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  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

John was from out of state, working to restore services to the Lake Charles area after the destruction of hurricane Laura. He was sweeping dried mud out of his truck seat when his white gold wedding band flew off his finger. He heard it hit some hurricane debris and before heading to parts unknown in the road ditch. He and a couple of fellow workers moved some of the trash and hand searched the area, No luck. He called Carrie and I the next day for help. Within 2 hours we were on site hunting. Since John had left his own metal detector back home, I lent him mine. After hunting for a few minutes he needed to head back to work and I started hunting. Within an hour, Carrie got a good signal in a thick clump of grass. Neither of us could see the source , so I had to cut and pull some blades of grass from the clump. We both got a visual at the same time. We messaged a picture of the ring to John and soon saw him drive up. Two people had checked that same clump the day before and had not seen the ring. Lots of smiles followed.

Thanks, John, for that generous reward.



Lost Diamond Ring in Houma, LA. – FOUND

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Carrie got a call from Johnney about 9 am. Her 87 year old Mom had lost her diamond ring while working in her flower bed. With nothing going on for us at the time, we jumped in the truck and drove the 2 hours to Houma. The hunt area was pretty small, so Carrie grabbed her pin pointer to hunt the flower bed and Sid went for the detector to check the lawn around the flower bed. Carrie came up with a hit and the find within 5 minutes. Fast, but not a record for her. Needless to say Johnney and Mom were thrilled, with smiles and (even though we were not supposed to) hugs being shared. Old stories and a couple of pictures capped off our visit.  

Thank you for the generous reward!

Lost wedding ring found by Matt St.Germain Farmingdale NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Successful recovery #20 for 2020!
Tonight i went to search for a wedding ring lost by Justin in his front yard while playing ball with his son. He saw it go flying when he threw the ball so he was able to show me the general area where he was standing. After i turned on the machine and tuned it a bit to remove the electrical interference i took 2 swings and got a tone. I then knelt down with my handheld pinpointer and moved it around in the grass until it gave me another signal and sure enough it was his ring! He was very happy and surprised i found it so quickly! They had searched for it with no luck. But sometimes while fanning grass you can wind up covering it more. Another happy ending!

Ring Finder Introduction

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

Lost Ring Finder Reno Michael Price Experienced Metal Detecting Specialist.  Call or Text at 316-200-4115 at your earliest convenience.


My name is Michael Price and while I am new to, I am not new to using a metal detector or hunting things down.  I am the current President and Outings Coordinator of our local metal detecting club and with my knowledge have helped many a new metal detector user learn their machines and find rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, coins and relics.  I work to stay up to date on current technology and changes to equipment so that I can be my best when it comes to locating targets.

A little about me.  I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1993 and soon decided to make it a career.  21 years of service later I retired and, unlikely as it is, decided to become an Army civilian.  Becoming a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers was the third best decision in my life as it has afforded me the opportunity, location and time to pursue my hobbies.

I am able to search in any dry environment as well as the snow and up to about 5 feet of water and hope to be able to get a dive system in the future to allow me to go deeper.

I look forward to being able to share my recoveries with the rest of the world.



Lost Platinum Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Chadds Ford, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Steve found me in the Ringfinders online directory after losing his platinum wedding band while doing yard work at his home in Chadds Ford, PA. He told me he was familiar with the Ringfinders because he lost this same ring 3 years prior on a beach in California…the local ringfinder saved the day back then. I arrived at his home and he showed me the area where he was working in the yard… it wasn’t a large area and he was quite confident that the ring fell off exactly in area he was working. I scanned it the first time with my Minelab Equinox 800 detector quite quickly. After not finding it on first pass we decided to dump bucket of yard waste he had picked up that day and see if it was mixed in….but no luck there either. I decided to extend my search area beyond the area he had originally pointed out. Sure enough within a minute I received a solid “13” signal on my detector. There, after pushing aside the high grass, was his beautiful platinum wedding band. I was very happy the Ringfinders came through for him again with this same ring!



