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Lost Ring in a Laguna Beach Garden .. Found with Metal Detector

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Andrew had been visiting Laguna Beach from San Francisco. He was helping his good friend plating seedlings and maintaining a large garden. Before return to the house Andrew realized that sometime during the gardening he lost his gold ring.

They spent several hours going over the area where they had been working. They even dug up the seedling plants to inspect the hole for the lost ring.. in an attempt to research if a metal detector could help locate the ring, Andrew found TheRingFinders website. He found my contact information, calling me to ask how the service works.

I drove to the Laguna Beach home that same day. We proceeded to get set up in the large garden on a hillside of the property. Grid searching the area was a bit time consuming because there were several metal targets that had to be investigated. I always search in all metal mode when doing ring recoveries. It’s common that people aren’t sure if the ring was gold or silver, they often say silver colored . There is quite a difference between the signals that gold and silver show on the newest models of metal detectors .. After doing a double/ triple grid, the ring showed up next to a large plant that had interfered with my ability to swing the detector coil on my first pass. 

I could feel that Andrew and his friend were beginning to lose hope as I was nearing the end of places to search. Then, Boom !! I spotted the ring after getting the perfect gold ring signal. I didn’t say anything, just asked them to come over to look at something at the base of the plant.

Another great experience to witness the happiness and gratitude from Andrew and his friend who thought this was impossible to find such a small item in a huge garden. Also, Andrew now knows his ring is 14 k white gold marked inside band.

Sentimental Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring Lost while Gardening ..Los Alamitos, CA.

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***  Marie called me after realizing her heirloom gold and diamond ring was missing after doing some gardening. She had actually removed some of the overgrown ivy in a small town house planter. She was sure that the ring must be in the box of ivy leaves, but she could not find this ring that had been past down to her from her mother. 

She found my service on line after trying to get an idea of how to search for a gold ring. I was able to meet her an hour after she talked to me. We could have done the search the next day, but I felt she didn’t need to worry about the loss any more time than necessary.

When Marie showed me the small box of ivy leaves, I past my small handheld metal detector over it without getting any metal signal. She looked very disappointed as she was positive the ring had to be there. I asked her a few questions and that’s when she told me she had originally put the ivy into a trash bag before transferring the trimmings in the box. The trash bag had just a small amount of top soil in the bottom. I quickly pasted my handheld pinpointer metal detector under the plastic trash bag and Boom !! It gave a great signal which turned out to be Marie’s missing ring. She was so happy that she didn’t give up and was able to find someone who could help her. She then told me that she had thrown two other containers of leaves in a big trash dumpster for the whole complex of townhouses.  After hearing the other possible areas of the loss, I was happy I didn’t have to go into that dumpster.

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Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Garden .. Laguna Hills, CA. Found with Metal Detector

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Mari called me asking for help to find her husband’s gold wedding ring lost in the yard while clearing debris from drainage gutters. Her husband, Ali didn’t feel the ring come off his finger. His hands were cold and wet. It had to come off while digging in the wet mud of the planter.

The next day Ali tediously removed all the wood chip ground cover looking for a glimmer of gold color. Then he sifted through a lot of the muddy soil. They called several stores trying to find a metal detector in stock. Then that afternoon they went to a local home depot tool rental store. Someone there told them about TheRingFinders. Ali called me, telling me the story. 

I was not sure what conditions I would have to deal with and it looked like it might be raining. I brought rain gear just in case. We were lucky that the rain had just let up when I met Ali that morning. He showed me where he had searched. It took a few minutes to set up my detector because there was some electrical interference near the house. 

The area was less than 20’x20’. I began swinging my coil over most the area hearing several potential targets without checking them. When swinging up under a small palm tree a stronger tone and good number ID came up on my metal detector. Ali was standing next to me with a small garden shovel in his hand. I ask him to dig that spot. He only pushed the hand shovel 3” on the damp mud then when he dumped it the gold ring popped out. Both of us were surprised, it was only a few minutes and it was our first target. The right tool for the right job.

