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Lost Car Keys in Idaho’s fresh snow. Found with metal detector by Gerry McMullen

from Boise (Idaho, United States)
Contact: 208-345-8898

Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place in late December and today brought us 4 inches of new snow.

Jeanette was walking down the porch stairs to go start her car and slipped in the fluffy white stuff.  Up in the air and away the keys go, across the yard maybe but nobody know.  She looks for some time and can’t find a thing as you know a fob of keys can easily hide in deep fresh snow.

Her sister who is visiting for the holidays looked me up online and called.  What else would a guy be doing with his metal detector on the evening Eve of Christmas Eve?

Luckily she only lived 2 miles from me and so the drive there took longer than the actual hunt.

I searched the area she thought they’d be and nothing, so I checked the other side of the porch and the trusty Fisher Gold Bug-2 screamed of metal close by. 

As I handed them to her a joy and tear was about to appear.

No, not Saint Nick..just another good deed from Gerry’s Detectors… Ho Ho Snow.


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost diamond engagement ring, gold wedding ring or band, hearing aide, favorite piece of sterling jewelry, antique family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location on land and in the water, some of the most common areas of parks, volleyball courts, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 208-345-8898 and please leave a message if the answer machine comes on, as I am with a customer at the time.

Lost Ring In Prairieville, LA – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

Rosetto called me on Tuesday. She had lost her husband’s diamond and tungsten carbide wedding band the day before. They had searched the yard without success. I questioned her on the loss. “Where do you think the ring is?” “It’s either in our yard, the neighbor’s yard or in the tree.” “The tree??” “I was really mad at him”.  Being 2 hours away, I told her I’d look at my work schedule and the weather and get back to her. I found an opening on Friday with neither rain nor work. Carrie and I arrived at Rosetto’s house and had her throw flagged test washers. All three washers hit the tree branches and fell within a foot of each other. Within 10 minutes of searching, Carrie had a good signal (80 on the AT PRO) and found the ring close to where the washers dropped.  Another very happy client. We accepted a generous reward after telling her, “We are  lucky you throw like a girl.“


Wedding Ring Lost in Central Louisiana – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

I received an email from Jason saying that his wife, Patrice, had lost her platinum engagement ring while playing with her kids in their back yard. She then bought a detector and tried to find it, without success. He was asking about my services and availability. I was able to start the hunt the next morning at 7:30. Patrice grabbed one of my detectors and helped with the search. The search area was not very large. It included a fenced back yard, a strip of un-fenced land bordering a lake and part of the neighbor’s back yard. About halfway through a grid search in the fenced back yard, I had a good hit and saw the ring, visible when the thick grass was moved. I was happy that the lake had not accepted the ring during their time fishing.

Thank you Jason and Patrice for the generous reward. This will help keep our services available.img_0568img_0589img_0590

Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found

from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-337-280-3077

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Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found

Sid got a call from Shane the day after his wife lost her engagement ring and wedding band (soldered together) in his Dad’s back yard. They were having a party and the couple were active at the party and around the subdivision. They had made many trips around and off the property on a golf cart.  I went early the next morning and started in the back yard off the porch, the party’s main location. On my second pass, I got a shallow, gold signal and found the ring ½” below ground level. Total search time, 15 minutes. Another smiling face. Dad got the picture since Shane needed to be at work. Thank you Randy and Shane for the generous reward. This helps keep these search services available.


P.S. Received an email from Shane’s Mom later in the day. She is a good friend from the past. Made the find even sweeter.

