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I work for tips only and expect nothing unless I find the item

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Land, Beach and Water

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Philadelphia, PA and suburbs and Jersey Shore

(60 mile radius around Philadelphia)

Rich Hageney's Bio

Now 51 years old, I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old. Having returned countless treasures over the years I have found returning these items as thrilling as finding them. I am passionate about the hobby and enjoy teaming up with other enthusiasts to go "hunting" together. I have become 100% confident in my ability to locate lost items with my experience and new high end equipment. If you lost something of value in your yard, or at the beach or someplace else feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I look forward to helping you!

Rich Hageney - Recent Blog Post

  • Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Recovered in Narberth, PA (2019)

    While at work in early November 2019 Tom contacted me regarding a lost heavy tungsten wedding band. He told me that he was 100% positive that it slipped off his finger while landscaping the front yard of his office. Prior to contacting me he had spent several hours removing all the shrubs he planted and […]

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  • Beautiful Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered in New Castle, DE (2019)

    While at work on Wednesday I received a call from Krissy regarding a lost diamond engagement ring. Krissy communicated to me that several days earlier she was at a playground in New Castle, DE and while playing with her 2 year old her ring slipped off her finger. She was very upset and very convinced […]

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  • The Ring Finders and Rich Hageney get a little press in the Philadelphia Inquirer! (2019)

    The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a great story on The Ring Finders, fellow Ring Finder Dave Milsted and myself(Rich Hageney) in the September 8th, 2019 Sunday edition of the paper. Some great backstory about our mission and adventures as Ring Finders! Please see the link to the article below.

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  • Sentimental Gold Charm Necklace Recovered at Seminary in Philadelphia, PA suburbs (2019)

    Received a call from Michael on September 11, 2019 regarding a lost gold charm necklace that was lost by his friend Williams during a friendly soccer game with fellow volunteers at a Philadelphia area Catholic seminary. The very personal and sentimental necklace was a gift to Williams from his grandmother and he had spent 3 […]

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  • Beautiful wedding band recovered in Wilmington, DE (2019)

    Doug contacted me late afternoon in a bit of a panic. He was at a corporate picnic at a Delaware state park and while playing volleyball with his colleagues he realized his very sentimental wedding band was no longer on his finger. While he did not know the exact moment when it slipped off he […]

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Rich Hageney - Testimonials

  • Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough! (2017)


    "Thank you Rich for returning my irreplaceable 20 year fireman service ring. After serving 30 years with Ladder 17 in Philly I thought for sure the ring was a goner. Your confidence, experience and determination while on the hunt gave us a lot of hope. Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough!"