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Sentimental Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring Lost while Gardening ..Los Alamitos, CA.

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***  Marie called me after realizing her heirloom gold and diamond ring was missing after doing some gardening. She had actually removed some of the overgrown ivy in a small town house planter. She was sure that the ring must be in the box of ivy leaves, but she could not find this ring that had been past down to her from her mother. 

She found my service on line after trying to get an idea of how to search for a gold ring. I was able to meet her an hour after she talked to me. We could have done the search the next day, but I felt she didn’t need to worry about the loss any more time than necessary.

When Marie showed me the small box of ivy leaves, I past my small handheld metal detector over it without getting any metal signal. She looked very disappointed as she was positive the ring had to be there. I asked her a few questions and that’s when she told me she had originally put the ivy into a trash bag before transferring the trimmings in the box. The trash bag had just a small amount of top soil in the bottom. I quickly pasted my handheld pinpointer metal detector under the plastic trash bag and Boom !! It gave a great signal which turned out to be Marie’s missing ring. She was so happy that she didn’t give up and was able to find someone who could help her. She then told me that she had thrown two other containers of leaves in a big trash dumpster for the whole complex of townhouses.  After hearing the other possible areas of the loss, I was happy I didn’t have to go into that dumpster.

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