Ryan Cole

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

We can discuss cost/terms/reward/etc, mileage/fuel/air/etc

Search Types

Dry land, shallow water/wading, deeper water with SCUBA..down to 25ft +/- *(depending on visibility, weeds, bottom type, gps/accurate location, safety, etc)

Search Locations

Lake Michigan( IL, IN & sw MI ), inland lakes( IN & MI ), beaches, backyards, parks, old home sites, anywhere else you can think of.

Ryan Cole's Bio

I am a very skilled detectorist and have reunited many people with their lost rings or items. Lake Michigan is my mainstay, but I also frequent many inland lakes around my area, often out detecting daily. Don’t delay calling when dealing with Lake Mi, items can quickly be covered in several feet of sand or sink to Davy Jones’ locker during wind/wave action (varies by location). Accurate GPS coordinates can obviously help greatly. Consider abandoning an anchor with long rope at the loss location if thats possible, or another metallic object/etc that will stay put. Lining up the loss-location with multiple landmarks can help the search effort. Sometimes even just a long line, or or better yet, two separate lines drawn in the sand from different spots (that won’t be walked on), pointing to the loss location can help, along with noting the water depth on your body. Cell phone photos taken at the loss location can sometimes be helpful, if landmarks are in the photo or if geo-location data was enabled. I can’t work miracles, but I will try to the best of my abilities to find your lost item for you!

Ryan Cole - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost gold cross ring, found in Little Long Lake, Fremont, IN (2020)

    Kyle and Brent’s aunt had lost her gold-cross ring (diamonds cross) in the swim area of the family cottage. She had been lounging on a tube/float when it fell off somewhere between the stairs and end of the pier. They said the ring had sentimental value and she really wanted it to be recovered. We […]

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  • Lost Gold wedding ring recovered from yard, South Bend, Indiana (2019)

    George contacted me a few days ago about his unfortunate situation of losing his cherished gold wedding ring. He said that he had mowed most of his yard, unloaded a few bags worth of grass clippings and then noticed it was missing when almost done mowing. He was unsure when the ring went missing and […]

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  • Lost Gold wedding ring recovered 20 years later, Lake James, Angola Indiana (2019)

    Last month, Corey contacted me after reading about a guy from The Ringfinders, me, recovering a lost ring for someone that lives on the same chain of lakes that he does. We spoke and he mentioned that the lost item was his late father’s original gold wedding ring, lost many years ago. He said it […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring, Recovered, Lake James, Angola Indiana (2019)

    At the lake for the weekend, Ryan was tossing a football with friends in the shallow water and enjoying the weekend. There were a few boats anchored nearby, along with his. It was a nice day on the lake, until Ryan threw the football again and something happened. The stitches on the football stripped his […]

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  • Lost men’s wedding ring found, Lake Wawasee, Syracuse, IN (2019)

    Richard and family were visiting with friends at the lake house for the 4th of July weekend. With all the heat and humidity, the lake was the place to be. Much time was spent in the 85 degree water, around the dock, on the big foam floating pad, on the raft and tossing a ball […]

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Ryan Cole - Testimonials

  • would recommend you at any time ... (2019)


    This is my nephews ring on his Grandpas land and my dads property. Cameron had high hopes of finding his ring and with that called you and you did an amazing job on finding it.. We all waited patiently and would recommend you at any time if ever needed. Thank you so much!