Ryan Cole

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

We can discuss cost/terms/reward/etc, mileage/fuel/air/etc

Search Types

Dry land, shallow water/wading, deeper water with SCUBA..down to 25ft +/- *(depending on visibility, weeds, bottom type, gps/accurate location, safety, etc)

Search Locations

Lake Michigan( IL, IN & sw MI ), inland lakes( IN & MI ), beaches, backyards, parks, old home sites, anywhere else you can think of.

Ryan Cole's Bio

I am a skilled detectorist, both in the water or on dry land and have reunited several people with they're lost rings & jewelry/etc. An accurate location of the lost item is important, get at least one good landmark for reference. When dealing with lake Michigan, don't dealay, the wave action can move your item quickly.

Ryan Cole - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost gold charm found in Lake Michigan, Union Pier Michigan (2018)

    Diana was at the family lake home, playing with the kids in the water. Her cherished birthstone charm fell off it’s thin gold necklace. The necklace fell on her arm, but the charm was lost in the water. They looked for it, but could not see it on the sandy bottom. Her husband spoke to […]

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  • Lost platinum wedding ring recovered Indian Lake, Dowagiac Michigan (2018)

    Andrew was in town visiting friends at their lake cottage. They all decided to head out to the floating dive platform just a little ways out from the end of the dock. They began playing catch with a football, having it thrown from the dock end and jumping off the floating platform to make catches […]

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  • 3 lost gold rings found, Highland Shores, Mi (2018)

    Shari was in the water, about chest deep, playing catch with a volleyball. She had caught the ball and then threw it to her son. Right when the ball was thrown, she felt her 3 gold rings fly off, parallel to the shore. The family searched visually using goggles or masks with no luck. They […]

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  • Lost gold wedding ring recovered in Indian Lake, Vicksburg Michigan (2018)

    Newly wed couple, Zach and Cherise, had both gotten on their float tubes to enjoy some time on the water. After getting on his tube, Zach “pushed off” of the step-deck of their boat docked in the boat lift. As soon as he did that, his white gold ring fell off and into the water. […]

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  • Lost gold ring recovered in Little Pike Lake, Warsaw Indiana (2018)

    Zoey called about her husband losing his rose gold wedding band in a park swimming area. She said they were in 4 feet of water when he felt it slide off. They recalled that they were “to the left” of a certain lifeguard seat and in line with a certain rope buoy. Immediately upon starting […]

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