  • from Perth (Australia)
Ash and his family were enjoying the beach until just as they were leaving he had picked up his towel and sent his ring flying..
After realising that ‘looking’ for it wasn’t going to find it he resigned himself to getting the wife and kids home and consulting uncle Google for help. Google loves Ring Rescues and duly obliged him with my number.
When I got the call from Ash I asked if he could meet me back at Mettams Pool shortly. He’d said he could and (like so many others) swore he could put me right on the spot.
An hr or so later as we both looked down to the beach, I said to Ash “crikey” as the area was covered in people-lution!
Ash led me among the beachgoers to his ‘spot’ where we set about explaining the ‘dire situation he would be in with the wife if he were to return home without his ring, etc to the people there and luckily most were happy to help in moving here and there as I used my metal detector search the area.
Having not found the ring where it should be and not wanting to upset everyone’s day I suggested we take a break until people started to leave the beach for the day.
We returned later and I began extending the search area to the south. About 15 mins later I heard a loud but soft edged double tone in my headphones which was even in both directions and had a target I.D in the range I predicted for his ring so I called out to Ash.. “I reckon this is it.. or someone else’s!”
I waited till he arrived and sank to his knees beside me before I pulled the old ‘slow reveal’ trick.. I sweep away a layer of sand, no ring.. another layer, no ring.. another and a smile erupted on Ash’s face as we both saw the edge of his ring appear in the sand.
Then it was high fives all round (we’d drawn in a couple who’d watched the earlier search as well) and as you can see in Ash was pretty chuffed about it all.
It’s why I love what I do, that moment right there.. all the best Ash and co!


  • from Perth (Australia)
Ben called to ask if I could find his lost wedding ring..

The absconder..

“No problem Ben.. see you there in an hour” I’d replied.
When I met Ben I asked him to show me where he thought he’d been when he launched a tennis ball along the beach for his dog to chase. As he’d done this his precious had shot off his finger and he had not seen where it went.
After assessing the likely physics his ring had experienced I began a ‘reverse’ search working my way back through the loss area to where he’d thrown it from.
About half way back and right on the water line I got a nasty surprise when I excavated a bottle cap.. buried in a bag of unused stinking prawn fishing bait. Yuk.. of course I don’t use gloves when searching at the beach and discovered the prawns after the cap!
Only two search lines later and right at the waterline also (about 3 m from the prawns) there it was.. Ben’s precious…

Ben got his ring and his smile back!

I yelled out to Ben who had gone for a walk down the beach. He started to walk back, at first in disbelief but then broke into a run as he saw others beachgoers crowding around me for a ‘geez at the booty’ and realised that wasn’t for no good reason.

As you can see in the photos he was pretty darn happy about getting it back where it belonged. He assured me he’d be leaving it at home in future..
My pleasure Ben.. anytime!

Two Day Sea Search For Lost Platinum Wedding Band, Coogee Beach, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Michael thought it was a long shot when he called me, and again when after meeting him at Coogee Beach and searching the water for a three hours or so, he’d said “oh well, thanks Sean, you tried your best.”

If this is not the first post of mine you’ve read you’ll probably know that I don’t maintain a high success rate by giving up easily! And so it was that after further search area extensions to the south and another two hours in the drink the next day I eventually found Michael’s ring… a good 60 meters from where he thought it should have been!

You can imagine his disbelief when I called to share the great news.

Good one Michael.. nothing like a challenge!

STOLEN – Gold Chain And Sentimental Diamond Ring Recovered, Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Bella’s Precious Has Returned

Hi all. I was recently called out at night to do a search of bushes at a park in Ellenbrook for stolen property. The gold chain and ring had been thrown into bushes by the thief.

When I arrived a distraught Bella informed me that the gold and diamond ring had been passed down to her and that it virtually never left her house. She had been searching on hands and knees for three hours and looked somewhat relieved to see me and my metal detector. After an investigation of the facts I formed a search plan and then began a methodical search including each bush one at a time..
I had thought OMG this could be a long and frustrating search..
Luckily only the path margins were loaded with metal rubbish, so I had estimated how far a chain and ring might be thrown and started to work parallel to and about 30m out from the path, back and forth towards the path.

Good plan that as about 20 mins later.. a soft scratchy signal together with a solid tone sent me straight to my knees without even looking at the I.D Experience told me this would very likely be what I was looking for. A bit of a poke around in the leaf litter at the base of a bush with my pinpointer and BINGO! Bella’s precious chain and ring appeared in the beam of my headlamp.

I Think Bella’s Beanie Say’s It All!

I poked my head up and looked straight at Bella who was waiting anxiously on the footpath for news.. I smiled from ear to ear as we made eye contact and I slowly raised her chain and ring into view..
I stood up and bounded out of the bushes to Bella who’s tears of joy had already started to flow..
So rewarding.. And that feeling never gets old, in fact its downright addictive!

Lost Wedding ring found and returned Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Adam gave me a call yesterday telling me that last winter while walking down the back alley by his work he slipped and fell and when brushing himself off he lost his wedding ring. He tried finding it but no luck. Rented a detector in the summer and still no luck. I’m pleased to say that after about 45 minutes I found his ring and returned it to him.