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Metal Detecting a Lost Gold Stud Diamond Earring in Parkton, Maryland…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Glenda’s beautiful 14 karat gold 1.5 Carat diamond stud earring found by professional metal detectorist Brian Rudolph

Glenda smiles brightly as she holds her precious jewel that was lost on her friend’s lawn for four days and found by THE RING FINDERS member Brian Rudolph.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Glenda and Rudy went to a party celebrating the 15th birthday of a young lady named Mari. It is customary in Guatemalan families to celebrate special moments in young children’s lives, including the time when a child reaches the age of sixteen or around such a time frame.

On a particular Saturday in the month of May, Glenda finished her makeup and then put on her very special set of 14 karat white gold 1.5 carat diamond earrings. She and her husband Rudy immediately left the house out the front door with her coat and scarf on and went directly into the couple’s SUV. They drove from Glen Burnie, Maryland to Parkton, Maryland (which is close to the Pennsylvania border).

When the couple arrived at their friend’s house who was throwing the party for her daughter, they got out of the SUV that was parked along the street, walked up the driveway to the front door and greeted Neela (their friend and owner of the house) along with Mari, the birthday girl.

Most of the party was celebrated under a large party tent located in the front yard of the property. Several hours into the celebration, Glenda went to the bathroom inside the house and she heard something hit the floor. It turned out to be the backing of one of the earrings that she had been wearing. The earring set was a very special Christmas gift that Glenda had received that previous holiday season and which she had waited to receive from her husband for over seventeen years.

Glenda immediately felt both ears to take inventory of the diamond studs just at the moment that the backing fell to the floor. That’s when she realized that one of her earrings was not on her ear any longer. She figured that it must have come off in the bathroom along with the stud, but unfortunately the only thing she could find was the white gold backing.

During the party, the distraught woman went looking for the large diamond stud throughout the house and outside around and within the party tent, as well. Others joined in the search including Glenda’s husband Rudy, but they couldn’t find the special keepsake anywhere. Sadly, it became a bit of a distraction at the event, but Glenda tried to keep the search as low-key as possible as to not affect the party that was still going on.

This was very upsetting to the couple. Rudy could not enjoy himself and Glenda was pretty much in the same condition. They looked all over the grass where the tent was set up and where people were sitting. In the end, nothing was found.

Even after a couple of hours of looking following the conclusion of the party, the couple had to finally go home empty handed. Glenda was determined to not give up so easily. She had to rethink what to do next and at some point the desperate woman looked online to see how she could find a stud earring in a house or on a lawn. That’s when Glenda stumbled across an article that I had written on THE RING FINDERS website about how I found a diamond stud earring and its backing out on a football field. THE RING FINDERS is an elite directory of metal detectorists around the world who find lost items for people just like Glenda.

Glenda called me three days after she could not figure out what to do about recovering the missing diamond earring. We talked for nearly an hour on the phone in order for me to acquire all of the details that I needed to understand what we were up against.

I asked her every question in the book. I was optimistic that there was a chance that I could help the poor lady She did not go to any public parking lot and get out of the car. Also, my client never opened the garbage can at any point and she didn’t think the stud would have fallen off of her ear while standing over the sink while getting ready for the party at home. Therefore, if the stud had enough gold on it to be detected with my equipment, I felt confident that we might be able to recover this jewel for my client.

Glenda said that she did not have any photos of her wearing the earrings at the party. I asked her to continue to check to see if anyone else had any pictures of her so that we could better piece together the time frame of events when the earring fell off. There was still no certainty that the earring was lost on Neela’s property at all. It could have come off of Glenda’s ear while walking to her vehicle at her house. Also, it could have come off in the SUV or while she was walking up to the property when they arrived at the party. Sometimes the backing of an earring can stay stuck to the back of the earlobe for hours following the time when the earring disengages from the ear.

The possible places where the earring could have ended up included: somewhere in Glenda’s house, her front yard, inside the SUV, on the street where Neela’s house was located, Neela’s driveway, front walkway, inside the house or out on the front lawn somewhere. There were a lot of possibilities but the bright side of the situation was that all of these places were non-public environments other than the street pavement.

After we had our long talk, the two of us agreed to meet the following day over at Neela’s house to see if I could solve the mystery of the disappearing earring. I couldn’t wait to get the search started. This would be a huge challenge for me as it is for most professional metal detectorists. Stud diamond earrings are by far the hardest pieces of jewelry to recover.

The next day, I got to the area early so I went to a restaurant nearby and I called my client and asked her additional questions. One such inquiry was whether or not Glenda had used her smartphone at some point which may have caused the earring to pop loose. She said that because the earring fell out of her left ear, she did not believe the phone would have caused the incident because she said that she holds her phone in her right hand only. This made me think that she probably put her finger through her hair and at some point she accidentally pulled on the earring which caused it to finally fall out. Because Glenda was not wearing a face mask the entire time at the event because she said everybody was vaccinated, it also ruled out the possibility that the mask strap could have knocked the jewel out of her ear.

