree cutters, or carpenters, or writers, I’m that top-notch metal detector guy. Just give a call, and I’ll get you back your lost item!  (907) 688-0510

Lost High School Class Ring…Found on Celebrity Figure Skater, Dorothy Hamill’s Former Estate in Cockeysville, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lauren’s Lovely Private High School Class Ring Shines Happily Once More!

Lauren Smiling From Ear to Ear as She Holds Her Cherished 14 Karat Gold Class Ring!


A woman named Janice was referred to me by someone who knew that I was on the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She checked out my information and success stories regarding countless rings and other items that had been recovered throughout the last couple of years. That’s all it took to convince Janice that I was the one capable of finding her daughter’s lost 14 karat gold high school class ring.

Lauren had lost her class ring while hanging out with the family on a beautiful warm spring evening. They had a lovely picnic in the backyard of their gorgeous historical mansion located in Cockeysville, Maryland (17 miles from downtown Baltimore). The senior in high school, her sister, mother and father all sat at the picnic table overlooking the most perfect scenery of endless acres of grass, trees, streams and fields. The setting was simply paradise! Lauren asked her sister if she would hold onto her two rings (one of them was the gold class ring) while eating at the outside table. She obliged and put the jewelry in her short’s rear pocket.

After the family dinner picnic, the two girls went for a walk around the back of their estate, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. They even ran around a bit, having the best time of close sister fellowship with a bit of exercise attached to their fun! Upon their return inside the mansion, Lauren requested her rings back from her sister. When her sister reached back into her rear short’s pocket to retrieve the two rings, there was only one ring to be found. The class ring had come out of the shorts during their time outside earlier that evening.

The family immediately switched into sleuth mode! Everyone headed down the grassy hill and over to the picnic table area to see if the yellow gold high school class ring could be spotted through the grass. They also looked around the hill area because Lauren’s sister had been carrying some of the dinner items back and forth from the kitchen to the picnic spot and then back up the hill again. Still, nothing was found. Flashlights and phone lights were used to look all over the field, and yet they still could not find the missing ring anywhere. There was so much territory to cover, and frankly I don’t think they knew where to begin because the ring could have fell out of Lauren’s sister’s shorts just about anywhere. The family tried to retrace the girls’ steps, but all of their efforts led to no avail. Eventually, they had to surrender their search attempt that night and figure out what their next plan of action would have to be.

Lauren’s mother, Janice, was really upset about the missing ring because it meant just as much to her as it did to Lauren. It represented a great accomplishment for her daughter and there was a lot of sentimentality attached to this particular class ring. She wanted to do everything possible to recover this beloved keepsake for her daughter. Instead of buying a metal detector (which neither her husband or herself knew how to operate effectively), Janice decided to contact a professional metal detectorist. This is where I come into the story. I had the pleasure of talking with Janice about the situation and I told her that if she invited me to their property, I would guarantee the return of this ring to Lauren’s finger! I didn’t know how long it would take, but I told her that I would find the piece of gold jewelry and it would stay within the family storyline for years to come! Janice was extremely encouraged by my words. We scheduled a time for me to come out sometime later that evening and I looked forward to solving the mystery as to where Lauren’s elite private school class ring ended up.

Later that evening, I finished up with a previous client in Northern Virginia and I traveled towards Baltimore where the search site was located. I had no idea that I would be conducting the recovery operation at not only a very historical site, but also a very nostalgic one for me, as well. Let me explain. It turned out that the mansion and the land which it sat upon was owned by a very famous quarryman owner with the last name of Scott. He not only built the mansion back in the late 1700’s, but in addition to that, in the 1800’s, Scott provided the famous stones that were used to build the first Washington Monument located in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the same marble that was used to build Washington DC’s famous Washington Monument! Upon arriving at the estate, I also learned that the mansion had been previously owned by none other than Dorothy Hamill, the famous figure skater just seven years prior. This was the sentimental part of my search because I grew up watching Dorothy Hamill on television and in person when I was taken by my parents several times in the 1970’s to an ice-skating event called The Ice Capades. I thought it was so cool that I was searching for a missing ring on the very grounds where Dorothy and her family took their walks, enjoyed picnics and entertained guests over the years at this particular historical mansion.

(At the end of this story, I provided additional historical information regarding Scott’s Quarry and the two famous monuments that were constructed in honor of our first president of the United States.)

I will never forget how beautiful my surroundings were as I drove to the mansion. There were horse farms on every side of the country road. As I drove down the very long private lane, it opened up to a marvelous circular drive where the mansion sat, along with a lovely guest house located on the opposite side of the front property. The lawn was exquisite and the trees and streams that surrounded this perfectly painted creation of God simply took my breath away.

As soon as I parked alongside the house, I was greeted by Janice and her husband. At some point Lauren also came out to greet me and it was there that I was guided towards the back yard where I would be shown the vast acreage where they believed the class ring fell out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket. The family was quite kind to me and was very grateful that I could come to help them recover Lauren’s beloved class ring at such short notice. As we made our way from the back stone patio, down the hill to where the picnic table was located at the edge of the field, I was given more details about what took place the night before. Because the family had been looking all over the estate grounds, they explained to me that the picnic table had been moved from its original spot. I would remember this piece of information later on when I returned from the car with all of my metal detecting gear. Janice and Lauren walked took me across the field and guided me to all of the different places where the sisters walked, jogged and played around during that evening when the ring came out of the pocket.