I never get tired of doing this, even though there are times when the lost item may not be in the location where it was thought to be lost. You can’t find it if it isn’t there.


Unique Heavy Gold/Silver Ring Lost in Landscaping at Malibu. CA. .. Recovered

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Talya and her friends were staying at a hotel in Malibu,  CA. As she walked down a walkway she raised her hands in the air to point out something to her friends. That’s when her large gold with silver ring flew off her finger into thick landscape plants with thick ground cover. Basically all of her friends witnessed the incident.

I was called at 6pm by Talya’s friend asking what I would charge to meet them the next morning. I told them I could be there before dark to do the search this evening. We agreed that she could be there long enough for her to show me the search area as she and her friends had dinner reservations across the street.

Traffic was not a problem which can be unpredictable on Los Angeles freeways. Talya had saved me a parking place and had permission from management for me to search the planters. She told me that this ring was a birthday gift from her mother. It was a thick ring of 24k gold overlaid on a silver band. It was purchased many years ago in Israel and very sentimental to her.

I used a detector with a small search coil to get into the small spaces under the plants. Then I followed up by using my hand held pinpointer detector to get into places that the other detector could not reach. It was dark and I was running out of places to look. I had actually done three passes on most the heavily planted garden area crawling on my hands and knees.

As a last resort I went down to the street sidewalk where I could reach into the thick undergrowth using the pinpointer. A great signal but with the pinpointer it’s difficult to tell the difference between iron, tin foil and precious metals. I spread the plants apart to see the awesome gold ring just out of sight waiting to be found.

When you go on these kind of calls you just don’t know what kind of obstacles you’re going to have. These plants were very difficult to maneuver through. It took nearly two hours to find the ring.

Called Talya with the good news. She came running across the street with the biggest smile you have ever seen. Then gave me a huge hug and telling how grateful she was to have this special ring saved from being lost forever. It was another one of those searches that I had my doubts about after not finding it after almost two hours. Glad I gave it the extra few minutes.

Wedding Ring Thrown off Balcony .. Mission Viejo, CA. .. Found

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Monday .. August 24, 2015

Yvonne called me asking if it was possible to find a wedding ring lost in ivy outside her condo in the landscaping. I explained that I would have to see the location, but assured her that I could at least give it a try. Arriving at her home I could see that the ivy covering the ground was very low which should not be a problem. She told me that her husband borrowed a metal detector and had a lot of problems using it.
I then asked how the ring was lost. She hesitated, so I interrupted her, saying, was it thrown, it happens all the time. She then explained that it was thrown in the heat of the moment.
Showing me the direction towards the pool area. I searched the planted ground cover first, but could see some thick larger bushes that could probably hold a ring in the foliage. Also, if the ring made it to the cement deck of the pool, someone may have found it in the 4 days since the loss.
Keeping my head thinking about only making sure it wasn’t in hidden in the landscaping. I searched the whole slope and all the plants in the pool area.
Spending more than three hours with my detector and a pinpointer, sometimes on my hands and knees, I was running out of places to search. I went up to give Yvonne the bad news. As we looked out off the balcony, I explained exactly where I had searched. Telling her that if it wasn’t picked up by somebody that it may be hung up in those thick bushes. I had searched much more area than she had laid out, but I should take a few minutes to show her where else she could look. Then, I decided to finish that last bit of ivy, 50ft to the left from the original search zone.
As Yvonne walked around to meet me at the bottom of the slope she spotted the ring on clear ground. (the ring had green and black paint on on side and was camouflaged as pictured)
It doesn’t matter who finds it. We eliminated those other areas first then went to the most unlikely location. I could not believe the angle or the distance that this ring traveled. For me it was a “believe or not moment”. What a happy lady, she told me she did a lot of praying also. It works.