I arrived at Neela’s house sometime around 2:45 p.m. and she showed me where Glenda had parked on the street. Then, we went along the path leading up to the front door of the house. Next, we went through the house to the bathroom where Glenda had found the backing to the earring. From there, the kind woman showed me the front lawn area where my client and her husband were primarily sitting in the tent during most of the party. Finally, I was guided over to the driveway where the food truck was parked and where Glenda and Rudy had ordered their food.

Once Glenda arrived, I did another review with her of all of the places that she walked and hung out and then I immediately started conducting the search in the bathroom area.

Earlier, I mentioned that I asked if there were any photos of Glenda wearing both earrings. She didn’t think there were any at first. However, after asking Neela inside the house, the owner of residence looked through photos that her son-in-law had taken and sure enough I noticed that there was a picture of Glenda with the earring barely seen in her left ear! This was fantastic intel! This meant that Glenda definitely came to the estate with both earrings!

I asked if the owner could call her son-in-law and ask him at what time the picture was taken. Unfortunately, the young man was on the road working and then he would be going to sleep, so we could not get that information as to what time it occurred.

In the bathroom, I used my endoscope to search every crack and corner to see if the earring slid under something or inside some unseen spot on the floor. When that checked out clean, I scanned the front walkway and the driveway, as well. Still, no earring was found.

Next, I metal detected from the end of the driveway all the way to where Glenda had parked her vehicle. There was absolutely no sign of the piece of jewelry anywhere on the asphalt.

I determined that I did not need to check the SUV because we saw in the photo that Glenda was wearing the earring at the party and she never went back into her vehicle to get anything. She did walk to the SUV to allow for someone to get something out of it but she never went inside. That’s why I checked the driveway and the area leading to her vehicle, as well.

Since there was no sign of the earring inside the house, along the walkway, driveway and the area leading to where Glenda had parked her SUV, I concluded that the most likely place where the earring had come off of her face was the front lawn. It had to be on the grass unless someone in the neighborhood found it on the pavement or a car tire tread picked it up and carried it down the street.

The last possible place for me to search was the grass. After showing Glenda, Neela and her daughters how I would conduct this part of the search, I immediately laid down my grid lanes, adjusted my metal detector to a specific setting that helps me find lost gold earrings and then began swinging my detector.

I am so excited to share that after approximately 15 minutes or so of carefully searching the front lawn, detecting two of the six grid lanes that I laid down and checking multiple target signals, I amazingly found the missing 14 karat white gold 1.5 carat diamond stud earring buried in the grass! I was beyond elated! I found it outside of the area where my client believed she would have been hanging around! I pride myself on searching “outside of the box”, looking beyond the expected locations. The jewel was discovered as I was detecting on the second grid lane. I hit the perfect target signal and that’s where I ended up finding the gorgeous piece of ice! What a happy moment that was for me!

A few moments after I recovered the earring, I revealed the incredible news with Glenda, Neela and her children! None of them could believe it! Glenda went happily crazy, hugging and praising God! It was such a terrific moment for all of us! There is nothing like being able to bring such exciting news to people – sharing with them that what was thought to be lost forever was now found and safely returning to its rightful owner!

Glenda could not stop thanking me and in turn I thanked her for entrusting me with such a special search! We all gave thanks to God for answering our prayer that we started off with at the beginning of the search! Helping to solve such a mystery brought me such gratification and what a thrill it was indeed!

Glenda was extremely happy that she found me online, calling a competent detectorist listed on THE RING FINDERS directory!


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Metal Detecting Service in The Bay Area…Happy Client!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Bay Area Ring Finders Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

A few nights back, I had the opportunity to teach a client a little bit about metal detectors, metal detecting, and even provided this individual with metal detecting equipment while assisting with cleaning up debris from a recently demolished old shed!  Although there was not too much to find, I believe the individual really enjoyed their experience as well as the services I was able to provide.


My typical services include searching for your lost valuables (jewelry, cell phone, car keys, etc.), but I can also assist with other tasks such as the one mentioned above.  Additionally, If you are interested in the hobby, I can also provide equipment, tools, and entry level instruction for your very own metal detecting adventure!  I utilize high end equipment and search techniques to help…MAKE THE RECOVERY!!!

Lost Bracelet Scotch Plains NJ… Found!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

Zack reached out to me after he found a post on Reddit about my ring-finding services. He lost a gold bracelet his grandfather left to him in his will while playing wiffle ball in his friend’s backyard. He mentioned the area was covered in heavy vegetation, so I was a little concerned that the hunt would be a little challenging, but after he sent me a picture of the area I knew I could locate the bracelet. We made plans to meet up the following weekend and after about 15-20 minutes of hunting the area, I got a solid 8 signal on my Minelab Equinox 800. I looked down and there it was, success!!! I love being able to help return missing items to people, especially when they have such sentimental value!