Posing with Scott’s Mansion / Dorothy Hamill’s Former Home!

The scenery behind the house was absolutely exquisite. The most beautiful stream meandered around the 25 acres or so, approximately 75 yards away from the historical mansion’s rear hillside. I will never forget the stillness of the evening and the peace that I felt as I strolled across the grass with the two ladies. If there was any place on earth that I could choose to search for a lost item, this was the perfect environment! As I was walking around, occasionally I would glance up at the mansion at the top of the hill and thought to myself how cool it was that I was searching for a lost item where one of my favorite childhood celebrities once resided. Dorothy Hamill’s amazing ice skating abilities would simply take my breath away as she so beautifully danced about the ice arena during shows and competitions! She was definitely my all-time favorite figure skater!

Once I got all of the facts as to the many possibilities as to where Lauren’s sister may have dropped the ring, I returned to the car and gathered up all of my metal detecting gear. Because there was a lot of territory to conquer, I prepared myself that this could end up being a very long search. Nightfall was just starting to set in, so I made sure that I had all of the necessary night gear available at my fingertips. This included: my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, a high lumens headlamp, headphones, gloves, handheld pinpointer (small detector) and my detector harness vest.

The moment that I arrived back down at the search site, I immediately set up my detector to be able to locate the yellow gold ring that I was searching after. I am extremely experienced at finding lost class rings so I knew exactly how to adjust the settings for Lauren’s piece of jewelry. I utilized a large 15 inch coil (the large loop that is connected to the bottom of the detector shaft) which allowed me to cover a much larger area to detect in a much shorter period of time.

The first area that I searched was all around the picnic table. Once I made sure that there was no sign of the ring, I moved the table to a different place to detect the grass where it had been originally positioned. I covered the area a couple of more times just to make sure that the keepsake wasn’t lost close to the vicinity of where everybody was sitting the night before. It was definitely clear of the ring within a 25 to 30 foot radius around the table.

A Portion of the Field Where I Was Metal Detecting (The Stream was Located Behind the Tree Line)

The next few sections that I wanted to detect were located closer to the stream. The girls had made their way from the picnic table over towards the water on a diagonal path.  Therefore, I wanted to check the spots where they were hanging out before I started gridding across the field. When nothing turned up in those areas near the stream, I knew that it was time for me to start detecting from the picnic table over to the water on that diagonal course where they had walked. No one was quite sure exactly where Lauren and her sister had moved across the field, but they were certain that it was at a particular angle which took them towards the water. I started to make my gridlines across the field at that particular angle and then I returned the other way with a second grid line to see if maybe the ring came out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket when they walked from the table over towards the water.

I swung the metal detector coil back and forth as I moved across the field and then back again towards the picnic table. I carefully made sure that I didn’t miss a single potential target that could end up being Lauren’s gold class ring. It was probably 45 minutes or so into the search when I hit a particular signal on my second grid line moving towards the picnic table from the water’s edge. I believe I was approximately 40 feet away from where the picnic table originally was situated. Though I had detected a good amount of area around the picnic table, this particular target was just outside of the zone where I had been searching prior to starting the gridlines. With my headlamp blazing above me, I knelt down to the grass and pulled out my handheld metal detector to check the specific area where my Equinox 800 was picking up the target signal. At first, it appeared that the piece of metal that I had detected was somewhere below the dirt because I didn’t see anything other than the many blades of grass ascending from the earth.

My First Glance at Lauren’s Brilliant Gold Class Ring!

Until I was completely sure that this particular metal was below ground, I kept moving my pinpointer around that vicinity just to confirm that this was not the target that I was looking for. All of a sudden, to my greatest surprise, I saw a reflection of light that was bouncing off something that resembled a small piece of gold. My fingers moved through the blades of grass until I uncovered the very special treasure that I had been hoping to find for young Lauren! There it was peeking out from the jungle of green! It was Lauren’s high school class ring! Indeed, it was a very beautiful piece of jewelry! It was constructed with a 14 karat yellow gold band accompanied by a blue stone with Lauren’s private school crest engraved in the middle of the ring. I had solved the mystery as to where the ring had fallen out of Lauren’s sister’s pocket! I was beyond thrilled at what I had discovered and how quickly I found the keepsake in an area with so many acres of land that I potentially would have had to detect! It could have taken hours upon hours to find something this small. Yet, my methodical work paid off as I eliminated section by section, grid line by grid line until I eventually hit gold! Yes, I certainly did! I was so very happy to discover this gorgeous piece of precious metal!