Lost Mens Platinum Wedding Band Found On Lewes Beach In Delaware

from Lewes (Delaware, United States)
Contact: 1-302-245-8795

On 07/08/16, I was contacted by a gentleman regarding the loss of his Platinum “Jeff Cooper” wedding band with a Diamond that was lost on Lewes Beach in Delaware. I was told that he was in about two to three foot of water when his daughter reached up to grab his hand at which time she accidentally pulled his wedding band off of his finger and it fell into the water. The gentleman stated that he was no more then ten feet in the water from the shore. The gentleman told me that on the day and time that his ring was lost that he believed that it was mid high tide. Trying to make the best of the lowest tide possible I responded to Lewes Beach on the morning of 07/12/16 at about 8:10 am. I found that the low tide water line was about ten to twelve feet from the high tide water line. I began my grid search after marking an area that was about ten feet wide from the low tide water mark up to the high tide water mark by about twenty feet long. About half way through my grid search just inches above the low tide water line I received a good tone in my headset. I took one scoop out of the wet sand and dumped it on the beach. About half way through the mound of the scooped sand I located the lost ring. The rings owner was from out of town, I made contact with him to let him know that his wedding band had been found and also to find out what arraignments he wanted to make with me regarding the return of his ring. The rings owner was very happy that his ring had been found and he requested that I keep it safe until it could be returned to his wife nine days later. The ring was returned safe and sound on 07/21/16.



Heirloom Diamond Ring Lost and Returned..

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

So Kathy called me on Tues afternoon and told me about her husband’s ring, lost in the surf at Torrey Pines State Beach 2 days prior on Sunday, right around high tide which would turn out to be fortunate for all of us.  The ring belonged to his dad who passed away 25 years ago. It has immense significance to the family and I could tell its loss was devastating. He had been boogie boarding with his son in waist deep water when it slipped off his finger.  He knew exactly the moment he lost it and though they gave it a valiant try, recovery would be impossible as the surf that day was brutal. Kathy gave me a vague description of where it was lost and agreed to meet with me on the beach the next morning at low tide.  I arrived early the next morning and started hunting the general area. When she arrived, Kathy was able to narrow down a 100’ length of beach and gave me the approx distance her husband had been from shore. Now this is where it gets good. She wandered off and I started at the North end of the search area and walked straight out into the surf. About 30 feet out in waist high water, in less than 5 minutes, Wham!! I got that unmistakable low tone. The surf was persistent and I missed it on the first couple scoops. It dropped to the bottom of the hole and I almost lost the tone. I dug frantically between rollers and finally got a good sound next to the hole.  A second later it was safely clanking around on stainless. It was a beautiful old diamond ring. By now, Kathy had wandered way up the beach so I took a picture with my cell phone and texted it to her with no comment, just the pic :).   I’ve never seen anyone run so fast on the beach with a kid in her arms :).   After a really cool emotional reunion and an incredible face time conversation with her husband, I left them to enjoy the morning.  Ring returns are always fun and rewarding but this one was freaking awesome!! I am so happy I could bring happiness to these guys. It was so worth the time and effort.  It was a real joy to meet you Kathy and I really appreciate your token of gratitude.

kathysq ring2

If you are interested, you can see a short YouTube vid of this return here:

Lost White Gold and Diamond Necklace Found in North Brunswick, NJ

from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)


Received a call on Saturday, July 9th from Alissa about a lost white gold and diamond necklace somewhere in her backyard. Arrived to find that they had also suffered a fire to the gazebo behind their home next to their deck shortly after the necklace was lost. After repeatedly conducting a grid search in the area where they believed the necklace was lost, I mentioned I could get a flashlight and look under the gazebo as it was in the area where they believed the necklace could be. Alissa’s husband asked if I wanted him to remove the two wooden steps to the gazebo and I said, “Sure.” After he pulled the two steps away, both of us instantly spotted the necklace laying under where the steps had sat. Smiles all around!

Lost Engagement ring Port elgin Ontario

from Sauble Beach (Ontario, Canada)

Woke up this morning to a call from a lady who is getting married next weekend. While swimming in port elgin beach the night before she came to shore and noticed her engagement ring was no longer on her finger and had to be sitting in the bottom of the beach somewhere. They searched for hours with the help of many others to come out empty handed. When she got home they googled something similar to “How to find a lost ring” and managed to find this directory.