Lost Gold Crown tooth in North Spokane WA, FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I was at work and two minutes away from starting my weekend when I got a call from a guy wanting to rent a metal detector. I explained I don’t rent them out but I am a professional and can look for his lost item right now. We discussed a few other details and then I made my way to the house. See, the gentleman had been attempting to remove the gold from an old tooth from a long lost relative. His first attempt on the first tooth was successful. So the method of using a hammer to beat the tooth that was wrapped in a paper towel was attempted again. However, this attempt caused the tooth to go flying. Speaking of flying I flew  to his house and quickly we walked to the back yard. I was showen a 2ft 2ft swath of grass, in said grass hid a tooth. So I summed my inner tooth fairy and began to scan the grass with my garret carrot. Then BAM,the pinpointer buzzed with excitement as I pulled back the grass revealing the tooth. A record setting search, taking less then 30 seconds. I have to really give thanks to the guy for giving me a tip even though the gold from that tooth was really needed. So my prayers and thanks go out to you, may God bless and heal all the broken things in your life.
Gold tooth
Impact zone

Lost Diamond Wedding Rings in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Recovered by Ringfinder

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











How to Find a Ring on the Beach …Laguna Beach, CA. .. Call a Member of TheRingFinders

                          .. Call Stan The Metal Detector Man .. ASAP .. 949-500-2136


*** Brian and his wife, Myriam had been staying a hotel at Laguna Beach. Every year they travel here from Las Vegas to enjoy the beach. This day had been disrupted by the loss of Marian’s white gold diamond wedding ring set. They had been on the beach when they decided to move their small windbreaker tent. Actually they moved it to three different locations 40’ to 50’from the first spot.

The rings had been taken off and put into a small pocket, of the windbreaker. They spent the whole afternoon trying to find the rings with their hands. The hotel management gave them my contact information. Brian called about 8:30 pm asking if I could search for the rings. He figured I would come in the morning. It sounded like this could be a easy search and it is only 7 or 8 miles drive. I told him we could do the search now, there is no need for his wife to worry about the rings any longer than she has to.

He sent me the hotel address and said, I would meet him on the beach in a half hour. Parking was not a problem at this time of night. Brian was on the beach to show me the three places the rings could be. I started at the first location with no luck, then the second location, not one metal signal from my detector. I could see a worried look on Brian’s face as I was nearing the last few feet of searchable sand. Then, BOOM!! the first ring gave me a signal I knew had to be a ring. I held it up for Brian to see. Next two swings of the detector the second ring showed up in the scoop. 

We shared the joy of the recovery, but I didn’t get to see his wife when she got the good news. Brian wanted to take the rings up to their hotel room for the surprise reveal of rings. Wedding rings are so special and personal, it has been my pleasure to help Brian and Myriam and many others recover the special symbols of love and marriage.

Timing is important call ASAP .. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136  ..I Will Answer the Call.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand at Emerald Cove, Laguna Beach, CA.. Found for Grateful Couple

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Do You Need Help Fing Something of Value ?

Stan the Metal Detector Man is Available to Help You Now.

Call or Text:  949-500-2136


*** Anthony called for help after finding me online. His family and friends were at Emerald Bay in the city of Laguna Beach, CA. His wife Lindsey had taken off her gold and diamond wedding ring setting them on her lap while applying sunscreen on her son. Forgetting the rings were on her lap, she got up to do something and the rings disappeared into the sand. 

She didn’t realize that the rings were missing until about  a half hour after the loss. The location was not very large but after several of the family members tried their luck at finding the rings, Anthony saw this was not working. He wasn’t quite sure, but he figured there should be some type of metal detecting service. A google search pulled up my contact information.

Emerald Bay is a private beach that is only 5 miles from where I live. I’ve done several recoveries at that beach. They do have to set up permission for me to enter through the security gate which Anthony took care of. I cruised in and directly to the beach where about a dozen people were waiting to see how this works. 

Briefly, Lindsey explained to me what had happened, pointing to a small area of sand. She said the two rings were white gold with diamonds. That is all I needed, setting up my new XP Deus 2 metal detector then started a grid search. A few swings Boom! The bi g engagement ring in the scoop.  Two feet away Bam! the wedding ring.. Boom, Bam ! Both rings and many happy people especially Lindsey who had felt guilty for making such a mistake. I assured her that, this happens so often, they won’t believe how many calls we get with this same scenario. I don’t know how many times people give up, because they didn’t know they could find a member of TheRingFinders near them. 

We like the easy searches, there are times when we search for hours before finding the item. If the item is there I have the experience, the equipment and the time to find your valuable. The fact is there are so many variables as to how the loss occurred we can’t tell how long it will take. We have to give credit to the internet and the new technology for these successful searches. Years ago we only had the yellow pages and word of mouth. Now we google search, use our cellphones and  use our GPS, etc.

I WILL TRY ANYWHERE! Call anytime 24/7 for help.. Stan the Metal Detector Man … 949-500-2136

Should I Rent a Metal Detector?

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Charles’ Handsome Classic 14 Karat Gold Wedding Band Shining Bright Once Again After The Ring Finder Member Brian Rudolph Recovered the Special Keepsake in Baltimore, Maryland

A Smiling Face Returns to Charles’ Face as He Holds His Most Prized Sentimental Possession Following its Successful Recovery by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph!

Should I rent a metal detector? That question is asked by thousands of people every year throughout the world. The answer as to whether someone should spend their hard earned money on these borrowed machines is found in this story below.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

Charles called me on the phone with the hope that I could help him find his wedding band. He was only married for three years and his 14 karat yellow gold classic wedding band meant the world to the gentleman.

