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Stunning platinum & diamond ring recovered with help of Cyril, The Treasure Hunting Dog!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Platinum & Diamond Ring Recovered!

Beautiful Engagement Ring Found!

Today I received an urgent request from Melody, who lost her engagement ring over the weekend. Luckily I was able to rush out to look as soon as we spoke. Me and the dog hit the road!

Me and the treasure dog, Cyril, teamed up to search. He seemed more interested in eating grass and rolling around in smelly stuff than looking for diamonds, but I still consider him my lucky charm. After a short hunt… SUCCESS!!!

Melody did the right thing by reaching out for my help promptly, after searching… with no success, for her beautiful platinum and diamond ring. She provided me with the details that my detector and I needed to quickly find her ring in a highly trafficked area, where it could have been “lost” forever if someone found it before us. Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering lost jewelry!

Not every search is a success, so it was great confidence booster to happily reunite Melody with this important, beautiful ring! And Cyril couldn’t care less!

Platinum Stunner!



Hunting ain’t easy!


Tough River Recovery

  • from Springfield (Missouri, United States)

This recovery started with an email from a friend of the ring owner, but quickly progressed to a call from Shannan, the ring owner herself. Shannan had been cooling off at a local river swimming spot and decided to move through some fast-flowing water. As she did so, the current pulled her diamond and white gold engagement ring off her finger. Shannan was distraught. She and her fiancé bought a waterproof flashlight and attempted to set off reflections from the diamonds, but the choppy water made it impossible. Then Shannan’s friend hopped online, found my Ring Finders page and now here I was, trudging down a dirt road that led to the river.

After giving me the background of what happened and pointing out the relevant places, I was encouraged by the fact that Shannan knew exactly when the ring came off her hand. This really helped narrow the search area down to a few square yards. But once I put on my wet gear and walked into the river, my confidence ebbed significantly: The spot where the ring was lost had a current so strong it was a challenge to stand in it, let alone swing a detector!

I found a place to stand, bracing my feet diagonally and facing into the current. This was working, but it became clear that I was going to have to change coils. The big coil on the AT Pro was hydroplaning in the current and even with both hands I couldn’t keep a controlled movement going. I waded back out and switched to the smaller coil. With less surface area to buffet, the rushing water had far less effect on this coil, and I was able to start a grid. It was still tough: The water was nearly 3 feet deep and so rough from the speed of the current, I couldn’t see the coil, let alone the river bed. This was going to have to be 100% auditory.

Before long I had a good repeatable signal that was right in the middle of the AT’s gold range. I pinpointed as best I could through the chaos of the water and put my foot beside the coil. Taking my scoop, I blindly dug alongside my foot. Dragging the scoop out of the water, a quick re-scan over the spot was silent. Either I had knocked the target back into the current and it had tumbled downriver, or it was in the scoop. I started to pick rocks out of the scoop and soon saw a blaze of fiery color – there was Shannan’s engagement ring, the diamonds shining brightly in the afternoon sun!

Lost Ring in Breaux Bridge, LA. – FOUND

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)





Bridgette lost her ring at an RV park near Lafayette. She was playing volleyball at the time. After she, her husband and several friends searched the court without success, they looked for expert help. At first, her husband had a hard time believing people really do look for other’s lost jewelry. After he accepted the fact, he called Sid.  Sid was heading out of town, so he had him call Carrie to help out. Carrie enlisted her son, James to help her. James had been on only one other hunt with her, finding his first and only pull tab. It had rained during the night and there was more volleyball played on the court, probably driving the ring deeper.

Carrie and James took the 30 minute drive to the site. After clearing security, getting a description of the ring (a white gold, antiqued diamond ring) from Bridgette and answering questions from other park guests, many of whom had helped search the night before, Carrie and James began. The area was real clean and within 10 minutes, James got his first strong signal. Four inches down was the ring. The look on Bridgette’s, and James’, faces were priceless. Way to go James. I don’t think we will have any trouble getting James to help us again. Thank you Bridgette for the generous reward. This helps us continue to put smiles on people’s faces. By the way, this was Carrie’s turn to find only a pull tab.

Earth Day ring recovery! Ringfinder vs. woodchipper!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)
One diamond still intact!

Recovered with one diamond intact! Happily reunited!

This week I received a call from an arborist from Bainbridge Island. He and his tree maintenance crew were doing some work at a customer’s property, limbing trees, when he noticed he was missing his prized ring.

It was a custom ring made of silver with two diamonds and a large sapphire, designed for him by a friend with the purpose of harnessing the spiritual powers of the gemstones. It is called Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish Astrology.

The belief is, that certain stones, worn by the right person, under the correct circumstances, can increase that person’s success in life and business, etc.

Naturally it was a hard loss for him, and he rushed to buy a metal detector and searched for days on the property, to no avail.

When I arrived I saw a huge pile of wood chips that the tree crew had made​ when disposing of the limbs, and I had a bad feeling that it could have gone through the chipper. After he and the home owner and I spread the piles throughout the property, my suspicion was confirmed by my metal detector.

I found the ring, in 2 pieces! It was missing one diamond and the sapphire, but fortunately there was one diamond still remaining!

Since my detectors can’t find loose gemstones, we sifted the chips for some time, and he and the homeowner will be going through the chips as time allows. Who knows, maybe they will find them someday!

If not, he can rest assured knowing the full magic of his ring wasn’t lost, and the lost gems were reclaimed by the earth that provides him his livelihood.

Today, I’d say it was a draw, in this case of Ringfinder vs. woodchipper… But the arborist was glad to be reunited with it and he may have the mangled silver ring made into a new ring, to hold the diamond that was recovered.

