Ryan Cole

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

We can discuss cost/terms/reward/etc, mileage/fuel/air/etc

Search Types

Dry land, shallow water/wading, deeper water with SCUBA..down to 25ft +/- *(depending on visibility, weeds, bottom type, gps/accurate location, safety, etc)

Search Locations

Lake Michigan( IL, IN & sw MI ), inland lakes( IN & MI ), beaches, backyards, parks, old home sites, anywhere else you can think of.

Ryan Cole's Bio

I am a skilled detectorist, both in the water or on dry land and have reunited several people with they're lost rings & jewelry/etc. An accurate location of the lost item is important, get at least one good landmark for reference. When dealing with lake Michigan, don't dealay, the wave action can move your item quickly.

Ryan Cole - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost gold wedding ring, Lake Michigan, Dune Acres Indiana, Porter County (2017)

    07/04/2017 Dune Acres, Indiana, Porter County, a “Boater’s Beach” sandbar. Got a text from a lady who had lost her white gold wedding ring yesterday in Lake Michigan at a “boater’s beach”, in about 4 to 5 feet of water. She put me in contact with her husband Wade, who said he had a “pretty […]

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  • Lost gold ring found (recovered) Lake Wawasee, Syracuse, Indiana (2016)

    Got a voicemail from Steve,  a newly married guy that stated he had lost his gold wedding band in Lake Wawasee. He said he was at the end of the pier when the ring fell off into the water. The water was about 4 feet deep, however, there was many aluminum pier supports and posts […]

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  • Lost gold ring found (recovered) Eagle Lake, Edwardsburg, Michigan (2016)

    Received a phone call from George, a newly married guy, who said he had lost his gold wedding ring in Eagle Lake located in Edwardsburg Michigan.  He was visiting his parent’s lake home for the weekend.  George did some swimming near the dock and had been throwing a tennis ball for their dog to fetch. […]

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  • Lost gold ring found, Donnell Lake, Cass County Michigan (2014)

    Summer of 2013, I received a phone call from Chris, who had lost his gold wedding band in a local lake (Donnell Lake, Vandalia, MI) while swimming with his family at a sand bar. His ring was purchased as a “matched set” with his wife’s ring and had great sentimental value to him. After losing the […]

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  • Lost gold Mason ring recovered, LaPorte, IN (2013)

    Got a call about a lost Mason’s ring at a yacht club in 10-12ft of water. The person was securing his pontoon to the dock and the ring slipped off onto the abyss. He had worn the ring for the last 40 years and he planned to hand it down to his son in the […]

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