Charles didn’t know where he lost the extremely sentimental keepsake. His best guess was that it went missing when he was mowing a large section of commercial real estate for an old Baltimore, Maryland friend who’s health was declining. He had cut this particular piece of property for nearly 30 years as a personal favor for his old pal.

During his time working in the grass, Charles would pull clumps of trimmings that accumulated around the blade underneath the mower. He remembered that he didn’t use gloves at various times when he stopped cutting to unclog the machine. Those were the suspected moments when he thought maybe the ring had slipped off of his finger. Also, he said that he could have lost the wedding band when he went to the hardware store to buy some things before heading back to his Silver Spring, Maryland home. Lastly, Charles wasn’t even confident that he hadn’t lost the irreplaceable jewel somewhere in his house! Therefore, the band could have been lost just about anywhere.

You could say that helping this dear elderly gentleman find his keepsake was somewhat of a long shot. After I heard that my client had rented a high quality metal detector and that he unsuccessfully searched the areas where the grass trimmings were pulled from the mower and left on the lawn, I really wasn’t certain that there was much hope in recovering Charles’ “halo of love”. However, I quickly switched attitudes as I reminded myself of a few important points.

Charles may not have found the ring because:

1. Each metal detector has its unique capabilities. Perhaps the rented machine was not able to pick up the ring’s signal.

2. Just because someone rents a metal detector doesn’t mean they will know how to use it.

3. Renting a metal detector limits your search time because one doesn’t want to pay for too many additional days of rental fees. As a result, the search is rushed and many times people miss their sought after target because they were detecting in haste.

Those are 3 reasons why one should not rent a metal detector and instead do what Charles did – hire a professional metal detectorist.

Once I got all of the details about my client’s situation, I set up a time for me to meet Charles out at the search site and see if I could solve this mystery myself. The following day we both traveled nearly an hour to Baltimore, Maryland where I conducted the “investigation”.

My client walked me over to the fairly decent sized plot of land and he showed me exactly where he pulled out all of the clumps of grass trimmings from the bottom section of the lawnmower. I could still see the piles of all of that grass just lying around that area of the property.

Next, I took out my metal detecting equipment and began my first grid line over the area where Charles remembered cleaning out the machine. I believe I was half way across my second pass of the 20 foot by 15 foot section that I started to grid when a fabulous signal could be heard in the headphones and seen on my detector screen.

I immediately knelt down on the grass and used my handheld pinpointer to identify exactly where this particular piece of metal was hiding under all of the blades of green. Then, once I knew for certain where the object had settled, I placed my fingers down below to grab a hold of the mystery item and there I saw its beautiful color! It was gold! Then a circular shape appeared! It was hollow! I found Charles’ beloved classic 14 karat yellow gold wedding band! It had been buried in the grass all of that time and Charles just didn’t pick up the signal or didn’t scan far enough away from the main piles of grass clippings when he utilized the rented machine!

I couldn’t be happier for the retired gentleman. This ring meant so very much to him and to his newlywed bride of only three years! It was a new beginning for him to get married in his latter years and so losing the ring was a real blow to both he and his wife. The couple had another chance to enjoy this precious reflection of their special day of holy matrimony now that I (a professional metal detectorist and proud member of THE RING FINDERS) was able to recover such a priceless “symbol of love”!

When I surprised Charles with the ring he couldn’t contain himself! He was in utter shock! My client’s emotional expressions of amazement and happiness were off the charts! We hugged and thanked the Lord for helping us find what meant so much to Charles and his wife!

So, why rent a metal detector? I wouldn’t waste your time or your money.

Hire a professional metal detectorist.

A professional detectorist (especially a ring finder specialist from the international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS):

1. Is familiar with the target signal he is looking for

2. Knows how to use his own equipment

3. Knows how to search everywhere (not just in the obvious places)

3. Owns better equipment than the rentals

4. Will save you time and money in the end

I hope this article helped to answer the question that so many distressed people like Charles ask every day:

Should I rent a metal detector?

My client wished he had known about THE RING FINDERS before he wasted so much of his time, emotions and money!


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Do Metal Detectors Find Platinum Rings?

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Sarah’s Beautiful Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Sparkling Bright Once Again After Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Recovers the Young Lady’s Precious Keepsake from the Arlington, Virginia Lawn!

Jason and Sarah Celebrating the Success Story of the Return of their Lost Platinum Infinity Diamond Wedding Band Thanks to THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph!

To answer the question as to whether or not a metal detector can find platinum rings, one should gain knowledge about the subject from a professional detectorist.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

A detectorist is someone who uses a metal detector to find items made of metal that are either buried in the earth or laying on the surface of the ground. I happen to be a professional metal detectorist and item recovery specialist who helps people be reunited with their lost items of value. This may include a ring, family heirloom, smartphone, set of keys or even buried treasure. Many of my clients try using a metal detector prior to calling me for help. Once they fail at finding their target, they become desperate and begin searching the internet for a solution to their problem. Most of the time they end up finding the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS which helps people find a detectorist in their local area who specialize in finding lost rings and other items. I am one of those unique ring finders. Next, they contact one of us by phone and we become their best shot at recovering their lost item of value.

