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Ceremonial Gold Ring Lost on Beach Reef During Photo Shoot .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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***My Most Resent Recovery: About a half hour before sunset I received a call from Joshua. He and Maria, his future bride were doing photo shoots with the bridal party at Little Corona Beach, located in the city of Corona Delmar. Maria tried to remove a small gold ring from a ring box when it slipped from her fingers landing in a mass of reef rocks and sand. This whole photo shoot was co-ordinated to happen as the sunset. They proceeded with the series of photos even thought the ring couldn’t be found. 

One of the persons with them found my information online. After a short conversation. I told them i was only a couples miles from their location and would be there within 20-25 minutes. I needed at least one person to show me the general area. They had dinner reservations for the 10 people in the   bridal party and could not stay while I searched. “No Problem “ for me, once they showed me the general location. After finding the super small gold ring. I would drive to the restaurant to return it.

People still don’t know this service exists. If you want to help people find this service, post this information on your local social websites. I can help you find your lost item.
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Night Time Beach Hunt Turns into a Lost Ring Recovery .. Newport Beach. CA.

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*** I was detecting on one of my local beaches when a guy walked up to me. I expected him to ask me   questions about the metal detector, which happens too often on the beaches. He actually asked me if I could find a tungsten wedding ring he had lost in the dry sand.

He showed me an area where he believed the ring to be, then walked over to his group. After a few minutes swinging my detector coil over the sand, I got a signal that turned out to be his ring.. I walked over to surprise him with his ring. It happened so fast that I did7het his name. The important thing is that he has his ring now.

‘Timing is important call as soon as possible.. Metal Detector is the right tool to find a sentimental keepsake. It does take time to learn how to operate a metal detector. Also remember entry level metal detectors are not always efficient, especially at the beach.

Lost Rental Car Keys and Cellphone Buried in Sand at Huntington Beach Found for Visitor from New York

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** Seol was visiting Huntington Beach, CA. from New York. This was her last day in Southern California so she wanted to take a swim in the Pacific Ocean. She was not comfortable leaving her cellphone and rental car keys on her towel, so she buried them in the sand at the edge of her towel.  

After her short swim, she came back grabbing her towel to dry off. A few minutes passed before remembering that her important business cellphone and her rental car keys were buried in the sand. She spent a couple hours trying to find them. Someone told her about my service and let her use his phone to call me. 

I met Seol on the beach and was able to help her locate both the cellphone and her rental car keys shortly after arriving. Such a nice lady and a pleasure to help her. Basically she was here alone and didn’t not have and friends or family to help her.  Not having a cellphone would make everything more difficult.  To top it off, her wallet and identification were locked in the car . It would have been a mess trying to replace those items, especially as she had to fly back to New York the next day.

Excuse the photo as Seol was having a bad hair day. Out of respect I agreed to let her cover up as long as I could capture her smile in the photo.  There’s a smile in there somewhere, believe me.

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Silver Ring Lost in Sand at Newport Beach, CA. Found and Returned

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** Sophia called late in the afternoon asking for help to find a silver ring lost in the sand at a local Newport Beach. I met her and her husband, Joseph at the location shortly after they called. He didn’t know when or if the ring came off at the beach. He did discover it was missing from his finger within minutes after getting to their summer rental two blocks from the beach.

They had dinner reservations and could not standby to watch the search. I had all the information I needed, so I assured them I could find the ring, if it was in the sand and I could call them. The area was quite large but shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to search thoroughly.

After about 30 minutes, I got a strong silver high tone in my headphones which turned out to be Joseph’s silver ring. He met me after they returned from dinner to pick up his ring. He’s a bit camera shy, so you get to see me trying to smile, holding the ring. It was another special day with a successful ring recovery. 

Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand at Corona Del Mar Beach, CA. Found and Returned

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.. I was detecting on the beach when two guys approached me. I was ready for the big question, “ what’s the best thing you’ve ever found.” They only wanted to know if I could walk over to the firepits to help a member of their party find a set of wedding rings. She believed they might be where she had been most the day, although she had gone to the water earlier that afternoon.

It was about 9 pm and the beach will close at 10pm. There must have been 20 or more people in their group. They had all tried their luck at finding the ring. The clock was ticking and they all thought bit was useless to think the ring set would show up before they had to leave. 

I set up my detector and immediately started getting signals from tin foil and pull tabs. My audience was watching my every move, waiting for a successful recovery. A short time after I started I got the best signal of the night. Right under where Ruth had been sitting. Two white gold wedding rings soldered together gave me a strong signal in my Minelab Manticore metal detector.

Ruth was next to me so I held up the sand scoop asking her to look in the scoop. With the light from my headlamp her white gold diamond rings were shining at the bottom of my scoop. She let out a screen of joy and that set off a screening frenzy form all her friends. Another great night time recovery being at the right place at the right time.

Gold Wedding Ring Lost in a Irvine, CA. City Park .. Recovered in the Grass by a Ringfinder

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*** Ben and his family had a birthday party for his daughter at a local park in Irvine, CA.  He didn’t notice his gold wedding ring missing till after they returned home. The next morning he went back to the park searching the grass. After a couple hours, Ben went to the internet for ideas about searching for a ring in the grass.

