Ryan Cole

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

We can discuss cost/terms/reward/etc, mileage/fuel/air/etc

Search Types

Land, beach, shallow water and limited Scuba searches of 6-9 ft depths *(depending on location, accessibility, conditions, visibility, weeds, bottom type, structures/docks/lifts, detector limits, health status, etc)

Search Locations

Lake Michigan( IL, IN & sw MI ), inland lakes( IN & MI ), beaches, backyards, parks, old home sites, anywhere else you can think of.

Ryan Cole's Bio

I am a very skilled detectorist and have reunited many people with their lost rings or items. Lake Michigan is my mainstay, but I also frequent many inland lakes around my area, often out detecting daily. Don’t delay calling when dealing with Lake Mi, items can quickly be covered in several feet of sand or sink to Davy Jones’ locker during wind/wave action (varies by location). Accurate GPS coordinates can obviously help greatly. Consider abandoning an anchor with long rope at the loss location if thats possible, or another metallic object/etc that will stay put. Lining up the loss-location with multiple landmarks can help the search effort. Sometimes even just a long line, or or better yet, two separate lines drawn in the sand from different spots (that won’t be walked on), pointing to the loss location can help, along with noting the water depth on your body. Cell phone photos taken at the loss location can sometimes be helpful, if landmarks are in the photo or if geo-location data was enabled. I can’t work miracles, but I will try to the best of my abilities to find your lost item for you!

Ryan Cole - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost gold wedding ring found (for a 2nd time) Granger, Indiana (2022)

    9 years ago, in 2013, I recovered this ring for Chris, who had lost it in Donnell Lake (Vandalia, Mi). Since then, he implemented a protocol to always leave it in the lake house prior to heading out on/in the water. The ring is half of a matched set (with his wife’s). Anyhow, he was […]

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  • Lost gold wedding ring found, Paw Paw Lake, Michigan (2021)

    Lynn contacted me about her husband’s wedding ring that fell off his finger while cranking the wheel on the their boat lift. The ring had also been Lynn’s father’s ring, so it was extra sentimental them. We discussed a time frame yesterday and I went up there this afternoon to search. I brought an underwater […]

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  • Lost gold wedding ring recovered, found in leaf pile, Baroda, Michigan, Berrien County (2020)

    Larry, his wife and some family had been doing some fall cleanup of freshly fallen leaves on the property. Later in the afternoon, Larry noticed his wedding ring, that he’s worn proudly for 49 years, had slipped off and was now missing. For hours, they searched, sometimes on hands and knees, scouring the leaf piles […]

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  • Lost wedding ring recovered from Lake Michigan, Union Pier, Michigan (2020)

    Got a call from David, who had lost his white gold wedding ring while out at a Lake Michigan beach, near Union Pier Michigan. He wasn’t certain when the ring had fallen off his finger, but knew it was either up on the dry sand or out in the water, possibly deeper than head deep, […]

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  • Lost gold cross ring, found in Little Long Lake, Fremont, IN (2020)

    Kyle and Brent’s aunt had lost her gold-cross ring (diamonds cross) in the swim area of the family cottage. She had been lounging on a tube/float when it fell off somewhere between the stairs and end of the pier. They said the ring had sentimental value and she really wanted it to be recovered. We […]

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Ryan Cole - Testimonials

  • would recommend you at any time ... (2019)


    This is my nephews ring on his Grandpas land and my dads property. Cameron had high hopes of finding his ring and with that called you and you did an amazing job on finding it.. We all waited patiently and would recommend you at any time if ever needed. Thank you so much!