One Diamond remained!


One Diamond Remained… One Diamond and one sapphire reclaimed by the Earth!

Lost ring in Kaplan, LA – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Ashley called on December 22. Her husband, Rahn,  lost his wedding band, while working in the yard. Carrie and I were in California, spending time with the grandkids, so we set the 28th for the hunt. We arrived back from California and went the next day to FIND THE RING. Rahn had worked in the back yard but security camera footage showed the ring still on his finger as he left to do front yard work. He next went to the front yard to clean grass from three grated yard drains. The grass was tossed to the side and the ring may have left his finger with that motion. Carrie and I each hunted around a separate drain with no luck. I went to the third and final drain. The metal grating had caused problems searching the others but I got a strong signal a foot from this drain, far enough for the metal grating to not interfere. Buried in the grass was the prize. Ashley was beyond excited. It was a pleasure reuniting Rahn with his beautiful ring. Thank you for your generous reward. This allows us to continue providing our services.

Lost Car Keys in Idaho’s fresh snow. Found with metal detector by Gerry McMullen

  • from Boise (Idaho, United States)

Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place in late December and today brought us 4 inches of new snow.

Jeanette was walking down the porch stairs to go start her car and slipped in the fluffy white stuff.  Up in the air and away the keys go, across the yard maybe but nobody know.  She looks for some time and can’t find a thing as you know a fob of keys can easily hide in deep fresh snow.

Her sister who is visiting for the holidays looked me up online and called.  What else would a guy be doing with his metal detector on the evening Eve of Christmas Eve?

Luckily she only lived 2 miles from me and so the drive there took longer than the actual hunt.

I searched the area she thought they’d be and nothing, so I checked the other side of the porch and the trusty Fisher Gold Bug-2 screamed of metal close by. 

As I handed them to her a joy and tear was about to appear.

No, not Saint Nick..just another good deed from Gerry’s Detectors… Ho Ho Snow.


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost diamond engagement ring, gold wedding ring or band, hearing aide, favorite piece of sterling jewelry, antique family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location on land and in the water, some of the most common areas of parks, volleyball courts, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 208-345-8898 and please leave a message if the answer machine comes on, as I am with a customer at the time.

Lost Ring In Prairieville, LA – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Rosetto called me on Tuesday. She had lost her husband’s diamond and tungsten carbide wedding band the day before. They had searched the yard without success. I questioned her on the loss. “Where do you think the ring is?” “It’s either in our yard, the neighbor’s yard or in the tree.” “The tree??” “I was really mad at him”.  Being 2 hours away, I told her I’d look at my work schedule and the weather and get back to her. I found an opening on Friday with neither rain nor work. Carrie and I arrived at Rosetto’s house and had her throw flagged test washers. All three washers hit the tree branches and fell within a foot of each other. Within 10 minutes of searching, Carrie had a good signal (80 on the AT PRO) and found the ring close to where the washers dropped.  Another very happy client. We accepted a generous reward after telling her, “We are  lucky you throw like a girl.“


Wedding Ring Lost in Central Louisiana – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

I received an email from Jason saying that his wife, Patrice, had lost her platinum engagement ring while playing with her kids in their back yard. She then bought a detector and tried to find it, without success. He was asking about my services and availability. I was able to start the hunt the next morning at 7:30. Patrice grabbed one of my detectors and helped with the search. The search area was not very large. It included a fenced back yard, a strip of un-fenced land bordering a lake and part of the neighbor’s back yard. About halfway through a grid search in the fenced back yard, I had a good hit and saw the ring, visible when the thick grass was moved. I was happy that the lake had not accepted the ring during their time fishing.

Thank you Jason and Patrice for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.img_0568img_0589img_0590

Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

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Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found

Sid got a call from Shane the day after his wife lost her engagement ring and wedding band (soldered together) in his Dad’s back yard. They were having a party and the couple were active at the party and around the subdivision. They had made many trips around and off the property on a golf cart.  I went early the next morning and started in the back yard off the porch, the party’s main location. On my second pass, I got a shallow, gold signal and found the ring ½” below ground level. Total search time, 15 minutes. Another smiling face. Dad got the picture since Shane needed to be at work. Thank you Randy and Shane for the generous reward. This helps keep these search services available.


P.S. Received an email from Shane’s Mom later in the day. She is a good friend from the past. Made the find even sweeter.

Lost Mens Platinum Wedding Band Found On Lewes Beach In Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/08/16, I was contacted by a gentleman regarding the loss of his Platinum “Jeff Cooper” wedding band with a Diamond that was lost on Lewes Beach in Delaware. I was told that he was in about two to three foot of water when his daughter reached up to grab his hand at which time she accidentally pulled his wedding band off of his finger and it fell into the water. The gentleman stated that he was no more then ten feet in the water from the shore. The gentleman told me that on the day and time that his ring was lost that he believed that it was mid high tide. Trying to make the best of the lowest tide possible I responded to Lewes Beach on the morning of 07/12/16 at about 8:10 am. I found that the low tide water line was about ten to twelve feet from the high tide water line. I began my grid search after marking an area that was about ten feet wide from the low tide water mark up to the high tide water mark by about twenty feet long. About half way through my grid search just inches above the low tide water line I received a good tone in my headset. I took one scoop out of the wet sand and dumped it on the beach. About half way through the mound of the scooped sand I located the lost ring. The rings owner was from out of town, I made contact with him to let him know that his wedding band had been found and also to find out what arraignments he wanted to make with me regarding the return of his ring. The rings owner was very happy that his ring had been found and he requested that I keep it safe until it could be returned to his wife nine days later. The ring was returned safe and sound on 07/21/16.