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I work for tips only and expect nothing unless I find the item

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Land, Beach and Water

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Philadelphia, PA and suburbs and Jersey Shore

(60 mile radius around Philadelphia)

Rich Hageney's Bio

Now 51 years old, I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old. Having returned countless treasures over the years I have found returning these items as thrilling as finding them. I am passionate about the hobby and enjoy teaming up with other enthusiasts to go "hunting" together. I have become 100% confident in my ability to locate lost items with my experience and new high end equipment. If you lost something of value in your yard, or at the beach or someplace else feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I look forward to helping you!

Rich Hageney - Recent Blog Post

  • Beautiful wedding band recovered in Wilmington, DE (2019)

    Doug contacted me late afternoon in a bit of a panic. He was at a corporate picnic at a Delaware state park and while playing volleyball with his colleagues he realized his very sentimental wedding band was no longer on his finger. While he did not know the exact moment when it slipped off he […]

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  • 20 Year Fireman Service Ring recovered in Philadelphia Creek (2017)

    Received a call from Susan on 11/28/2017 desperately looking for help in finding a friends lost 20 year fireman service ring. Susan was calling on behalf of her friend Joe…a retiree and former fireman. It turns out Susan runs and operates a hot dog cart(great hot dogs and sausages!) right outside Pennypacker Park on Pine […]

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Rich Hageney - Testimonials

  • Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough! (2017)


    "Thank you Rich for returning my irreplaceable 20 year fireman service ring. After serving 30 years with Ladder 17 in Philly I thought for sure the ring was a goner. Your confidence, experience and determination while on the hunt gave us a lot of hope. Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough!"