Rich Hageney

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I charge a small "call-out" fee if I do not find the lost item. If I do find and return the item I work on a tip/reward basis so you can give whatever you feel appropriate. We can discuss this on phone prior to me coming out.

Search Types

Land, Beach and Water

Search Locations

Philadelphia, PA, and suburbs(6o mile radius around Philadelphia), Chester County, PA, and Delaware.

Rich Hageney's Bio

Now 54 years old, I have been metal detecting since I was 10 years old. Having returned countless treasures over the years I have found returning these items as thrilling as finding them. I am passionate about the hobby and enjoy teaming up with other enthusiasts to go "hunting" together. I have become 100% confident in my ability to locate lost items with my experience and new high end equipment. If you lost something of value in your yard, or at the beach or someplace else feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I look forward to helping you!

Rich Hageney - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Berwyn, PA! (2020)

    Dan found me via The Ring Finders directory. He was deeply worried about losing his very sentimental platinum wedding band. He said he just celebrated his 1 year wedding anniversary and the ring was so important to him. He told me the previous Saturday he was at his niece’s wedding reception in the backyard of […]

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  • Cell Phone lost recovered and returned in Chadds Ford, PA! (2020)

    Greg found me via The Ring Finders directory. He contacted seeking help to find a very important lost Iphone. We spoke on a Friday night and Greg shared with me that 2 weeks prior while enduring some very difficult and personal trauma he absent-mindedly left the phone on top of his car prior to pulling […]

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  • Massive platinum wedding band lost, recovered and returned in Chadds Ford, PA! (2020)

    Jay found me via The Ring Finders Directory. He told me he was in the front yard of his beautiful Chadds Ford, PA home putting up Christmas lights when he took a break to throw a football with his son. His son threw him a deep high pass and while reaching to catch it he […]

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  • Important keys lost, recovered and returned in Wilmington, DE! (2020)

    Got an email from Dan in Wilmington, DE. Apparently his wife was making snow angels in a huge leaf pile in her parent’s backyard when her ring of important keys came up missing.  They had been raking leaves and had created a massive pile on top of a tarp…after playing in the leaf pile they […]

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  • Rich Hageney, local Ringfinder, in the News for Miracle Recovery (2020) Gold Cross Lost in Storm, Then Found by The Coaster Editorial  August 12, 2020 Reading Time:2min read  0 This gold cross was lost in Bradley Beach during the tropical storm last week. By PETE WALTON RELATED POSTS Asbury Park Teen, Howell Teen Charged in Murder 2 Charged in 2 Separate Asbury Park Shootings Neptune City […]

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Rich Hageney - Testimonials

  • These guys will find it if you can’t! I promise you! (2020)


    “I had such an amazing experience today when John and his friend Rich came to look for my ring! I had lost all hope I’ve had someone else come to search for it before and I had such low expectations. I was just going to try it as a last resort but gosh am I glad I did! They started searching and I was watching for a bit just to see if they would get anything quickly. I then went to the grocery store with the kiddos because I needed to grab a few things. Rich texted me to see if I was coming back soon and told him I was checking out at the register. Came home and John told me that rich wanted to ask me a question. I said of course with baby in hand walking down the yard I saw John turn his GoPro on and at first I was kind confused then I come down and Rich walks up and asks to see my picture of my ring again. Then as soon as I show him he goes looks a lot like this one doesn’t it? And I full blown cried. I am so thankfully for them today. They did an absolutely amazing job and I am so beyond thankful. I cannot express it enough!! These guys will find it if you can’t! I promise you! Thank you again so much.”

  • Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough! (2017)


    "Thank you Rich for returning my irreplaceable 20 year fireman service ring. After serving 30 years with Ladder 17 in Philly I thought for sure the ring was a goner. Your confidence, experience and determination while on the hunt gave us a lot of hope. Clearly we called the right guy and I can't thank you enough!"