So, does a metal detector really find lost platinum rings? The answer that I will give is summed up in this ring search story below. I received a call from a young lady named Sarah who was doing some yard work on the side of her lovely Arlington, Virginia house while her child played nearby. At some point she decided to take off her platinum infinity diamond wedding band so as not to lose it during the gardening project. As Sarah was walking towards the house to put the ring in a safe place, she held the band in her hand and unfortunately her most precious keepsake slipped from between her fingers and disappeared into the grass. The distraught woman did not know where and at what moment the wedding band dropped below. Sarah was only certain that she had possession of the jewel while walking with it towards the side porch door and that it had to be somewhere on the lawn.

The couple searched everywhere for the lost ring and sadly nothing turned up. They even borrowed a metal detector from a friend and scanned the yard as best as they could and still all of their efforts led to no avail. At some point, the very one who lost the diamond infinity band got desperate to come up with an answer to this deeply distressing situation and immediately went online to seek help. Sarah couldn’t bear watching her poor husband endlessly search for the lost ring with his machine in hand and with no positive results. She came to the conclusion: One, Jason wasn’t experienced enough with the detector. Two, the device wasn’t capable of finding this particular petite piece of jewelry. And three, her husband just wasn’t experienced enough as a ring finder to tackle the territory effectively enough to discover the lost treasure from their property. These are three most common reasons why people call professional ring finders instead of continuing their struggle to find their precious item on their own. Finding a platinum piece of metal has a lot to do with all of the factors that I listed above, which is the very reason that Sarah finally called on a pro from THE RING FINDERS directory!

Later that same day, after going through all of the details on the phone, I visited Sarah and Jason’s beautiful property in Arlington, Virginia. The young lady showed me the yard and I was extremely complimentary of their thick, plush grass. Anything could have disappeared for good in that well cared for lawn! Once I got all of the facts, I returned to the car and got all of my gear out to begin the search.

The first thing I did was to lay down grid tape lines across the yard. This way I could stay in perfect formation as I swung my detector across the property. As I started the process of looking for the missing wedding band, I shared with Sarah some of the details of what I was doing and how I was going about finding her most precious keepsake. Jason arrived back at the house sometime after I began scanning the lawn and he too took some interest in how a hired professional recovers lost platinum and diamond items such as with this particular ring.

After about 15 minutes or so, as I was about halfway across the lawn, I got the perfect signal on the detector. It was exactly the VDI (visual display indicator) number and tone that I was looking for! I I’m so experienced with finding lost platinum rings and other items like this one that it’s kind of like speaking and hearing a language with the machines I operate. When I came across this particular target, I knew that this would end up being Sarah’s lost wedding band! I knelt down on the ground and used my pinpointer to isolate the exact place where the unidentified piece of metal was hiding. Then, as I reached down and spread apart a clump of grass blades to see what I had uncovered, there it was, Sarah’s beautiful platinum diamond wedding ring! It was quite a beautiful sight indeed!

The couple was so excited that I had found the jewel and they were completely relieved that their cherished item would not be permanently lost out there in their yard! By hiring me to recover the ring, Sarah and Jason learned (as many others have as well) that calling in a professional ring finder was the best decision they could ever make! We the specialists know how to use high quality metal detectors, we know the target signals that we are searching for and we implement the best strategy possible to recover that which is lost.

So, do metal detectors find platinum rings? Of course they do! As long as it’s quality matches the need, as long as the user is experienced, and as long as the one utilizing the machine wisely hunts for the lost item like one of us professionals listed on the THE RING FINDERS directory!


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Metal Detecting Lost Gold Wedding Band in Burtonsville, Maryland…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kristina’s Austrian 14 Karat White Gold Wedding Band Found After Three Weeks by Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph in Burtonsville, Maryland

Kristina Showing Off Her Wedding Band After Member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, Recovers the Lost Sentimental Keepsake!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Kristina who lost her wedding band three weeks earlier. She told me that she was tending to her mums that were in planters out on her rear deck of her Burtonsville, Maryland home. There was snow and ice everywhere and she didn’t want the plants to be harmed by the outside conditions. Once Kristina finished her task of removing all of the frost from her winter white friends, she started to make her way back inside her place. Just as she opened the rear French door to escape the cold, the amateur botanist brushed off some excess snow that had gathered up on her right sleeve and then all of sudden Kristina felt her Austrian made 14 karat white gold wedding ring fly off of her left hand’s ring finger! The bewildered woman also heard a “ping” that quickly sounded following the release of the sentimental piece from her finger. As she recounted the story with me, Kristina went on to share that the ring was jettisoned towards the back of her house in the direction of the lawn that was a full level below her.

Kristina and her wife Kori believed that the ring had ricocheted off of the deck’s floor or from the top of the deck railing and fell on either the white pebbles and stones or somewhere on the grass below. Immediately the hunt took place but neither one of the ladies were able to find Kristina’s band. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, the two of them invested several hours of devoted searching, using two detectors: one that belonged them and one that belonged to their neighbor. Still, the couple was unsuccessful in recovering the jewel that seemed to disappear into thin air. They were so perplexed by the situation that they wondered if perhaps an animal came along and snatched it from their yard or that maybe somebody was walking their dog out back and just happened to eyeball it, failed to report it to the couple and simply walked off with the ring. During those several weeks, it caused Kristina to really scratch her head as the “mystery of the disappearing ring” could not be solved.

