Ryan Cole

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

We can discuss cost/terms/reward/etc, mileage/fuel/air/etc

Search Types

Dry land, shallow water/wading, deeper water with SCUBA..down to 25ft +/- *(depending on visibility, weeds, bottom type, gps/accurate location, safety, etc)

Search Locations

Lake Michigan( IL, IN & sw MI ), inland lakes( IN & MI ), beaches, backyards, parks, old home sites, anywhere else you can think of.

Ryan Cole's Bio

I am a skilled detectorist, both in the water or on dry land and have reunited several people with they're lost rings & jewelry/etc. An accurate location of the lost item is important, get at least one good landmark for reference. When dealing with lake Michigan, don't dealay, the wave action can move your item quickly.

Ryan Cole - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost men’s wedding ring found, Lake Wawasee, Syracuse, IN (2019)

    Richard and family were visiting with friends at the lake house for the 4th of July weekend. With all the heat and humidity, the lake was the place to be. Much time was spent in the 85 degree water, around the dock, on the big foam floating pad, on the raft and tossing a ball […]

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  • Lost ring recovered, Diamond Lake, Cass County Michigan (2019)

    XXXXX (name to be updated) is in town for a couple weeks, visiting his parents here at their lake house. Yesterday, in the private swim area, he was pulling a raft back to shore, walking backwards, stumbled and lost his ring in the process. He and several of his friends tried finding it, but had […]

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  • Lost wedding ring/set recovered, Bass Lake, Indiana (2019)

    Julie had walked out to the docked pontoon, boarded it and was cleaning the seats near the rear of the deck. At one point, she was near the rearmost deck rail by the outboard engine. Her wedding ring (soldered set) slipped off her finger and took the plunge into the water. She said she saw […]

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  • Lost wedding ring recovered from pond, Plymouth Indiana (2019)

    Cameron and his buddy were in a paddle boat at the family “swimming hole” (pond). They managed to capsize their paddle boat, losing their sunglasses and Cameron’s Tungsten wedding ring at some point, allegedly in the middle of the pond. There were several people present when they capsized, but all had conflicting recollections of the […]

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  • Lost gold charm found in Lake Michigan, Union Pier Michigan (2018)

    Diana was at the family lake home, playing with the kids in the water. Her cherished birthstone charm fell off it’s thin gold necklace. The necklace fell on her arm, but the charm was lost in the water. They looked for it, but could not see it on the sandy bottom. Her husband spoke to […]

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