Don of cherished finds was already in the area so he began the search right away and with the help of his wife found the ring within a couple hours!

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White Gold / Diamond Wedding Rings Recovered!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Out camping with the family this past weekend and just happened to get a call for a lost wedding ring at the very same campground that we are staying at. After a brief search, recovered the diamond and white gold ring.


Client review of service via FB “Lost Ring & Jewelry Service” page:

Every married ladies nightmare came true today when I lost my engagement ring and wedding bands on the beach! I went to lather my daughter up in spf, handed my husband my rings and he sat them on his lap. He then jumped up to grab our daughter and both rings went flying. Even worse we didn’t even notice they were gone for fifteen or so minutes later! We sifted through the surrounding sand for an hour and were googling local businesses to see if they sold or rented metal detectors to no avail. We thought we were out of luck. Thousands and thousands of dollars and all of that sentimental value was gone. My mom started googling metal detector services and found a ring finder directory.She found a man out of cape may and thought “what the hell” let me give him a call. Luck would have it that he was staying in the SAME campground as us!!! Five minutes later he was at the lake with his state of the art equipment and within minutes my rings were back on my finger. The beach erupted in clapping and cheers! Ladies, keep this gentleman’s info. You may need him one day! We can’t say thank you enough!!

Ring Recovery in Water at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel, Mauna Lani, Big Island Hawaii

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)

Happy vacationers on the Big Island of Hawaii celebrate their found wedding rings at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel with Brent and Sylvie Madison.


Wedding Band Recoveries in the Water at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel, Mauna Lani, Big Island Hawaii

Logan and Samantha had been swimming in the lagoon at midnight after a work conference at The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii on the Big Island, Hawaii. They, along with friends and colleagues, had been having fun in the water after a work wrap-up party.

Sam realized her wedding band had slipped off her finger into the dark water. But she quickly realized she’d lost not just one but two rings! Her engagement ring must have come off first – but she had no idea where that had been lost – in the water, on the shore – where?!? Her wedding band now also seemed lost in the dark forever.

We got “the call” the next morning and arrived at the small bay an hour before noon to search for the lost rings. Sam looked distraught and Logan looked really unhappy at the situation of his unhappy wife!
We started looking right away, with Sylvie searching the shallows with her Garrett Sea Hunter and me going a little deeper in the water with my Minelab Excalibur II.

The Fairmont Hotel has little water movement so our biggest concern to recovering the ring was that fact that it was so late in the afternoon already – maybe the beach had been searched earlier that morning and the rings had been found by treasure hunters!

After an hour of carefully detecting back-and-forth I suddenly hit a strong signal. There had been no other solid signals until then, deepening our fears that the area had already been detected. I scooped the signal in the water – nothing – then scooped again. A diamond-encrusted wedding band was in the scoop! Logan ran over and while happy for the find, was now concerned to find the second, more valuable engagement ring. We continued to search – going over and over the area we thought it was in.

Sylvie expanded the search area and signaled that she’d found something under the sand. Her detector does not discriminate between metal objects like mine does, so she dug in the sand (under about 2 feet of water with her long-handled scoop), not sure if she’d be pulling out a bottle cap or a ring.

Sylvie looked into the basket of her scoop and grabbed something and held it high for Logan and Sam to see who were down the beach. The entire beach – even the beach bar – all started clapping! Sylvie held a large, gleaming two-carat engagement ring in her fingers. The beachgoers must have been watching the long hunt and the applause was great, but seeing Sam reunited with her treasures – and Logan’s praise and relief were worth a million!

Sylvie always says that we’re in the Business of Saving Marriages This time it really was our own ‘married teamwork’ that saved the day with one ring-recovery each!

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These gold and platinum rings were found and returned in the water by Big Island Metal Detecting. A whopping $30,000 was the combined cost of these beautiful treasures!