Lost White Gold and Diamond Necklace Found in North Brunswick, NJ

  • from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)


Received a call on Saturday, July 9th from Alissa about a lost white gold and diamond necklace somewhere in her backyard. Arrived to find that they had also suffered a fire to the gazebo behind their home next to their deck shortly after the necklace was lost. After repeatedly conducting a grid search in the area where they believed the necklace was lost, I mentioned I could get a flashlight and look under the gazebo as it was in the area where they believed the necklace could be. Alissa’s husband asked if I wanted him to remove the two wooden steps to the gazebo and I said, “Sure.” After he pulled the two steps away, both of us instantly spotted the necklace laying under where the steps had sat. Smiles all around!