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Metal Detecting in Taylorsville Utah: Lost Car Key Found

from Murray (Utah, United States)
Contact: 1-801-946-7480

I received a call today about 9:30 am from a man that said he lost his keys out of his pocket at a school soccer field, while walking his dogs this morning.

After two hours of searching and no back-up key at home. He googled how to find lost keys on his iPhone and was directed to The Ring Finders He was late for work and need his car key asap!

I arrived at about 10:00 am. After searching his pathway across the field and back. I found his key in the grass at about 10:30 am


Lost Car Keys! Hermitage Park, NE Edmonton Alberta.

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118


I received a call from Carol requesting my service to find her car keys lost in the tall grass at Hermitage Park. Carol told me how she lost her keys while cutting across green space the grass is about three feet high and very dense which made it hard for her to locate her keys.
Carol and her friend had spent several hours searching with no luck. It was apparent that the keys had to be found because they were the only keys she had for her car and her car was in the parking lot which she would have had a hefty towing bill plus a new set of keys and we all know how costly that could be.
When I met up with Carol she showed me the location where she thought the keys could be. The area was approximately 250’ x 100’ feet of tall vegetation so I was able to follow the trampled path which Carol told me she had taken.
After three and a half hours Carol conceded that her keys could not be found or someone had picked them up. Carol said she was going home, I told her I would continue to search and after about 15 minutes I found her keys outside the search area. I called Carol to tell her the good news.
I must say this search was one of the hardest I’ve done in years and the moral of the story is never give up until you have exhausted all your search area.
Another happy client.