At some point during the conclusion of  the three week mark, Kristina went online and surfed the net for some additional help. She happened to come across a listing for THE RING FINDERS, an international directory of metal detectorists who are specialists in recovering lost items such as rings and other jewelry. That’s where I, Brian Rudolph, come into the story. The couple saw on the directory that I provided metal detecting services in Burtonsville, Maryland. I received the call from Kristina while I was at another search site and the very next day I was driving to my new client’s home.

As soon as I arrived, Kristina took me out back to see the “scene of the crime” so-to-speak. I met Kori and the two of them gave me all of the information that I needed to start the search. Because the couple owned matching rings, I metal detected Kori’s band to analyze the VDI (Visual Display Indicator) number that showed me how the machine would read Kristina’s white gold the moment that I would swing my detector over it. This was extremely helpful information to have during my search. I then returned to my vehicle, grabbed my necessary metal detecting equipment and returned to the back yard where I started the search on the second level deck.

Within minutes of scanning the rear deck (checking out each gap between the floor boards as well as all of the furniture to make sure the band didn’t end up around or between the cushions) I concluded that the precious metal did not remain on that level when it flew off of Kristina’s hand. It had to have landed below.

The next areas that I searched were the steps that led down to the ground level and a section of white rocks and stones that just cleared the deck area above. All of it appeared to be free of concealing my client’s keepsake. I didn’t need to detect underneath the deck because there was no way that the band could fit between any of the board, therefore, I could also rule out that particular spot on the property, as well. The ring had to have cleared the deck and landed somewhere along the parameter of the property that stretched farther away from the house. How far away? That question would soon be answered.

Knowing what Kristina heard immediately following the moment when she felt the loose “halo” slide off of her finger, and deducting the square footage that I had already searched, I took my investigation over to the grassy lawn just on the rear side of the property adjacent to the wooden stairway that led to the ground level. There were flagstone steps that led around the lawn over to the side of the house in the direction of where I had first entered from. That was the area that I would focus on and spread my search out from there if I still came up with nothing.

As I moved along the stretch of grass, scanning for metal with my detector in hand, I finally hit a great signal. Up to that point in time, I had little to get excited about. Yes, there were the occasional counterfeit hits on my detector screen that appeared to show similarities to Kristina’s ring, including pieces of metal that were settled on the surface and not buried below. However, they were all false alarms. Yet, this particular target that I was so intrigued about really resembled the VDI number that Kori’s band displayed on my detector screen during my earlier test. I eagerly knelt down on the ground to check out what my machine was registering on the screen, pulled out my handheld detector to help me zero-in on exactly where that piece of metal was hiding, and that’s when my face lit up with excitement! Just as I fingered my way through the blades of grass, there before my eyes, hidden below all of the brown and green plant life, I spotted the identical twin ring that I had been searching for all that time! It was located just a few feet from where the deck’s vertical support beams connected to the stairway that led to the second level above! In total, the ring traveled approximately 30 feet from where it initially flew off of Kristina’s finger as she was entering the house!

I was so happy to return the ring to its proper owner and witness the smiles that I had received following my surprise reveal! The couple couldn’t believe where I had found the gold piece because they had used their two metal detectors all around that section of the property and yet for three weeks they came away with nothing! I wrapped up the search in roughly 30 minutes or less! It just goes to show that having a metal detector or two doesn’t make you a successful detectorist! It takes many hours of learning, testing and experiencing the machine that you are working with in order to become proficient with it. I was so delighted that my ability to find rings for people everywhere in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas had also helped Kristina bring this “mystery of the ring fling” case to a complete close and thankfully with much success indeed!


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Lost Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band…Found on Ocean City, Maryland Parking Lot

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Katie’s Beautiful Wedding Band Found in the Middle of the Ocean City, Maryland USPS Parking Lot!

Katie Beaming with Happiness as the Young Bride Displays the Once “Missing in Action” Platinum Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band!


Rings that end up lost after an argument or fight between couples are not uncommon scenarios. As a professional ring finder, I experience these situations quite often. Just as I was getting in the car from a very early morning successful search and recovery of a lost men’s platinum wedding band in Vienna, Virginia, I received a call from a young lady named Katie who was distraught about the loss of her platinum wedding band made with baguette diamonds and round blue sapphires. She was calling me near the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

The first question that I generally ask my clients is this: Was there any stress experienced between you and someone else that may have been the cause for losing the ring? I follow it up with: Was it thrown due to anger and anxiety? I like to ask these questions up front because this way I can get to the heart of the story, and I don’t put my clients in the position of possibly being tempted to be dishonest with me because of feeling embarrassed by what ensued prior to the request for help. 100% of the time when there is a “ring throw” involved, my clients feel so much better that I ask these questions up front because then they realize that they are not alone and that this is more common than they previously thought. Because I addressed these questions with Katie, she felt very comfortable to come clean with the truth and she in turn shared that her missing wedding band was a result of a ring throw.

