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Engagement Ring FOUND After Playing Ball With Dog

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a call asking if I could find a ring in a backyard. My schedule allowed me to search the same day of the call. I arrived and was met by Rebecca and her fiancé who showed me where she possibly lost it. They told me she was throwing a ball to her dog and the ring flew off. They bought a metal detector and searched for two days before calling me. I began my search with the 4.5″ Super Sniper Search Coil so I could search easily in some thick brush and under bushes. After approx. 25min of searching and just minutes before a strong thunderstorm struck, I found the ring in leaves under a large bush. Rebecca immediately began crying with joy and gave me a big hug. I just love reuniting lost jewelry with its owner.

Lost Rings – Pittsburgh and Indiana, PA Metal Detecting Service

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring and Valuable Metal Item Recovery…lost your ring, jewelry, or other metal valuable, call me for assistance in locating it as soon as possible.  I am available in the Western Pennsylvania area and serve Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA) and other nearby areas, 814-244-2300. I work on a reward basis meaning you pay what you think my service was worth to you for recovering your lost ring or valuable. I cannot promise that I will be able to recover your lost ring or valuable, but you can count on me to give an honest and diligent effort in doing so.

Lost Diamond Earring Found and Returned in Nampa, Idaho!

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

Wow!!! Wow!!! Thank you so much website for directing me to Scott Robbins of . He is located in Nampa, Idaho. On October 18,2020 we had my grandsons wedding in the back yard. It is about an acre. During the festivities my granddaughter lost her diamond earring. Not just any diamond earring but the one she received for completing her Masters degree in Engineering, so it was very, very important.  I bought a metal detector, no luck, one of my  daughters friends came over, no luck. In desperation I started looking for a professional on the internet. My daughter said “mom no one looks for lost things like this, I said I will find someone!!”

Well Lo and behold I found Scott. He came out the next Saturday morning in the rain mind you, and within 1.5 hours he comes walking in with her earring.

I was so so happy and my granddaughter was beyond tears.

If you need something found this is the person to call.

Shannon Tharp



-Thanks for the kind words Shannon!  It was a pleasure getting to meet you, and I’m so glad we were able to get that earring back for your granddaughter!