After I marked the spot as to where the ring was found, I was hoping to surprise Lauren and her family with the wonderful discovery. However, Lauren’s father had coincidentally been looking through the house window as I was kneeling down in the grass while investigating my gold target signal. He thought to himself that perhaps I may have found what we were all looking for. So he started walking out of the rear door of the mansion as I approached the top of the hill. He asked me with an excited tone of voice, “Did you find it?” I then raised my hand in the air with the gold ring clutched between my fingers to show the gentleman my proud find of the evening! His face lit up with the most satisfied smile and proceeded to congratulate me on finding such a needle in a haystack! He was almost in complete disbelief that I was able to pull this ring from such a large territory! Within seconds, Lauren and her mother made their way across the stone patio to find out if perhaps all the excitement that we were experiencing had something to do with finding Lauren’s ring. They were happily surprised to see the class ring in my hand! Lauren was beyond thrilled to experience such a very special reunion with the ring that she cherished so very much! It was one class ring reunion that I will not easily forget! She was so taken back that I was able to find this extremely beautiful piece of craftsmanship that represented such an important accomplishment in Lauren’s life! Janice was equally excited and quite impressed that I was able to find the ring so quickly with so many acres of land out there to search!

Dorothy Hamill at Her Finest!

It was there that night, on that famous ice skater’s formally owned estate that the four of us celebrated our own special victory with the successful search and recovery of Lauren’s gold high school class ring! It was absolutely thrilling for me to be invited onto such a lovely estate to help this dear family find something so important as Lauren’s beloved keepsake!

Hamill was the Most Famous Skater During the 1970’s

Not only was it a very nostalgic time for me, knowing that Dorothy Hamill once lived on the property where I had conducted my search, but it was equally exciting to know that two of our most prominent monuments honoring our first president, George Washington, were constructed with the rock that was pulled from this very propert nearly two centuries ago!


Now, every time I pass the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital of Washington DC, I always think to myself how special it was to have found a lost ring on the same land where most of those blocks of marble were originally dug up from Scott’s quarry so many years earlier! And to think that this mansion was built and dwelled within by Mr. Scott himself dating all the way back to the late 1700s! It was truly a very special ring recovery adventure, filled with several sentimental and historical significances! I will never forget that magical night at Scott’s mansion in Cockeysville, Maryland! Never will I forget it!

More History About Scott’s Quarry

As shared above, Scott’s Quarry’s marble was used to build the very first monument (located in Baltimore, Maryland) honoring the life and legacy of America’s first president, George Washington.

Scott’s Quarry Historic Marker

Designed by architect Robert Mills and erected between 1815 and 1829, this was the first public monument erected to George Washington. The construction contract specified “the whole of the column is to be of the whitest and the best quality marble from Scott’s Quarry.”

Another great piece of construction honoring our great American leader is The Washington Monument in our nation’s capital. It too was made from the same marble limestone that Baltimore’s Washington Monument was made out of. It towers above the city that bears Washington’s name, serving as an awe-inspiring reminder of George Washington’s greatness. The monument, like the man, stands in no one’s shadow.

The Washington Monument, designed by Robert Mills and eventually completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, honors and memorializes George Washington at the center of the nation’s capital. The structure was completed in two phases of construction: Phase 1: (1848-1854) and Phase 2: (1876-1884). Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches.

The First Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland

In the beginning, the original idea for Washington’s statue was to have our first president sitting on a horse. Washington liked the concept. However, ultimately others didn’t favor the design when it came to deciding on the equestrian look. Then, in 1836, 37 years after Washington’s death, architect Robert Mills, who also designed Baltimore’s monument to Washington, came up with a new design for an obelisk (a pencil like structure) that appealed to planners. “It was modern in its concept,” said Baltimore County historian John McGrain. “It’s a very sleek, straightforward kind of design.”

Americans were urged to contribute $1.00 each for the stately structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1848, but construction was stopped as funding dried up and the Civil War was on the horizon. Work resumed and was completed in 1884, giving the monument two different shades of marble. According to park service research, the marble for the bottom section came from what is now Redland Genstar in Texas, Maryland near Interstate Route 83 outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The top 300 to 400 feet of the amazing 555 foot tall structure came from Scott’s Quarry in Cockeysville, Maryland only 18 minutes from Texas, Maryland.

In the early years of the marble business in the 1840s, the rock, dug from a string of canyonlike pits in the area, was used for such notable buildings as the Capitol in Washington, Baltimore’s City Hall and the Baltimore County Courthouse. Many of the city’s well-known white marble steps also came from the quarry. “They say this is the stone that built Baltimore,” Gease said.

In those days, marble was extracted tediously by hand, mostly by Irish immigrants who had fled their famine-stricken country for the $1.00 to $1.50-a-day wages at a quarry. The laborers chiseled the stone from beds that were formed millions of years ago as masses of mucky sediment were squeezed, melted and recrystallized. The cut marble slabs were heaved into carts and rolled about a half-mile to the Cockeysville railroad station for delivery to such destinations as Washington DC.

The Second Washington Monument in Washington DC

In 1998, during the more recent Washington Monument restoration project, fresh blocks of Scott’s Quarry limestone was discovered to replace old broken pieces from the weathered historical structure. This time, in the modern age, the stone was transported to DC in a more simpler fashion. A flatbed truck carried the designated marble to the Nation’s Capital where it was reunited with its 150 year old counterpart that originally helped to make up the world’s tallest free-standing masonry structure.

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