Here is what happened the night before I received Katie’s cry for help. Katie and her husband Chris took a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate their anniversary. On the second night of fun, they left their hotel and walked a few blocks down Route 1 (Coastal Hwy) to dine and party the night away. Some time after midnight, the two began walking back to their hotel from the very popular Ocean City bar and restaurant called The Big Pecker. During their short stroll towards the hotel, the couple ended up in an argument which got pretty heated. The initial celebration over there blissful years of marriage ended up in a distressful argument which got carried over to a post office parking lot (very close to The Big Pecker).

At some point, just like many other instances that I could share with my readers, Katie took off her rings and in anger she threw them at Chris who was standing about 25 feet away from his wife. Like I said, this type of situation is not unusual and all of us ring finders who are on the elite metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS have all experienced searching for rings that were lost as a result of a fight or heated argument. Even some of my readers can personally identify with this exact scenario that these two were dealing with.

Luckily, Chris was able to find the diamond engagement ring after the couple set aside their differences to begin searching for the rings. For over two hours Kristie and Chris looked with desperation for the wedding band. However, by four in the morning, it still remained missing in action! At some point they finally gave up and returned back to their hotel room.

A few hours later, Katie woke up and returned to the dreaded parking lot where the rings were lost and she continued her search for her beloved platinum wedding band with baguette diamonds and blue sapphires. After another hour or so of scouring the concrete and sections of grass that separated the parking lot, Katie looked online to get some help and that’s when she found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She then did a location search and found that I, Brian Rudolph, provides metal detecting services in Ocean City, Maryland. It was at that point that she got on the phone and called me for help.

As I drove the three hours to the East Coast shoreline, I was extremely excited to help Katie in recovering this lost ring that meant so very much to her. Every precious keepsake has a story and every happy story should never have an ending. I wanted to bring a smile back to the young lady’s face and to her beloved husband Chris, as well. I didn’t mind the long travel to the beach because I was on a mission to restore some happiness for the couple. I believe I arrived at the United States Postal Service parking lot on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland just a little bit before noon time.

Katie was waiting for me and after we introduced ourselves to one another, we immediately got to work with reviewing the area where she was standing when she threw the two rings. She took me over to the far right corner of the front side of the post office building. She faced the parking lot on a particular angle and then she used her right hand to demonstrate how she threw the rings into the lot towards Chris. I asked her questions such as: 1. How fast do you think you threw the rings? 2. How much did you have to drink prior to reaching that spot where you ended up arguing? 3. How much do you remember of the account that took place? 4. I asked her where Chris ended up finding the engagement ring so I could determine the particular angle as to where the other ring may have ended up. 5. I also inquired about how much traffic was coming into the parking lot earlier that morning (just in case a tire could have picked up the wedding band and carried it off from the parking lot onto Coastal Highway). She said there were only a few cars here and there that were coming in to drop off mail that Sunday morning. Once I finished with all of the fact-finding, I returned to my vehicle where I retrieved my metal detector and other gear to help me with this search.

My first goal was to examine the concrete and see if I could visually spot the missing band. With rings that look silver in color, it is quite difficult to eyeball a platinum or white gold band due to how it blends in with most concrete parking lots and streets. You have to carefully look and then focus in again just to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. I wanted to secure most of the parking lot area just in case a car might run over it or carry it down the street if it had not already been taken away. The piece of jewelry was certainly vulnerable to moving vehicles if it wasn’t hidden in the grass. I did not swing the detector over those areas at the time, but I did carefully look over the concrete just to see if I could possibly locate the ring lying on the cement. Unfortunately, I came away with no positive results. I did in fact find a penny that Katie and I both missed seeing it at first after we were looking in the same area at two separate time periods. I used it as a sign of encouragement to her with the fact that your eyes can play tricks on you. Therefore, we cannot trust what we are initially seeing and we needed to keep looking over and over again even if we came up empty handed at first.

During the first hour, I metal detected a strip of grass that was like a divider between one part of the parking lot and the other section of the property. I wanted to make sure that the wedding band did not bounce off of the concrete and ended up in that section of grass that separated the lot. There was quite a bit of metal to study as my detector kept beeping here, there and just about everywhere! After a good 25 minutes or so, I concluded that the ring did not end up in that small section where there was some grass, weeds, and bushes.

Next, I searched a grassy section with a few bushes that were located to the right of where Katie threw the rings (if one is facing the building). This area was situated between the right side of the parking lot and to the left of the adjacent property next to the Postal Service building. My thought was that it was possible that the ring could have ricocheted off of the concrete and bounced over to the grassy section off to the side of the lot. I have found rings that ended up behind where the client threw the ring(s), as well as landing dramatically to the left or to the right of where the client was standing. Therefore, I don’t discount any possibilities when it comes to searching for missing rings!

I may have spent over an hour on that far right side of the post office building searching for the missing keepsake. At some point, Katie left to go get some lunch and offered me something to eat and drink. I took her up on the drink and while she was gone I kept searching that whole area next to the edge of the concrete parking lot. Sadly, I was not able to locate the ring anywhere in that vicinity. When Katie returned, I gave her an update as to all of the places where I had detected prior to her leaving.