He found TheRingFinders website where he used my contact information to call me. After a short conversation where he said he was at the location now. I said if he could wait a there, I could meet him within 30 minutes. He agreed and I was on my way to the park that was less than 5 miles from where I live.

Meeting Ben on the lawn area of the park, he showed me where he thought the loss occurred. I started a grid search using a metal detector set up for gold ring that should be less than 2” or 3” deep in the grass. Fifteen minutes later he came over to me saying this was not the actual area where they had been yesterday. 

I started in the new search location 50 ft. to the north and within 20 minutes I received the magic signal that was Ben’s gold ring deep at the base of the grass, totally out of site.  He and his wife were so grateful to have such a sentimental ring that he has worn everyday for 23 years.

Sentimental Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring Lost while Gardening ..Los Alamitos, CA.

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***  Marie called me after realizing her heirloom gold and diamond ring was missing after doing some gardening. She had actually removed some of the overgrown ivy in a small town house planter. She was sure that the ring must be in the box of ivy leaves, but she could not find this ring that had been past down to her from her mother. 

She found my service on line after trying to get an idea of how to search for a gold ring. I was able to meet her an hour after she talked to me. We could have done the search the next day, but I felt she didn’t need to worry about the loss any more time than necessary.

When Marie showed me the small box of ivy leaves, I past my small handheld metal detector over it without getting any metal signal. She looked very disappointed as she was positive the ring had to be there. I asked her a few questions and that’s when she told me she had originally put the ivy into a trash bag before transferring the trimmings in the box. The trash bag had just a small amount of top soil in the bottom. I quickly pasted my handheld pinpointer metal detector under the plastic trash bag and Boom !! It gave a great signal which turned out to be Marie’s missing ring. She was so happy that she didn’t give up and was able to find someone who could help her. She then told me that she had thrown two other containers of leaves in a big trash dumpster for the whole complex of townhouses.  After hearing the other possible areas of the loss, I was happy I didn’t have to go into that dumpster.

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Happy New Year Lost Car Key Fob Found and Returned .. Venice Beach, CA

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… First day of 2020, Naomi and her family were at Venice Beach playing on a 25 foot high sand berm when she realized that her car key fob was lost. After searching for a couple hours without success. She went on line to see about renting or buying a metal detector. She did find TheRingFinders directory that helped her call for help. 

When I talked to Naomi she was confident that the key was in a small area. I told her I would be there within an hour and we had a good chance to find the key fob. Especially if they could be there to meet me. I didn’t ask any more questions as it is more important to get on the road. ( one minute is one mile )

When I met Naomi and her husband, we walked to the massive sand hill that they push up in the winter time to protect the beach. Kids like
to take cardboard and plastic to slide down the steep sand. They believed the lost key fob was on the hill or at the bottom where they had set while watching their kids.

I grid searched the top of the hill and went to the bottom dreading the search of the steep incline. On my first pass of the bottom of the hill, “Boom” a  TDI reading of 23 on my Minelab Equinox metal detector. One scoop then inside was the key fob. Naomi’s husband couldn’t believe that the fob was in a spot he had searched.

A very nice couple that I enjoyed meeting and so happy that we had a successful search. Happy Start to a 2020 New Year.


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How to Find a Gold Ring Lost in a Grass Field … Dana Point, CA… Using a Metal Detector

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***  Jim called me after finding my contact information at metal detecting specialists directory. He had lost a large gold ring that was past down to him by his father. The loss happened earlier in the afternoon while playing a friendly game of football on a grass field in Dana Point, CA.  Jim didn’t feel the ring come off his finger, but he did notice it missing just after the football game.

He and his friends spent several hours searching the 50 x 30 yard grass field. He went to a local sporting goods store purchasing a metal detector that just frustrated him trying to use with so much metal trash in the old park.  It was already dark before he called me, but I agreed to meet him to see the location. The most important factor of most searches is to get the best idea of where the loss happened. It was so late that this search might have to be done the next day when it was daylight. Some public parks have 10pm closing hours.

It was already 9pm before I could begin the search. Jim had been at the park for over ten hours. He said he couldn’t leave knowing the heirloom ring that his dad had given him was in that field. It meant the world to him.

After choosing to start at the most likely end of the grass field, where there was a little lightning, progress was a little slow because of many trash targets. Two hours later, I was getting close to the end of the search zone. I was getting tired and had resorted to only checking the strong signals. It was looking like this search would have to continue tomorrow. It was possible that my grid lines were not straight, the ring could have missed. 

Then I got a strong double signal as my coil passed over a larger non ferrous object. With my high power search light I could see the gold ring in deep grass. I asked Jim to come over to answer a question about where he thought the ring could be. Then I asked him to look down. He blew up with an emotional reaction that is hard to describe. This ring that his father had give him was so important he was willing to do what ever it took to find it.  It took two hours to find finishing at 11pm. Persistence pays off again!


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