Earlier on, one could see Katie’s hopeful spirit shine through her being and she was extremely positive and encouraged about the possibility of finding the ring. However, as time marched on, I could tell that Katie began to get concerned and full of doubt that she would ever see her beloved wedding band again. I encouraged the young bride over and over again that we were not going to give up and that we would keep looking until we covered every square inch of that property! I also told her that it sometimes takes hours upon hours to find a missing item and that we still had plenty of real estate to search and re-search.

About two and half hours into my detecting time, I was just about to wrap up the last section of the right side of the parking lot where the ring could have fallen under a bush or a small tree. There were so many little pieces of garbage that I needed to remove first before I could make certain that the ring was not being masked by miscellaneous metal. It was at that point that Katie asked me what she could do to help in the search efforts. I specifically encouraged her to keep looking with me and to return to the middle of the parking lot where we were visually searching (not with a detector) earlier that afternoon. Again, I told her that the mind and the eyes sometimes don’t work in tandem with each other and it was quite possible that the ring just wasn’t spotted by either one of us when we looked over the parking lot initially. I also mentioned that my next strategy would be for me to use my 15 inch coil at the end of my detector and grid search every inch of that middle section of the parking lot. I wanted to make certain that we did not miss searching any of that concrete.

Before I would start that next phase mentioned above, I wanted to first finish my detecting along the edge of the concrete before laying down the grid lines in the middle of the lot. Again, I encouraged Katie to keep scanning with her eyes all along the center area of the parking lot. She respectfully agreed, but I could tell she had a lot of doubt that a “re-look” was not going to do any good since we both had already covered that section with our two sets of eyes. I remember saying to her, “Katie, we have prayed together and all kinds of miracles have taken place during my searches. You can walk right over there and look straight down and God can allow your eyes to adjust and focus in on the very spot where the ring has been lying the entire time – just like the penny we found earlier!” She smiled and thanked me for the testimonials and encouragement that I was giving her regarding not giving up and to start searching visually again in the middle of the parking lot.

No more than a couple of minutes after Katie walked over to the middle of the parking lot did I hear her scream and yell over to me, “Brian, Brian, you’re never going to believe it!” I turned my head over towards Katie and she pointed down at something that was resting on the parking lot pavement! Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and I immediately rushed over to see if she in fact had found her precious keepsake! I just knew it had to be the ring! Sure enough, as I looked down towards Katie’s feet, my eyes beheld the most beautiful platinum ring full of diamonds and blue sapphires! Katie did exactly what I encouraged her to do when she discovered the band! The moment that her eyes literally pointed straight down to the concrete, it was if the ring had magically appeared out of thin air! She couldn’t believe it! The very miracle that we prayed for and that I encouraged her to hope for literally, translated into a true reality of amazement for both of us! We both were just blown away by what Katie had just discovered! She thanked me over and over again for encouraging her to not give up and to refocus and trust my words. We also thanked God above for guiding Katie to the very spot where the ring was found! The stunned young lady repeated to me what I had shared with her earlier regarding how the mind and eyes have to be in one accord in order for one to visually spot the missing item! Katie excitedly said, “It really is true! You were right about what you explained to me! Thank you Brian! Thank you so much!” Even as Katie picked up the ring, she was still in disbelief! I was so happy to witness the moment that the wedding band was safely slipped back onto Katie’s finger, as well as viewing the precious tears of joy that ran down both of her cheeks!

It turned out that cars had been driving over the ring all morning long as they were coming in to drop off mail and those that parked in order to pick up P.O. Box deliveries! Miraculously, no car tires touched the beautiful keepsake! There was no damage on the piece of jewelry and Katie was completely dumbfounded by the fact that neither she, Chris or myself did not see the ring the whole time! Though I was confident that we would have eventually found the band with the metal detector shortly after completing the area that I had been working on, I was humbly reminded by this search and recovery example that I should have started with metal detecting over the concrete parking lot before doing a visual search! I could have saved myself plenty of time by simply grid searching the lot first before going to the other areas that I examined following the visual scan. That recovery project became a very important learning experience for me in dealing with similar searches in the months ahead.

Katie was so overjoyed that she gave me a holy hug and thanked me profusely! Soon, she would share the great news with Chris who had been packing up their things back at the hotel! The relieved young lady was finally reunited with the piece of precious metal and stones that were once placed on her finger on that very special day when she and Chris finally “tied the knot”! When the love of Katie’s life arrived at the parking lot, the couple was reunited in spirit and joy as the nightmare was finally over for the two of them! Happiness and peace was restored to the couple and one could easily see the love that was emitted from their countenances!

I was so happy to be a part of this search and recovery effort and Katie wholeheartedly believed that had I not traveled the three hours to the beach to help with the search, she felt that she and Chris would have left Ocean City without the ring. We all gave thanks to the Lord when Chris arrived and the three of us gave glory to the One who led Katie to the very spot where the ring was recovered!

I love the stories that I end up being a part of and I am so proud to be a member of THE RING FINDERS! Every member of this very special international metal detectorist directory love helping countless people become reunited with their lost treasures! It means so very much to those whom we serve every day! Just like with Katie’s platinum wedding band, her world turned wonderful again by having her jewel back on her finger and having Chris’ hand back within her own grasp once again!


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